Breaking News 06.02.2017 | Undisputed World Bboy Masters

Hi everyone! You watching Breaking News! Sorry my voice is broken litle bit! This reliease has been shot in Prague! In this release you will see not only battle what have been here! Ill show you some footage of city litle bit. Theatre performance “Motion Creation” It will be 9 and 10 of february in Kyiv Is it interesting? Ofcaurse! Becouse chareographer is
Bragim Baocelagem He made a show for Top 9 crew
what calls Davai Davai! Players, in this performance are not unknown people! In this performance players are Bragim Baocelagem bboy Robin | Top 9 crew bboy Den | R.A. bgirl Kim | Rockin Chicks bgirl Kate | South Front bboy Gimnast, bboy Kinder,
bboy Minik, bboy Bulka | E.S.B.B. bboy Gleb | NasPlyasSpas Crew UzeeRock | H.B.T.C. bboy Ramin | NaturalGroove Intact | R.A. It will be in national Opera House ! Kyiv city! One of news will be from
bboy Robin | Top 9 crew Hi everybody! Moscow city 18.02 It will be Yalta Summer Jam 2017 Qualify! Under 17 years old, nomination calls
Chem Bogat (What you got?) Kids battle Winner will take a prise – tickets
Moscow-Simferopol-Moscow And there will be
bgirl solo battle with cash prise! How big cash prise will be is surprise! Location of battle is
the same with battle school. All information you can find in
VK .com/ysjmoscow2017 Jam Staraya Shkola (Old School Jam) alot of information is in web about this Jam! Soon Ill talk about it in breaking news! Yes it will be verry interesting! Little erlier in Volgograd city
will be some interesting event! 4-5 of fabruary DJ on this event will be DJ Worm Judges: Tony Rock | Top9 Judges : Andy Judges: Amaising Troll | Mafia13 This battle calls Stalingrad Battle! The place where we are
is one of the news! Legits Blast Winter Festival and Undisputed World Bboy Masters on it And this giy will battle there! But now we have information
about other events, wright? Art Of Breaking Festival We will make it in Lods city.
It is the center of Poland one hour on trane from Warshaw city Its easy to get there Selection will be from cyphers
we have no guest crews or bboys There will be 4 vs 4 crew battle Solo bgirl battle
and footwork battle Except this I make some tuor Art Of Breaking
workshop tuor in Poland I will share my expirience
with everybody who will come How I did it ,how feel now,
what I felt before sucsess etcetera 3 hours of workshop After each workshop we will have Jam or Cypher
I will pick one bboy or bgirl
and invite them to Art Of Breaking Festival! Im from underground I always battle ,
chill, have fun but this year This year was different ! I had not regular situation
and everybody here about me! People are interested and
I will give tham what thay want! You have the first situation
in history of breaking! And now its Sunni time! op op op! This year will be cool judges! bboy Kuzya, bboy Zeshen, bboy Moy! DOPE! Dont turn it of we will meet in other station! And now Ill talk about latest battles! Anniversory Evolvers crew 2 vs 2 batle had won
Vakho | Elusion Of Exist and Vint187 | Studio187 1 vs 1 battle won
Vakho | Elusion Of Exist Solo bgirl battle won
bgirl Sashe | Myau crew One more battle we got here !
Kick Ass Battle! 3 vs 3 battle won
South Front crew bboy Apache, bboy Skills, bboy Tazmanio Now I want to say hi
for my man bboy Sapa | Break Nuts crew! And I want to congratulate you with taking the first place in Italy and won trip to World Bboy Classics! With bboy Onel from Greece And now Its time for
Legits Blast Winter Festival First day was with footwork battle
and preparty! Undisputed Sucks! DJ Scream:
YO! We are in Prague! Here is unreal ish watch this! Footwork there, footwork there, footwork there,
and there is footwprk too! Judges:
Freez, Moy, Robin Bboy Kido | Break Nuts crew
won the footwork battle First day was cool
but I wasnt there Im verry sorry I had some reson for this I was back on second day
and I record all Undisputed! Organisation of Legits Blast Winter Festival
was not so good as I expect First of all People was outside with no clothes! Becouse of wardrobe was outside building
where was battles and it was closed too It couldnt be like that!
Its not civilized!
Its not European! Czech gyp ! We payed for enter and now we need to pay for wardrobe! Temprature outside was -2 or -3 C Its too cold to be outside with no clothes.. 40 crones for bag and 40 crones for coat
or 250 crones for safe 100 crones gives me back later Than people get thruogh and get in Now we here croud complaint .. We geting in! Defence is broken ! Lets watch battle! World Final of Undisputed Bboy
won bboy Thesis! He battle with bboy Issey in final! There was alot of people Whatch battle was hard enough It was not comfort for most of people one more minus for organisation! On third day of Festival it was Rep Your Crew battle More than 50 countries comes here Every crew made 4 rounds,
battle only 8 crews
what a heck? Break Mafia crew won
the first place in Rep Your Crew! Robin, Arsex, Drony, BeatMasterT Abdul, AirTony, VladFM, AmaisingTroll Thay took first place in Prague! Giyes this is exclusive release of Breaking News From Legits Blast Winter Festival! If you like this video push LIKE!
If you heard something new SUBSCRIBE to my channel! And dont miss the News About Breaking! Thanks for watching! See you in Moscow!

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  1. Здорово, что побывал там! Давай ещё посещай какие нибудь атмосферные тусы!) Отличный видос!

  2. Ощущение пребывания в Праге на турнире лично!Молодцом!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. чотко, музика вдало підібрана! а де паркур і брейк в твому виконанні під кінець Андіспутед??

  4. Пипец!! Топ видосы!! СВЕЖО!! Аха! У девчонки на андиспьютид хлопушка на 12:35 не сработала)

  5. Кайф! Небольшая поправка. ВахО – ударение на последний слог и буква О в конце 🙂 Супер пупер круто. Качественный материал. Продолжай делать 8)

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