Breaking News – Black Snake Prophecy Happening NOW – Standing Rock

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  1. Are you sure the black snake represents a pipeline? What about a group of people united under a black flag called Isis?

  2. These fucking asshole cops need to be sorted out & the Government needs to be stopped from making these retarded decisions

  3. You know…black people think they have it so bad but the poor Indians have had it worst than anyone since the beginning of time until present day. I feel so bad for them. I don't get why people keep fucking with them…leave them alone!!

  4. Did they get permits for protest ? If not they have no right to complain about force. If they did its a shame. It is a shame the oil hungry US government could never keep a treety with the native Americans. Talking about gathering information … is that not one of the things leftist SJW's wanted a while ago. To find and hunt down the alt right for excersizing free speach ? On facebook ?

  5. How do you know they are talking about an oil pipeline vs an actual black snake entity such as Apep as depicted throughout ancient Egypt?

  6. Thanks for posting this, bro. I was watching but I watched the vets disappear, so I know, a lost cause. Navaho prophecy coming true… Be strong. I remember being on the rez when they gove, in 1970-something decided we were "too prosperous" in their opinion – so they confiscated 1/3 – 30% of our sheep! Genocide in plain site.
    Fear not – the white man will pass away… They dare call us "savages."
    We know what to eat, where to go, and we will do that. And wait.
    O Mitakye Oyasin!

  7. I looked up the Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy, very interesting reading. But it seems that much like the Mayan calendar ending in 2012, so did that prophecy. It talks about Time and Un-Time. Everything is a cycle, and we go back to the beginning of the cycle. I don't see a way for it to really occur without some loss of life. It is more of a reset.

    Also, in Astrology, each age lasts about 2000 years. We began coming out of the age of Pisces in 2012 and began to enter the Age of Aquarius. One phases out as the energy of the new one phases in. Church age out, Golden age in. This happens in cycles. Not sure how many of our years each cycle lasts.

  8. people need to learn that water and the true people of the america,s are much more precious than oil,the USA gov should be totally ashamed of them selves.

  9. get to High Ground more than 2500' don't be deceived by the Giant's which are the Nephilim the Vatican will say they are here to help but this is another lie the pope will call the AntiChrist King the man of Lawlessness is Obama the pope declared himself a antichrist said the Koran and bible same there not even close ! don't fall for the fake invasion be the Nephilim  they will say another is coming here to destroy but this will be Christ with his Mighty Angel's the Trumpets will sound the Dead will Rise then those that Have asked Christ in there Heart's be Caught up with them as we see the flaming Sword come from the Anointed Destroying those who will try make War with Yeshu it would be better for them that they where never born is one way to put it ! share the Truth and Love Pray Fast ask for the Spirit  to guide you wisdom and discernment get to High Ground away from big citys are your self

  10. we all know what needs to be done but we won't do it cuz we split apart our spirit is weekend but if you stand as one Indian Nation then we stand a chance support the secret knowledge that we once had and our mother will protect us take back our land white man does not care about nothing but his own personal gain Monopoly is his God the black snake twist and cuts through its land with this black goo that it squirts out of his mouth the schooling guy water but that is what they want the water source to be cut off the land fun beer of Beanie resource my grandmother Omaha was full-blooded Cherokee Indian she was on the 1909 Baker list her son Dennis Hughes was my father I am one of six the last to be born I am a snake spirit

  11. They should go around the river, not through because we don't want to die

    and this prophecy came from children…

  12. My Ex-Gurlfriend is Lakota Indian and Absolutely Gorgeous Beyond All Belief seriously hot af,but we are just bffs now,Anyways,She has told Me about this before.She has Lakota Pride Tattooed across her chest.

  13. Well,I don't know if he cared or not because I'm not him and dont have his mind heart or soul.Oob,And you don't either,but I will say this ,He cared a He'll of Alit more than Nasty ass Trump.

  14. How many prophecy has a black snake engulfing the world many like native Americans and norse .thor battles the a giant snake aswell what is that evil snake engulfing the world its the liberals look at liberals in every country human sacrificing in abortion gays n lesbians turning children in to trans genders forcing people to accept evil .thats the evil giant snake corrupting the world.

  15. Thanks Joseph, for standing with Standing Rock and for sharing this information with us. Makes me so sad that we the people are not being heard, and that our will is not being honored. We're now the United Corporations of America. The only voices that count are the big greedy corporate donors. We the people are just tax slaves. The fat cats running the show don't care enough about us to keep us healthy or to keep our planet healthy. It's all quite horrifying.

  16. All the external "efforts" will be FUTILE. What is crucial is to go within, purify and reconnect to the true self, the conscious unit if it is there at all. What is outer will transform ONLY when the world WITHIN has gone through the TRANSFORMATION. It is but NAIVE to ASSUME that CONTROL has no understanding of What will Bring in the END of the World and this time ALL AGES. Last chance. Humanity Failed three times already, the fourth is the Last chance and It Already FAILED.

  17. I am deeply saddened by the non caring, of our people. At a time when we should stay together, to all who are Warriors, & Rainbow warriors, Love, Light, & Righteous Indignation, protect you all.

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