Breaking News! Celebrity Solstice Loses Power and Returns To Seattle With Tug Escort

everybody it’s Bruce here with Travis
Bruce I’ve got some breaking news here about The Celebrity Solstice cruise ship
this is July the 19th 2019 and here’s the story at 4 o’clock today
Friday the 19th of July the Celebrity Solstice left Seattle for her one week
Alaska cruise story goes at about an hour and a half into her sailing she ran
into complete power loss all electronics went down propulsion steering all shut
down the folks on the ship engineers were able to restore power we don’t know
whether 100% or not but the ship did a u-turn and began to slowly return to the
Port of Seattle now the the Coast Guard people were aware of this and they sent
out a tugboat to accompany the ship in case she needed any assistance their
ship has returned to Seattle is now in port it is now approaching 10:00 in the
evening Seattle time this is six hours after she departed if she is still in
port as we speak and from what we’re gathering if the ship is going to leave
port she has to first have a full blown certification inspection by the US Coast
Guard before she can go up now the ship was built in 2008 refurbished in 2016
she holds 20 150 passengers 1250 crew she’s a thousand thirty three feet long
121 feet wide and she comes in 122 thousand tons so big ship she’s supposed
to like I say leave Seattle today day after tomorrow she’s supposed to be in
Ketchikan the 22nd she works her way to Tracy arm and Juneau the 23rd she visits
Skagway the 25th of July Victoria after a C date and then on the 26 there’s a
life back to Seattle that’s the one-week itinerary of the Celebrity Solstice I’ll
say on this story Tracy we can follow it find out if the ship leaves tonight or
not well it might do another update video tomorrow
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listed below in the description so once again the Celebrity Solstice is back in
Seattle tonight she is not in the open waters we don’t know what the status is
for certain we don’t know exactly what happened we do know the power went out
completely the ship had to return back to Seattle and reports were that she
returned very slowly back to Seattle and that’s got people wondering just what
the extent of the issue is we’ll stay on the story and we’ll see you everybody
bye for now

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  1. A higher end cruise line gets pulled back to port when losing power, but lower end cruise lines get stuck at sea for days with nasty conditions onboard. Funny how that works…

  2. From the lines of broken dream & disappointment How I spent my vacation 2019. Tied up at the pier again , hooked up to shore power my friend. Stuck in a tiny room can't get underway. My wife said I want to see a whale, so I took her to the buffet line.

  3. I see the term "refurbished " on anything from a computer to a cruise ship and always contemplate what that means. Is it a possibility that some of these cruise ship failures are cyber attacks?

  4. Well she must have her power back, because right now she is steaming at 21.5 knots on a course of 244 deg. according to Marine Traffic website!

  5. Ggggeeeeezzzzeee!!!!!!!!
    I am new to watching cruize videos. Been watching about 6 months
    Are all these breakdowns .normal???

  6. So sad to hear that news , my wife and I were on this exact ship to do our Alaska cruise last year. She is such a beauty. Hope she gets back to 100 %

  7. Oh how sad! Hope they get her up and running again. I would hate for that to happen while going on my cruise!

  8. weve been on that ship several times – once was from seattle to alaska – great ship seems to be happening a lot these days! 🙁

  9. Is it me? Or does anyone else notice that these breakdowns occurring on these mega ships are happening at their 10 / 12 year of service? Parts supplied to all these lines may have a similar defect.

  10. The Celebrity Solstice is such a pretty ship. I saw the ship leaving Seattle yesterday as my train run along the Puget Sound. It’s a beautiful ship 🚢

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