BREAKING NEWS : Leaked Ballon D’Or rankings’ shared on social media detailing 2019 winner

police a ballon D or ranking has been
leaked on social media appeared after our ceremony on Monday with melanoma see
named Astorino the Barcelona / world is suffering – in the world
so record six time but says competition from Liverpool player still seems fun
died in the image cellar and Twitter may see at the floating rib 404 certain 620 Sunday 300 and I in – in
second the sweaty what do word has already had already
been care but it’s unclear whether to do this in official or non Monday this
Liverpool team is Mohamed Salah is listed in doing we have so had a
five-time winner Cristiano Ronaldo sorry Omani
mix up the tall type into this while the FG star Killian Buffet is down in 70 the
o’er scenario the best footballer in the calendar years and is fun on the by
journalists from around indoors and wandering out a softness of Chilton
Flyers Messi and Ronaldo had wonder what wartime in any other player but they’re
ten years terminia was broken last year by fermented Luka Modric following
Liverpool’s champion expenses Sunday it was spotted we started for the world but
cookie Marcos still your man messy real time and have sizes incisive former Liverpool captain Stephen girl
co-funded sorted may see this your price however because I believe detachment
have said a bit weird when acid is funding soldering it here at doctor yes
100 Jason I am messy number-one fan for soon I elect a flyer on sand emerges in
Christian in terms of taxes and world I am definitely a messy friend in the game
but if you talk about consistency one player control volume were wind
European Cup and it’s absentee father’s in a flame performance Raheen you
deserve to win darling D or the winner will be
announced with on Monday here same money in Paris you

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