Breaking News: Talk 1 Gospel by Bo Sanchez

[Bo Sanchez]
I am so excited for you. You will receive a revelation. You will receive a fresh gust of wind from the spirit for your life, here in our show Kerygma TV. Hi, my name is Bo Sanchez. And welcome to Kerygma TV. We are going to tackle the four Gospels. And try to understand in a deeper way, who Jesus is. And what’s this salvation, and our story. What’s that all about? And I know you will be super blessed. [Audee Villaraza] Today, we get to start something beautiful. Something amazing. Today, we’re starting a fresh brand new series called “Breaking News”. Everybody say, “Breaking News”. For the next five Sundays, we are going to unpack four Gospels. How many? Four Gospels namely, “Mark”, “Matthew”, “Luke”, and “John”, alright? But why is it called “Breaking News”? Ask me ‘why’? Because these four disciples were the best reporters during their time. You know, they delivered to the world. The fresh and brand-new news about Jesus Christ. And as Brother Bo mention in his bulletin message, if you read it. We want you to expect two things. How many? Two things in this series, alright? We want you to expect first to use your brains more. Okay? We’re going to challenge you to think more. To act more. To do more. To process more. In fact, if some of you even feel like it, you know. You can jot down some notes. When you do that, I guarantee you — when you get involved, you’re going to come out of the series; a better and smarter Christian, alright? Second thing to expect; expect to ask more questions. Don’t be afraid if all of a sudden you find yourself asking more questions than having answers. Because, hey? Questioning can be a good thing. Doubting can be a good thing, why? Because it leads you to the truth. So two things to expect. But let me give you one more. Expect to be changed. Because as you discover the Gospels, you’re going to fall in love with Jesus all over again. When that happens, you will never be the same again. And that’s the truth. So are you ready to be changed? Louder! Are you ready to be changed? Alright! That’s more like it. Let’s say our favorite prayer here at The Feast. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Stretch out your hands and say, “Today, I receive all of God’s love for me. Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing abundance of God’s universe. Today, I open myself to God’s blessings, healing, and miracles. Today, I open myself to God’s Word. So that, I become more like Jesus every day. Today, I proclaim that I am God’s beloved. I am God’s servant. [Shout it out!] I’m God’s powerful champion. And because I am blessed, I am blessing the world.
In Jesus’ name. Amen. Let’s all give honor to God’s Word.
Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet. And a light unto my path. Holy Spirit, speak to us in a fresh new way. Let me give you our big message for today. Our message for today is very simple, but it’s also very bold. I’m going to need you to shake. Like literally shake physically the person on your left, until their brains start moving. Can you turn to that neighbor and tell them, “You’re made for bigger things”. That’s the truth. You’re made for bigger things. But listen up, alright? You know, before we start talking about the four Gospels… I really believe that the first thing we should be doing is asking the question, “What is a gospel?” Do you want to know what a gospel is? Ask me ‘what’? Teaching session, alright? In Greek, the word ‘gospel’ simply means euangelion. Everybody say, “euangelion”. It literally means good news, or good tidings, alright? It comes from the root word ‘angelos’. Say ‘angelos’, which means messenger. Say ‘messenger’. When you put those two concepts together, it could simply mean ‘messenger of good news’, yes? You follow? Now, among the four Gospels, again, we’re going to be discussing for Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. The first one to have ever written the gospel is Mark. He was the first one to jot down the book, alright? And Mark starts his book in 1:1, obviously. By saying, “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, son of God.” So you have Mark acknowledging that the gospel is all about who? Jesus Christ. That’s right. Now, if you fast-forward all the way to chapter 16, this is how he ends — his book. Chapter 16, somewhere around verse 15. Mark starts to talk about the Great Commission. The Great Commission is an event were before Jesus ascends into heaven. And he commands his 11 disciples to do what? He said… Here’s what he says. He says, “To go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” “To go out into the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” It presents a very interesting proposition, because if you remember through our partnership with Peter; who started a Catholic Church. He passes on the same thing to you and me. So it’s not just the priests, or the pastors, or the preachers like us, who are supposed to preach. It’s also you! My dear friends, the gospel is all about God’s love. That’s simply what it is. How do you preach about God’s love? Ask me ‘how’? The best way to preach about God’s love is to be God’s love. Preaching… Let me say this. Preaching is all about just caring. It’s all about giving, and sharing the good news. I want to challenge some of you this week. Be the good news that people desperately need to hear. Be the miracle that people are praying for. Be the love of Christ to some person. It doesn’t even have to be a grand gesture. Maybe it’s something so simple. So small. Maybe invite people to The Feast. Maybe invite them to a Feast Video. Maybe have coffee with them, when they’re having a tough time. Maybe pray for them. Maybe walk with them. It’s just a simple thing. The bottom line is… To preach the gospel, you got to become the gospel. You got to share the love of Jesus. And tell them, “Hey, there’s a God who loves you so much!” That’s all it is.
[Bo Sanchez] When I watched Superman as a kid… Superman was my favorite favorite superhero. I watched Superman by the actor George Reeves. And how many of you watched him when you were a kid? Raise your hand. Okay, very few. I just want to clarify this. That this guy was Superman in the 1950s. And I didn’t watch when it was new. I watched when it was re-runs. Just to clarify. Okay, I remember watching the episodes. And it was so funny. Really! Because he was flying in every episode. But it was so fake. It was like he was flying, but you know the actor was lying down on a table. And there was an electric fan. Like you know, pushing the cape, you know to flutter. But then, you know at that time, that was the best that they could. And people’s minds were blown away already by that. Anyway, in the 19… I don’t know if it was 1990s or 2000, Christopher Reeve took on the red and blue costume for movies. How many of you watch that one? Okay, wonderful. Nobody wants to raise their hands anymore. Divulging your age here. And then, the third version of Superman was on the small box and TV, Lois and Clark. Dean Cain. Raise your hand if you watched some of those episodes. But this time, this was more focused on the love story. It’s like… Of course, he was still a Superman, you know. You can’t change that. But it was focused on the love triangle between Superman, Lois Lane, and Clark Kent. Really. Like there were two persons. But no, there’s three. But they’re actually two. Anyway… And then, the fourth one was Smallville. How many of you know Tom Welling, the actor. Some of you watch that? Okay. And then finally, Henry Cavill. Raise your hand. The most present, current Superman. Now, I want you to understand. Why am I talking about Superman, and all these five versions of Superman. I’ll tell you. As me ‘why’? Big ‘why’? Because I’m going to use it as a crude analogy. Everybody say ‘crude’. A crude analogy of the four Gospels. You know, someone asked me a question. Someone very knew. Somebody who’s… You know, just had his conversion experiences is getting into Jesus, and following him. He asked me this question, “Brother Bo, why are there four Gospels? Why did they just summarize it into one?” “Why four?” And I noticed that there’s some differences here and there. And my crude analogy is this. We only have one story of Superman. Only one. Planet Krypton. Before it exploded, Jor-El sense, you know. I know this. I know the script. Okay? Sends his little baby in a spaceship, you know. The planet Earth. I mean, there’s only one Superman story. But there are five versions. At least in my lifetime. And why? Well, there is one different director. There’s a different script writer. There’s a different audience. Different time zone. Different era. Different things, themes, etc. But in the same way, there are four Gospels. Because there are four Gospel writers focusing on different audiences, and they’ve got different issues to address. Because the big difference is that the four Gospels have one Holy Spirit that inspired each and every one of them. One Holy Spirit to inspire Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. And it is the same Holy Spirit that is in you, when you read the gospel. Before you read a Bible, I pray that you just go to the Holy Spirit. Say, “Holy Spirit, speak to me. You’re the one who wrote these words. You inspire these words. Inspire me now.” So that’s why I say ‘crude’. When you look at the four Gospels, you see differences. I’ll give you some examples. Matthew, Mark, and Luke… Jesus cleansed the temple. You know, that he turned upside down the tables, and drove out the cellar. You know that scene? That that was at the end of the public ministry of Jesus; in Matthew, Mark, and Luke. But in John, it was at the beginning of the public ministry. And then, there are stories in the Gospels where you find it in all four Gospels. The multiplication of the loaves is one example. But there are stories that are only found in one gospel, but not in the other three. How come? Well, let me tell you the answer. The big answer… I’ll give you three small answers. Here’s the big answer. The Gospel writers… Everybody say ‘I’m listening’. The Gospel writers were not journalists. They were theologians. The gospel is not a biography of Jesus, it is a theology of Jesus. You understand that? So when I say that, they had a message. And so, they would sequence the events. And they would write it in that particular way, and they would include this teaching because of different things. Let me give you my three small answers. First, who is writing makes a difference. Luke, for example was a doctor. And he researched it very well. And he would write in very sophisticated Greek. Matthew was a tax collector. And if you notice in the Gospel of Matthew, he would speak about money more than the other three Gospels. Mark was a young man. And he wrote with very simple Greek. Oh, John. John, most probably scholars say, wrote something. And then, his disciples gathered his teachings, and put them together. Who is writing makes a difference, you understand? My dear friend, you have a gospel to preach. Your life, your stuff. You have a story to tell the world. And God will use you. Your uniqueness, your personality, your idiosyncrasies, your history. Do not compare yourself with other people and say, “Why they’re better than me?” You know, you have a story; a unique gift that only you can give the world. And you cannot compare yourself with others. “Why do they have gifts?” I remember when I was a teenager… When I was in my 20s. I would be so frustrated that I cannot speak and preach in Tagalog, you know. I wanted to reach out to street kids. I wanted to reach out to people who are more comfortable in Tagalog, I could not. And I was so so frustrated. Until God spoke to my heart and God said, “Because that’s not my call for you. I called you to do something else.” My message to you is this: Do not compare yourself with anyone else. You are magnificent as you are. And you’ve got to own it. You’ve got to own your history. You’ve got to own the way your background. You’ve got to own how God pieced you together. Because he has a mission for your life. Here’s number two. When they were writing makes a difference. Mark, the earliest gospel was written 50 55 A.D. to about 70. Mark, Matthew, and Luke was written 70 to 85 A.D. And then, John was written 90 to 110 A.D. So think about it. There are differences in when they were writing. Mark was the one who wrote first. Matthew and Luke followed. They copied from Mark. And they copied from another source — that because they have both stories; Matthew and Luke have stories that are not found in Mark, but are found in another probably common source. And so, they were copied from each other. John came later on. Did not feel the need to copy from those guys. Ask me ‘why’? Because those three Gospels you call them ‘Synoptic Gospels’. Syn for same. Optic, eye. “Synoptic” means they’re the same perspective. And did Audee warn you? That is going to be more cerebral this next few talks? He did? He warned you? that you cannot anymore donate your brain as slightly use. No more. Okay? We’re going to go cerebral here. John, did not feel the need to copy from the synoptic Gospels. Ask me ‘why’? Because during that time, it was already circulated well. The Christian communities already had those copies; Matthew, Mark, Luke. They were reading it already. John wrote at the later part, 90 A.D. And he said, you know, “I’m going to give you something else. I’m going to dig deep into my memory, and I’m going to share you stories and sayings.” It’s powerful. And also, because he was facing something else. Issues that were not present during the time of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. In Matthew, Mark, and Luke, what happened was… That they were facing persecution. And so, those three Gospels were encouragement, and comfort to Christians, who are being persecuted. John was also experiencing persecution. But there was another current issue. There were heretics. There were people who for example… Did not believe that Jesus was both God and man. They thought, “Oh, he’s just God. Not man.” So, John was saying “No, no, no.” And he wrote the gospel to address that. “No, Jesus is both God and man.” When they were writing is very important. In the same way, have you ever wondered why you’re born in this world right now, today? Why weren’t you born 100 years ago? During the time of Jose Rizal? Why weren’t you born when Lapu-lapu killed Magellan 500 years ago? Why now? You know why? God has a purpose for your life today. God wants you to do something today. Elbow somebody and tell that person, “You have a mission today. That’s why you were born today.” Third answer, who they were writing to makes a difference. Mark was writing to Gentiles. When I say Gentiles, that means non-Jews. You got that? Okay. Mark was writing to Gentiles. Luke was writing also to Gentiles, but more the educated class. John was writing to Gentiles and Jews, but mostly Gentiles. Mathew was writing to Jews. So it was very different. He was writing to new new converts. Jews who decided to follow Jesus, but they were asking the question, “How can I marry my old faith with my new faith?” And Matthew had to answer that, and and what he did was he quoted lots of verses from the Old Testament. If you notice Matthew quotes so much of the Old Testament, because his audience were Jews. And they understood the Old Testament. Non-Jews did not care about the Old Testament. So you notice that Mark, and Luke, and John, they didn’t do that so much. They did, but not as much as Matthew. You understand that? Your audience makes a difference. I’m going to ask you this question, “Who’s your audience?” Hold someone’s hand. Tell that person… Ask that person, “Who is your audience?” God is sending you to serve a core audience. And you’ve got to know what your audience is. You’ve got to know where God is sending you to. It is so crucial to know that — who are the people that he wants you to serve? You’ve got to know that, and understand that… You know, the other thing I want to talk about is how did the Gospels become part of the Bible? Think with me. Jesus died 33 A.D. The first gospel; Gospel of Mark came out about 55 A.D. So, there’s this gap 20-year, 30-year gap when there was no written gospel yet. What were the Christians doing when there was no written Gospel, and why was there no written gospel during that time? Ask me ‘why’? This is what they were doing. If you met someone wonderful, and that someone changed your life forever, what would you be doing? You would be telling stories. Yes, or no? You would be telling. You would be talking about this Jesus, who changed my life forever. And they did not see the need to write the stories, because they were living in the story. Peter was still there, right beside them. John, James, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, they were still there! You know. They could just go to Peter and say, “Peter, Peter? What happened again to that multiplication of the loaves? Can you tell us.” “Oh, this is what happened. You know. There were 5,000 men, and not counting women, and children. And then, Jesus had this bread.” They were there! “Oh, John. What did Jesus do like? You said, one day you went up this mountain, and then all of a sudden he exploded and brilliant light, did that happen?” And John would say, “Yes, I was with Peter and with James, my brother. And we went to Mount Tabor. And that was there, when Jesus had the transfiguration.” They were there. And then, all of a sudden they got into prison. “Where’s Peter?” “He’s in prison”. “He’s in prison.” “What?” “Yeah, after a while.” “What happened to Peter?” “He got crucified but inverted.” “What?” “Where’s John”? “Oh John, went to Ephesus.” “Ephesus? My gosh! Can you email him? Tell him to tell us stories, you know. There are no emails yet. Okay, what’s going to happen? So, they said, “We might need to write stories.” We tell these stories but the Apostles, they’re dying. And we need to write them down. Not only that, but there were some false claims that came out about Jesus. There were some guys who said, “You know what? I heard this story that when Jesus was seven years old, he was fighting with a playmate. And what Jesus did was he fried the brains of his playmate. And people said, “What?” “Are you sure?” “Yeah that’s what I heard from someone.” “Oh, but that doesn’t sound like Jesus” you know. And then, there were other people who were claiming to be Jesus. “I am Jesus, 2.0. The better version.” You know, and they said, “No, we don’t think you’re so…” They said, we better write this authentic stories. And so, that’s what stage two happen. They started writing the stories of Jesus. Mark was the first one to said, “Okay I need to write. I need to write what I heard.” And then, Matthew, and Luke, and then, John. Now stage 3 is… Stage 3 is the need to canonize. To canonize because… You know, this were not only the four Gospels that were circulating. No, there were many other Gospels that they were circulating during that time. Gospel of truth. The gospel of Thomas. The gospel of Mary Magdalene. They were circulating. And they needed to say, “are all these true? Some of them are not true?” And it was Irenaeus in the year 180 A.D, who decided, “I think we need an official list. We need an official list.” And it was true that during that time, the most accepted Gospels were already Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. And in the year 400 plus AD, 200 years after Irenaeus said that — there was a Council of Carthage. And the Catholic Church made a decision and say, “These are the four Gospels included in the Bible. These are the 27 books included in the new testament. Official list. Canon… Canon means list. Okay, this is we’re canonizing it. This is it. Okay? The others may be inspiring. The others are apocryphal. These are deuterocanonical. Meaning to say, they are you know in addition to the main cannon. “But guys, 27. This is it. 27 books. Guy, four Gospels only. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.” I’m gonna talk about the core. Everybody say ‘core’. The core message of the gospel. What’s it all about? You want to know? Are you sure you want to know? This is going to rock your world. Are you ready? The core message of the gospel is the kingdom. The kingdom. And I know you’ve got this glazed look on your face. “Kingdom?” Yeah, yeah. Kingdom. I’ll show it to you Mark 1:15. “The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the gospel.” No Kingdom, no gospel. Those two are volted in. You can’t separate them. In fact, in Matthew 6:9… Jesus was with his disciples and the disciples asked Jesus, “Jesus, can you teach us to pray?” And Jesus said, “This is how you pray.” He was so serious about the kingdom. He said, “This is how you prayed: Our Father who art in heaven. Holy be your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done…” The core message of the gospel is kingdom! But we have this glazed look in our eyes like… “Kingdom?” Because, are there still kingdoms today? Are there still kings today? Unless you play a deck of cards. I mean, there’s a queen in England. But that’s about it. Like King? Kingdom? But you see? That’s the point. But unless you get it, you won’t get the gospel. The core message of the gospel is that you’ve got to follow the king of the kingdom. Now, think with me. That every part of your life should be building the kingdom. Yesterday, I gave a whole day seminar on building their wealth. Because it was an investment seminar. Teaching people how to invest in the stock market. People build their wealth. And people go about building their family. And building their marriage. And building their future. And building their career. And building their health. And that’s all fine. In fact, you need to be busy building this and building that. Because that’s your responsibility. But there’s a big BUT. Everybody say ‘BUT’. If that’s what your life is just all about; building your little kingdom. Building your little empire. Building your career, and your profession, and your business. Building your dreams, all that is good. But it can’t be just about that! You’re called for bigger things. You’re made for bigger things. You’re designed to do bigger things. You’re not just there to build your little Kingdom. Or else, you’ll be so empty. And you will not be fulfilled. And you will not have true joy. You need to build the kingdom of the king. You need to follow the king. Everybody say ‘follow the king’. Now, when you hear the word ‘build the kingdom’, automatically people think, “Okay, I’m going to resign from my job, and be a nun.” That’s what people think about building the kingdom. Can I say this? For some of you; you don’t even have to change what you do — to build the kingdom. For some of you, you just have to change why you do what you do. Maybe you’re a teacher, and you’ve decided to build a kingdom, guess what? You’re not just a teacher, you are now raising a generation of kids that will follow Jesus, the king of the kingdom. And maybe you’re a husband. You’re a wife. You’re a spouse. Don’t just call yourself, you know. “Oh, we’re here… We just want to have a family, and that’s all we’re going to do.” But if you’re serious about building the kingdom of God, let me tell you what you’re doing. Husband/wife, you are building your marriage to the point that your marriage becomes a giant billboard, that announces that God is alive, why? When people see your marriage, they will scratch their head, and they will say, “Look at those two people, they shouldn’t be going along. They shouldn’t be getting along. But somewhere, somehow, they’re loving each other. My gosh! God is alive. Miracles happen.” What you’re doing now is building the kingdom of God, if you make a decision to follow the king in every area of your life. Tell somebody beside you, “Follow the king”, “Follow the king”. There are 482 Feasts around the world. You know, I just came from London. And I met The Feasts there. I didn’t know Basingstoke London, they’ve been meeting for three years. The leader from Norway Oslo came. Met me. Shocked to realize they’ve been going on for three years. I’ve never met them. Never seen them. But for three years, this bunch of volunteers decided, “I made for bigger things. Yeah, I’m working here as a nurse. But I’m going to build the kingdom.” And they meet every week in their homes. And there’s a nurse in Abu Dhabi. She said, “I made for bigger things. Yes, I’m a nurse here in Abu Dhabi, but I’m going to build the kingdom. Not only as a nurse who serves patients well, and and lives the gospel.” She decided… Once a week, she’ll visit a house and lead a Feast for domestic helpers. Do you know what time that Feast is? Ask me ‘what time’? Midnight. Because that’s the only time the domestic helpers could gather to pray. And that’s what she does every single week. There’s a Feast going on in Taguig. In a drug rehab center. Every week, a bunch of volunteers go there, and they lead a Feast for these guys and gals. And they tell me — that you know, when they start praying… When they start showing the video, the preaching, the guys are just weeping. Sobbing. And it happens every week. It’s crazy. There’s another Feast in Sta. Rosa, where? In jail. Again, volunteers from the Sta. Rosa Feast from the big Feast, they decided, “We’re going to change lives. We’re going to build the kingdom.” They go to the prison. And then every week, they lead a Feast. I want you to know they have no problems with attendance. No problems! Always full house. Complete attendance every week. And you see, these guys… All guys just raising their hands in prayer. Prisoners, their lives are changing, because some people made a decision, “I’m not going to build my little empire only. I’m not just going to live for myself. I’ve had it. Because God has given me God dreams. And God capacities to fulfill those God dreams.” You have God capacities in your soul. Do you know Lebron James? Probably the greatest basketball… You can debate on that. Okay? One of the greatest athlete… Basketball athletes today. Today. Maybe there are other who are greater than him before. And you know, but I’m just saying — that one of the greatest athlete basketball players today, Lebron James. What if he decides to play in the NBA? Not National Basketball Association, but the Navotas Basketball Association? And Inter-barangay level? How would he feel? No doubt. He will be MVP. Most Vored player. Some people are so busy
building their own dreams. Building their own little world. Their own little ambitions, with the God capacities that is in them. No wonder they feel empty. Because you are made for bigger things. You’re made to build the kingdom of the king. [Commercial break] [Bo Sanchez] You need to help me make this happen, because so many people are desperate in need of God and God’s love. And Kerygma TV is entering homes, and hearts, and blessing so many people. Can you help me? For any amount whatsoever that you send to help this ministry. Broadcast God’s love, we will give you the first message of this series. And for… You know, if you decide to give 2,000 pesos or more, to bless people through the ministry, I will send you the entire series. And not just the entire series, I’ll give you and send to you also my best-selling book, “God is bigger than our biggest problems”. And I want this book to be your comfort and your strength. And the contact details are on the screen. You can just contact us, and tell us, “Yes, Brother Bo. I want to be your partner in this ministry.” Without your help, we cannot be able to do this. And really from the bottom of my heart just want to say ‘thank you’. This is Bo Sanchez, here praying that God will, you know, touch your heart. And make us part of your life. And this mission of blessing on the world can be part also of your heart. [Mike Vinas] Hi guys! My name is Mike Vinas. And this is Wealth & Wisdom. You know, when it comes to our career, ideally, we’d want to be doing something that we’re passionate about. Something we’d love doing. But also something that we are paid well for. In other words, we want in one career, one job, in one business, high pay and high passion. But that is the goal. A lot of us are still journeying towards that. And so, in the meantime, we probably would find ourselves in two situations. The first situation is, maybe you find yourself in a low-paying job, but you love what you do. In other words; it’s low pay, but high passion. And so, if you’re in a situation like that, you’ve got to somehow or supplement your pay, your income. And there are a lot of creative ways these days to be able to do that. You can find part-time work online. Some of my friends they taught English to Koreans and Japanese also online. Or some of them built their own small business. For me as a guy who is in ministry, and I want to be able to build, and provide well for my family, I would have to somehow also find other streams of income to augment my pay. The second situation that maybe you’re in, is that you’re in a good high paying job, but it’s something that you don’t really enjoy or you don’t love it that much. So, if you’re in that situation, what you’ve got to do is to be able to supplement your passion. So, what other people do is that yes, they go to do their jobs. They do it well. But let’s say on the weekends, they volunteer. They serve in ministry. They serve in different NGOs. They pursue a hobby. They go into music and acting. All sorts of different things just to somehow give them joy and fulfillment doing something that they love. And so, like for me, before when I was employed — the fully employed in this company, I would work my best on weekdays. And on weeknights and on weekends, I would serve in ministry to augment my passion. So to summarize; if you find yourself one again in a situation where you have low pay, and high passion, then you’ve got to be able to augment or improve on your streams of income. But if you find yourself in a situation where you have good pay, high pay but low passion — you’ve got to find things that will make you happy. That will make you come alive. You’ve got to augment or supplement your passion. But if you find yourself in a situation where you have low pay and low passion, that’s difficult to handle. Why don’t you find another job? In other words, maybe you need to shift career or change jobs, so that you can find at least a good opportunity for you. But ultimately, really the goal is for us to be able to have joy, and fulfillment for what we do and what we get out of it. But definitely, we want to be able to reach that day where it’s high pay, and high passion. But till that day, let’s continue to help one another. So thank you very much for watching Wealth & Wisdom. I hope you learned something today that will help you grow in your career, and in your wealth. God bless you. The Lord’s Prayer “Is truly the summary of the whole gospel.” “Since the Lord… after handing over the practice of prayer, said elsewhere, ‘ask and you will receive,’ and since everyone has petitions which are peculiar to his circumstances, the regular and appropriate prayer is said first, as the foundation of further desires.” After showing how the Psalms are the principal food of Christian prayer, and flow together in the petitions of our Father, St. Augustine concludes: Run through all the words of the holy prayers, and I do not think that you will find anything in them that is not contained and included in the Lord’s prayer. Song: Build my Life by Pat Barrett/Kirby Kaple/Karl Martin [Bo Sanchez] I want you to lift up your Novena to God’s love. If it’s there in your wallet or in your phone. I want you to know that your dreams… It’s okay if you didn’t bring them. Just lift them up all the dreams in your heart. But I want you to know that this little dreams have to be placed on the big dream. God’s dream for your life. And unless there’s a connection between your small dreams and God’s big dream for you, you will never know true happiness anyway. So I want you just to come before God right now. And again, say this with me in faith. Everybody just say, “Jesus, I thank you for giving me God-dreams. And I thank you for giving me God-capacities to fulfill these God-dreams. I surrender my life to you. I trust you. And I declare today. I will follow the King of the kingdom. And my whole life I dedicate, to building the kingdom of Jesus. Jesus! Never look down on yourself. Never ever do that. You are God’s child. And when you understand that you are His son/His daughter, it will change the way you look at yourself, and the way you look at other people as well. Because if you learn to love yourself, the way God loves you, and like yourself the way God likes you, it’ll be so much easier to love other people. And I want to pray for you right now — that God’s grace becomes so real in your life. Let’s do that. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Father in heaven, thank you that — that we can just hold your hand and reach out to your grace. And yes, we open our palms to you. And we open our hands and our hearts to you. To receive that grace that can only come from you. Father God, we receive everything that we need from you. Your love. And we say thank you Lord, that we can come to you in confidence. Because we are your children. And you do accept us, and you do love us. And we receive this embrace from you. And we receive this grace from you. In Jesus’ name. Amen and amen. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. God bless you. This is Bo Sanchez, here in Kerygma TV. Live a fantastic life! [Music] [Music]

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