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breaking news today Middle East crisis Iran warns Saudi Arabia to avoid
unforgivable mistake Iran’s supreme leader has issued a warning to bitter
rival Saudi Arabia that any move to negotiate with Israel would be an
unforgivable mistake Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made the threat after Saudi
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said Israelis were entitled to live
peacefully on their own land in response to bin Salman s comments Khomeini
branded Israel an oppressive regime and urged the Saudis not to negotiate with
the Jewish state he said movement toward negotiation with the cheating lying an
oppressive regime of Israel is a big unforgivable mistake it will push back
the victory of the people of Palestine Saudi Arabia the birthplace of Islam in
sight of its holiest shrines does not officially recognize Israel however bin
Salman s comments quoted in the US magazine The Atlantic are a further sign
of an apparent thawing in bilateral ties he said I believe that each people
anywhere has a right to live in their peaceful nation dot I believe the
Palestinians and the Israelis have the right to have their own land but we have
to have a peace agreement to assure the stability for everyone and to have
normal relations his comments come as mainly Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia faces
off against Shiite Iran in a regional power struggle Tehran and Riyadh back
opposing sides in the conflicts in Yemen and Syria as well as rival political
groups in Iraq and Lebanon after the crown prince’s comments his father King
Salman reiterated Saudi Arabia’s support for a Palestinian state Riyadh has
repeatedly urged Israeli to withdraw from Arab lands captured in the 1967
Middle East war territory Palestinians seek for a future State however Saudi
Arabia opened its airspace for the first time to a commercial flight to Israel
last month the breakthrough which came after two
years of efforts was hailed as historic by Israeli tourism minister yo flavin
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for latest news breaking news today can North Korea
strike the UK World War three six-month warning issued by MPs in grave report
North Korea’s nuclear tipped missiles could trigger World War three in the UK
as soon as six months from now MPs have warned in a shock report on Pyongyang’s
nuclear advancements the rope hermit state could be ready to unleash its
arsenal on the UK Isles in the next six to 18 months the commons defense
committee has warned mps behind the report have concluded north korea has
the capacity to successfully launch short-range ballistic missiles but is
yet to demonstrate successful use of intercontinental ballistic missiles
ICBMs defense minister Earl Howe told the committee North Korea’s reached so
far stretches as far out as Japan South Korea and China however with the rapid
speed speed of development pyongyang has seen over the past two years kim
jong-un’s military might could soon be able to deliver nuclear warheads around
the globe dot the report said it is a reasonable assumption that north korea
can already reach the UK with ballistic missiles which could potentially carry
nuclear warheads in any case it is almost certain to be able to do so
within the next 6 to 18 months if it continues its program at the current
rate of development the stark reality presented in the report came along
revelations the UK is ill-equipped to repel a possible nuclear attack from
North Korea according to the report Britain suffers a limited ability to
defend itself from ICBM attacks dot the report said the UK has only a limited
ballistic missile defense capability however if North Korea decided to launch
a missile at the UK the government is currently investigating the use of the
anti-air missile systems on the Royal Navy’s six type 45 destroyers in a BMD
role and is also developing a new land-based radar to detect ballistic
missiles dr. Julian Lewis who chaired the committee told Express Co dot uk’ in
an exclusive interview the dire situation would be made all the worse by
Britain’s lackluster ability to contribute to a military effort against
North Korea will North Korea ever attacked the UK
the Ministry of Defense mod does not believe the likelihood of North Korea
ever targeting the UK is very high dot the mod told the committee we do not
judge that North Korea’s nuclear program and other military capabilities are
directed at the UK north Korea has stated on several occasions that it does
not consider the UK to be its enemy it cites our official state relationship as
evidence of this but there are still concerns to be had in the Defense
Committee has also investigated the threat to national security at the hands
of North Korean cyberattacks North Korea has repeatedly demonstrated its cyber
threat capabilities in the past and it is likely the community state was
responsible for the when a career an somwhere attack in May the report said
the when a curry attack highlighted basic vulnerabilities in UK information
technology systems with North Korea unconcerned by who gets hurt when it
lashes out the UK will continue to be at risk from North Korean cyber attacks the
committee report said it welcomed the government’s obligation to bolster the
UK’s cyber defenses with additional investments to be announced later this
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  1. I saw in the news about Iranians unhappy with Cleric government. Also some Iranians said the USA should stay out of Iran. Okaaaay, isn't THAT what Trump is doing. USA cutting ties with Iran. So now that Trump negated the USA/Iran deal, so what's the problem. Many Iranians are getting just that, soooo make up your mind. Btw, I wish only the good for Iranian people.

    Iranians are complaining about Iran's Govt. corruption, well, "Helloooo" Trump exposed and is fighting Govt. corruption in USA also. Problems everywhere.

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