Breaking Patterns Gets People to Talk

same same same same same same DIFFERENT The human brain is really good at detecting consistencies in the environment So any change that appears it notices For example, if you hear the word “same” repeatedly Then the brain will respond a little bit each time it hears the word same But when you hear the word “DIFFERENT” all these areas of the brain engage to try to understand the change that happened within the environment This works for simple stimuli, like if you have the humming of a fan in the background And you adjust to it and then the fan stops humming You will direct your attention to it, because you are incentivized to notice changes and to respond to changes in the environment. So this doesn’t just work for simple words that are repeated It also works, for example, for sentences. So as you speak a sentence, like, “I took my dog for a blank” Your brain hears each word and responds to each word and generates a prediction For the last word within that sentence And you would probably expect somebody to say “I took my dog for a walk” But instead if you hear “I took my dog for a drink” At the onset of the word “drink”, all these areas of the brain are going to become engaged to try to understand this unexpected word that came and to process it including going back to the previous words and determining if they made sense and if they were correct So this is an example of breaking a pattern, and when we break patterns, that gets us talking we start talking about things One example is, imagine that you are at a dinner party and you go to use the bathroom and there is black toilet paper You probably never noticed the toilet paper, you don’t talk about toilet paper But in this instance you come back from the bathroom and you say “Hey! Did you notice that?” And maybe the next day at work, around the water cooler you say “I went to this party and they had black toilet paper” So even mundane things like toilet paper, we can talk about them if there is a change So the human brain is really good at noticing changes And in turn, we are really good about talking about those changes when they occur Thanks for listening, we are going to be posting regularly about human psychology And how humans are influenced by media and how they are influenced by each other So if you enjoyed this hit that subscribe button, hit the share button and the like button And let us know in the comments below what you think, and be sure to check the links below to learn more about Intermark Group

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