BREAKING! Putin Accuses Bulgarians: Bulgaria Deliberately Holding Up Turkstream Gas Pipeline Project

The Serbian section of the gas pipe from the Bulgarian border to the Hungarian border is almost ready: 90 percent of the pipes have been laid and 85 percent of them are ready; they are already in the trenches. Currently, the question is pumping stations. This will take several weeks. But what we are seeing is that despite numerous assurances and numerous requests for Russia to supply gas to Bulgaria via Turkey, Bulgaria is deliberately delaying the implementation of the project on its territory. This is strange and disappointing. I would like to say that straight out, publicly. Bulgaria’s leaders have asked for TurkStream many times, at any cost, after they ruined South Stream; but even in this case they were in no hurry, apparently due to outside pressure. Well, let’s wait and see how this project is carried out in the future on Bulgarian territory. If the Bulgarians do not want it, I mean the Bulgarian leaders rather than the Bulgarian people, we will find other ways of delivering on our potential in the south of Europe.

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  1. Admire Putin’s patience! And all the good will entailed in his talking to the Bulgarian puppet come to beg forgiveness for ruining a costly Russian project once and probably on a mission to ruin a second one at the behest of Washington and Stoltenberg.
    Lots of rabid Volkers at work in the Balkans and quite a few striving ones in Bulgaria, the country of Janus bifront.

  2. What can we say at this umpteenth bastardly action of the United Snakes of Amerikkka ?
    They don't like playing on the level field, they always have to have an unfair advantage regardless of the well being of the rest of the world.
    USA is not far from implosion because of its own contradictions and the bastards that lick the arse of this fucking undemocratic regime will have to pay the price. May god forsake them for twenty generations ! Bastards !

  3. Once servants of fascists always servants of fascists,and the servants are.1.Croatia.2.Bosnia.3.Albania.4.Bulgaria.5.Hungary.6.Romania.PS:History of the WWII has repeted in the war against SFRYugoslavia,and its still lasting.When will it end?

  4. Don’t blame the Bulgarian people…90% of them have a favorable view of Russia.
    It’s the corrupt leaders who are betraying their country.
    The poor people of Bulgaria are paying the highest rates for electricity and home heating.
    The Russians were going to build a nuclear power plant in Belovo,but Evil John Mcain payed them a visit in 2014 and made them cancel that project besides canceling Bulgar stream.
    Yes if belovo and Bulgarstream were implemented the cost of energy would have dropped by 50%…but the problem is the Washington ass licking corrupt politicians who don’t care about the suffering of their people.
    That’s why most Bulgarians want to immigrate somewhere else because there’s no future for them

  5. I'm liking the Bulgarians more and more. The Russian dictator forgets that Bulgaria is a member of NATO (an alliance set up for protection against Russian agression).

  6. You should be aware of the fact that over 90% of Bulgarians love and support Russia. Bulgaria and Russia share a same mother!!!

  7. So many butthurt serbs here… Aas a bulgarian I can say, if you are that angry and greedy why are we still better than you in almost every aspect? If we were with Russia I am 100% our economy would decrease while we are for now with EU our economy is growing by 3.6% every year and we have more than 70 billion GDP while the Serbia I know has barely 50 billion. Let's not talk about unemployment, Bulgaria unemployment is barely 4% while Serbia's is 16%!!! FACTS!!! Also, if you hate us so much, why do we have 16 million tourists while you even don't have 4 million. I will be honest, in 2030-2040 Serbia is going to be reduced into a small piece of land like Netherlands and will continue to lose even more. Another thing is the topic about backstabbers. First of all, learn history. Your dumbass kind decided to attack us, as he did it, our troops decided to trick you like dogs and that's why we won you in 1885 and that's a fact. Anyways butthurt serbs, I don't give a fuck about your opinions because at least my country is going to survive, it did 500 years, nazis, communism and we are still 100x better than you and more than other Balkan countries too!!!! We had one of the strongest empires in Europe and controlled all of Balkans and your little Serbia, you were our VASSALS, CRYYY AND THAT IS A FACT. Now bye and don't comment if you are so salty.


  9. I'm not surprised. Bulgaria fought against us in the First and Second World Wars. It tends to stab in the back.

  10. Fuck Putin and all politician of the world . They are a bunch of criminals. Everybody who admires Putin or some Other President of whatever country is a moron. Peace Out.

  11. When you are stupid you are stupid as Bulgarian puppet regime is known to be.
    USA wants to desperately stop Europe and Russia and the entire freaking world from using the energy there..Instead they want u to use Ameran-Saudi Arabia energy.
    The entire freaking american economy is one Giantic swindell of usury debt and energy weapons.all.big tecnologies they imported from.europe.When u are detached from.the rest of the world u cant be a science leaderi

  12. In simple words ..
    Bulgaria is a hinder to Putins communist revolution in the region …
    PERIOD …
    Same old Communist bs , always blaming others for what "they" do …

  13. Well… maybe the fearless Fatherland ( oh… that was the other Dictator ..I mean Motherland ) should send everyone to Russia's favorite place for those who don't agree with the communist leadership mouthpiece… those wonderful Russian GULAGS!!!!!

  14. It is obvious that the Bulgarians are in the pockets of the Americans. Just like with the corrupt Uktanians, I would not want to waste my energy and time dealing with these morons. Of they do not see the benefit of cheap energy, let them buy it from their American friends.

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