BREAKING! Putin Opens The Unprecedented Russian Highway “Neva” Connecting Moscow And St. Petersburg

We go to St. Petersburg where Vladimir Putin has opened the M-11 toll road between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The total length of the highway is 669 kilometers from Moscow to the Ring Road of St. Petersburg. This distance can be covered by car in five and a half hours now without going over the speed limit. Live from the northern capital is Georgy Podgorny Hi Georgy, what will be the name of the new highway? Hi, colleagues. From St Petersburg to Moscow and from Moscow to St Petersburg on “Neva”. These results of popular voting were announced by Vladimir Putin. Therefore, М-11 will have the name of St. Petersburg’s river. On the importance of the project and who deserves to be congratulated first, Vladimir Putin thanked workers who were directly putting effort into M-11 becoming reality and be in full function. You will get into the history of country and road building. There was nothing close to this at his level and quality. Now there is. Yes, there was no, now there is! Be proud. I understand that most of the people here were working on this highway all these years. I congratulate to you all who invested their hands, hearth, effort… Excellent… The project belongs to MEGA category. It was planned in 2006 and currently, it is the biggest highway project done in the post-Soviet region. The investment was around is ₽500 billion (700 million euros) of which quarter was invested by the private investors. This is a good example of public-private partnership. I suggest seeing the very opening of the highway Open the road Neva! Following the opening ceremony, the President chaired a meeting with governors and people who are involved in the project This is an important “artery” for every region, it opens new possibilities and ways for the development of small and medium business and new infrastructure projects. On the importance of M-11, let’s listen to the President, This large infrastructure project has been completed and will have a major effect on the northwestern regions and the country as a whole. It will enhance the competitiveness of the regions across which the motorway runs, create new tourism opportunities and increase these regions’ investment appeal. It is gratifying that we not only plan but also implement such large-scale projects. This means that we achieve good results when we stay focused and work hard. I would like to point out that this project is a positive example of public-private partnership. It has been implemented through a combination of state and private efforts and with a contribution from French and Turkish construction firms. All of them worked as a close-knit team focused on results. And we have achieved this. 16 pay tolls points, 15 gas stations, 6 multifunctional zones for the rest of drivers, to stay without gasoline during the drive is almost impossible This is the basis for the development of different economic possibilities of Neva highway. This is very important for the head of the regions. Let’s listen to what the president has to say Your job is far from over, and that possibly it has just started, and here is why. The motorway should be made more driver-friendly, which is largely, no, not largely but entirely the job of the regions. The construction workers have done their job – they have built the motorway and now it should be made more driver-friendly, which is the direct responsibility of the regional authorities. The motorway must have service areas, petrol stations, restaurants and cafes, communications, the internet, and many other things. And everything must be up-to-date, just as the motorway itself.

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  1. Job well done Russia. Here in Alberta Canada we have HWY 63, known as the Highway of Death. The Tar Sands produced lots of wealth and taxes for Alberta and Canada. But the lives of the wealth producers the tar sands workers and their families were not considered valuable.Every week , every month every year the death toll on the HWY63 climbed. Nothing was done .It was to expensive .Politicians {produce no wealth live on taxes] did not give a flying F$$K for the Workers and their families. Now the Tar Sands boom is over, they built a 4 lanes road with no emergency services ,no gas stations ono rest stop in the middle of the 280 K from Wandering River to Fort McMurray. As a result during the 2016 Fort McMurray fire hundreds of vehicles ran out of gas leaving families stranded in a disaster in the middle of no where . Putin values the lives of Russians and respects the wealth producers ,the Workers who build ,created wealth of Russia and pay all the taxes.

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  3. This week in RUS is " Transportation week 🙂 " and still he is opening the train from Peter to Crimea too . But how about the other cities !! why everything in Moscow or Peter ?

  4. Yes fantastic leadership, however THE President must make the people ensure that motorists do not drive their vehicles as mobile BARS and DISCO'S which will save a lot of people and property.

  5. There are countries that have spent hundreds of millions of Euros on “highways” that ended in pockets of politics and empty promises, without any usable highways. This is great news for Russia. Putin gets shit done.

  6. Похоже, каски стали униформой, а не защитой головы от удара непосредственно на стройке. 😂

  7. 700 mil euro only for 669km of highway??!! some cheap highway or they dont steal money thru papers like some other countries where kilometer of highway are 10 million euro or above

  8. When th Boss Putin tells the regional politicians that things need to be built, then things get built. Where in US $ 700 billion budget goes to bomb roads / highways. Big difference.

  9. Western sanctions for Russia is a "rejuvenating balm" and work (in the interests of Russia) at full capacity! How many megaprojects Russia has commissioned and are being built in these 5 years- "the Vostochny cosmodrome", "the Crimean bridge", "the Neva motorway", in addition, came out on top in the world, for harvesting wheat, launched new production and much more!

  10. GreatMan Russia President ✌
    Long live Putin and Russia🇷🇺🇷🇺☝️
    Love and Respect from India🇮🇳🇮🇳👍♥️💐♥️💐♥️💐♥️💐♥️💐♥️💐♥️💐

  11. The best, nice man and great president in the world is ❤️❤️Vladimir putin ❤️❤️ god protec you cesar, I love you very much 😍👍.

  12. What an emotional moment when the first cars went through the gates. I remember the time (1993/-94/-95 ) that the wholes in the roads were marked with broomsticks.
    President Putin I have said it already many times: amazing results in all over the country, material and immaterial. ❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Gotta love the photo there "what sanctions" lmfao ur people are back to trading, the situation is bad for alot of them and yall be like what sanctions gtfo

  14. 👏👏👏👏never sanction ! 🙌🙌🙌🙌😍🍾👋👋 It's good to see you doing what needs to be done is your happy people. Congratulations Mr Presidente!

  15. Putin è un Presidente che vorrei tanto qui in Italia. Anche se è una persona dura, la sua durezza lo sta portando lontano. 👍👍👍👍👍

  16. Congratulations to the hardworking Russian people and Mr. Putin! This new highway will open up so many new possibilities for growth and industry, much the same as the interstates opened America to new growth. Russia has a President who cares for, and takes care of, his people. Much love from California.

  17. So, for tourists who will likely use the train between the capitols, how will car rental and road toll cost compare? Maybe it mostly benefits the local commerce more. I was watching the opening day video looking to see а Lada 4×4 go through the toll point, давай!!! 🇷🇺🚙))?

  18. I hope and pray that President Putin and Trump become great friends we need world peace…people need and want to get back to their home lands

  19. Such a gentleman respected Sir Putin, Ameen❣ A true hard-working, humane and honest leader, Ameen❣ May God bless beautiful Russia and Sir Putin, Ameen❣💓💓💓💓💓💓💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💐💐💐💐💐🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  20. Putin takes a CRAP and everyone in the comments…Putin is so brave…Putin is so smart….The greatest poop 💩 we’ve ever seen….😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Congrats to the Russian people under the leadership of Mr Putin and Team … you guys are really getting it all together ! 
    And, as well, Spasibo – thank you also to Russian Insight … without whom we'd never learn anything about this, or other such great achievements in Russia!

  22. Happy Russian Christmas season from Christian America! Looking forward to your beautiful Orthodox celebrations. Please post a lot of them for us to watch this year!

  23. Russia shows respect for its president. If that were America there would be a horde of wicked journalists yelling rude questions, and the television channel would be mocking the highway.

  24. Dear President Vladimir Putin,
    Russian Insight,
    I apologize sir as I have been suggesting here in America that if we start out slow we could have a timed magnetic track travel for personal and commercial use. My self sir, I would choose an empty rectangular box car for home and travel with preset on board computerized destinations to wherever the connecting roads here would take you. No fossil fuel burning for this type of travel. Ones imagination could be used for various modes for safety of use for any family member who wants to ride the rails behind main car like bicycles, motorcycle frames with rail styled iron wheels and secondary boxcar for living and sleeping or meeting up with family and friends to go fishing, hunting, etc…Parking would be on secondary easy off easy on to main timed track like rest stops off the highways here. Eventually, all nations could greatly reduce need for fossil fuels as this new way may be the path for acceptance? It's similar so to speak of to the electrified trollies of yesteryear.
    I've also been seeking new equative outcome peace and prosperity for any inequality that arises I've been writing to folks about a mock one world government that has authority to rectify situations of unfairness with similar ideas put forth by economist Mr. Richard Wolff, Mr. Nader and Dr. Vandana Shiva from India and others who want the same mock world government who has right to hold in mock any and all businesses to bring about equality no matter where. Teeth added to this would be anyone not partaking in making and honoring fairness when issues are brought for any violator who must serve a 50 year prison term with no parole but work their daily sentence within equative process outcomes so future violators may reverse decision to make things right or fair to avoid sentence. It has to be effective and maintained that way for peace and prosperity. Hiccups are smoothed out through adhering to and invoking rights of countries in mock OWG's who hold in mock businesses for equality at times which inequality rises up. It's at least a start for financial and nonfinancial issues to be equally beneficial for one and all. Thank you.
    Don Suiters
    1229 N Saturn Ave
    Clearwater FL 33755-3663

  25. Excellent president! he is not only the treasure of Russia but also of the world. He is decent, non corrupt and visionary. The whole world understands what the fake news media and the global system of intrigue says about him. We the people of the world understand what is going on. Go Russia! you are doing great and becoming a role model for others who want to better their countries without involving in intrigues, sabotage and fake news.

  26. This road was built from 2010 to 2018 and some sections in 2019. New roads and bridges are constantly being built throughout Russia. The construction of a bridge across the Siberian Lena River, which has a width of 3 kilometers and a very fast flow, and in the spring an ice drift, will soon begin. This is very difficult to build , but Russia can cope with it, just like with the Crimean bridge!

  27. Congrats. Russian r no more bullyist colonialist egois murderer. They r now our friends, friends of the world.

    Thanks Almighty Allah who has shaped their heart for the better, caring. Now they r more willing to share their gifted brains with rest of world.

    I can see fr the face of the workers yours honesty, working hard for the country n the world.

    End time is very near, goods will defeat evil definetely.

  28. While the West prepares to cripple itself with the "Green New Deal" and with socialist wealth confiscation, Russia continues to BUILD.

  29. Germany, England, France, and of course the USA, are still applying economic sanctions on Russia, in order to destroy it. Destruction of Russian economy, is ALL the time the goal of the USA and Germans! They would like to create difficult economic situation in Russia, like they did in Venezuela or Iran, so they could incite riots of hungry population and crate chaos . Then they would move in, not to help the Russian people, but to rob, pillage, and dismember Russia. This is, and always has been the tactics of the USA for decades.

    The same about Germany, which stii has economic sanctions against Russia in force. But because Germany is already in recession and the future doesn't look good at all for German economy, while Russia, extremely rich in gas, oil and all kinds of natural resources is thriving, especially, in a close economic and political cooperation with China. Therefore, because their economic sanctions don't work at all, some of those vicious hyenas and hostile predators, are putting on a false smiles and are beginning to make false "friendly" gestures towards Russia, and are hinting, that they might just drift away a little from the USA, and get more closer to Russia! Hahahaha…. Putin knows well the motives of those deceitful, devious predators, and Russia will never be deceived again. He will sell them gas, oil and other raw materials which lack, but badly need, but will keep them at the distance, and telling them not to bother discussing possibility of removing sanctions, because Russia id doing just fine; just stay away.

  30. Yes, an important achievement, but what about the neglect of regions and other roads. Too much spent on trying to match American military might, whilst keeping the people poor. Just like under the USSR. Putin is a cruel dictator, who Will murder opponents and journalists. He rules Russia like a mafia boss. The world will be a dangerous place as long as he is around. 🙂

  31. He’s right! Every 20-30 miles you put in a gas/service station, a restaurant/motel, a grocery store. Put out travel videos showing the history of the towns and villages. Look up “The Campbell School” in western North Carolina for an idea of how to attract tourism to the area — but use folk crafts that are native to the area.

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