BREAKING! Putin Thanks Trump For Foiling New Year’s Terrorist Attack In Russia’s Saint Petersburg!

Two people were detained for preparing terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg on New Year’s holidays. The public was informed about this at the FSB public relations center. We just got the footage from a place of the arrest. Suspects were detained on December 27 on the basis of information previously received from the US intelligence agencies. They planned to commit a terrorist attack during the New Year holidays in public places with a lot of people. After detention, investigators confirmed their plans. I repeat that the USA gave necessary information about terrorists. This was made public after a telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. On December 29, Russian President thanked his American counterpart for the information transmitted through the special services that helped prevent terrorist attacks. This is not the first time that the USA helped Russia with foiling the terrorist attacks.

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  1. the real terrorists are the governments. all weapons will be used on us. there is only us here……and the systems of the beast. the world is a stage.

  2. American conservatives & patriots versus Leftist Democrats and corporate media machine. Russia, you are treated so poorly by our media. Such a disgrace by oír media for freedom & liberty loving people of America and Russia.

  3. While Putin thanks Trump, Trump terrorizes Syria and Iraq with bombings. Is that the price of peace with the United States?

  4. And then Trump gingerly bent Putin over and shoved his limp cock into Putin's prison wallet like a wet hot dog while playing Госуда́рственный гимн Росси́йской Федера́ции

  5. Right. That's because it was a CIA-sponsored op to begin with that was gonna go bad anyway, so why not take the second-best route and take credit for "foiling" it? USA psy-op methods are Transparent to me – as I'm sure they are to Russia as well. "Thanks"

  6. Happy New Year, everyone! I wish every self-respecting country and every self-respecting people live their own interests! Globolism-shit! Because this is not a union of peoples and not a union of the interests of people! This is the defense of the interests of a small number of families who have gone boggling from the amount of their money!

    Weed Me

  8. You mean he called off a plannedUUS/ISIS attack.. Or did the check bounce??

  9. Thanks president Trump, I believe it’s not the first time you helped Russia and thanks to president Putin to trusting the US intel information, but no thanks to Obama who ignored Russia’s info about Tsarnaev brother’s and Boston terror act happened!

  10. This is how the world should look like, help eachothee no matter the distance and color of skin. Great leadership by Trump. MAGA

  11. Putin is the terrorist poisoning his own people. But I quests this is the payback for helping with the election .I always thought we have a warning before a Russian attack ,but Trump will be to busy bromancing Putin to see it coming.

  12. All the comments on the ABC article are people thinking Putin is Trumps boss or that they are in love lol guess the boomers were right, to much TV is bad for you, they should’ve taken their own advise.

  13. They will NEVER show this on MSM… NEVER!!
    Russia has helped us many times too so thank you for that. No one apologised for LYING about Russian collusion so I'll say how sorry I am that Russia was used that way.
    May 2020 bring clear vision to us all and may the divisiveness FINALLY end. ( in other words KNOCK IT OFF DEMOCRATS OR WE SHOULD KNOCK OFF DEMOCRATS! ENOUGH!!) CHEERS🌐

  14. And so it is necessary to cooperate in the future! The exchange of such information saves lives. Thanks!

  15. Well done to the FSB in making the arrests . By the looks of what weapons they had it was a big plan of attack . Hat off to America and Russian people from Ireland . My wish for 2020 is USA and Russia unite in this fight against terrorism .

  16. All world leaders work together it is obvious! Would not of mattered if it was a democrat either! Obviously citizens are getting played like the fiddle and governments are all fraud to control the slave citizen class.

  17. Guys around the world , we should all be blessed and happy that the leaders of the two main super powers in our world are united against terrorism and these two blessed wise presidents mr Putin and mr Trump are sent from heaven to keep peace on earth as well!

    We should be praying the lord that they both get elected to continue the good work!

    Just imagine an extremist conservative sick mentally American president who only lives with that idiotic Russo fobia fear and an aggressive conservative Russian president who isn’t human enough to just nuke the western imperialism monster crawling towards the East, the world now would be sinking under the lava of nuclear bombs!

    God bless you mr Trump and God be with you mr Putin

    The history will remember the cheer humanity lives you both saved ! 🇷🇺☮️🇺🇸

  18. In US media this is a bombshell moment & everyone is freaking out, like they should have just let a terrorist attack happen.
    Its more because the Kremlin announcement came & no US one did,

  19. That's how its supposed to work ! I saw last week where Putin warned Obummer about Boston terrorist brothers , and Obummer and Killory did nada ! They should have been impeached for that ! That bombing should have been stopped , also , no one got fired for that !😡😡😡

  20. Great start to the new year! Russian intelligence has some catching up to do with USA's! Stuff like this just proves that no matter what the media says, we aren't enemies.

  21. The only collusion between the United States and Russia is preventing a major terrorist attacking that would’ve left many dead and seriously injured!

  22. God Bless you all and Trump, Putin, America and Russia. Now hang these retards and light them on fire for all to see! Hi from America

  23. Far better than in the past. Trump has at least had some effect on the USAs Security Services. Under Obama or Hillary the USA probably would not have even warned Russia.
    When Russia warned USA Security Services about the two that did the Boston Bombing attack the USA ignored them. Hundreds of heads in the USA Security Services should have rolled. Obama did nothing except make excuses for them.

  24. Did anyone in Russia made question to Trump to explain how the hell Americans (CIA & NSA) obtained internal Russian communications??????? Putin is more interested ton the western arse licking than standing for his nation. Do not get me wrong, he did contribute to rearmament but in first place to scare Western leaders so that they will beg him to join them. Did you already forgot how he licked arse to Netanyahu? Even that was with purpose to come close to Trump. Read or watch his speech on SPIEF 2018 in St. Petersburg where he officially declared that he cannot see Russian development without being fully accepted and integrated into the western economic, political, social and military sphere of the USA. Putin is slimy and treacherous scumbag who would sell anyone for his neoliberal oligarchies’ interests. Just look how many true friends from USSR times are still there? NOT A SINGLE ONE He betrayed all including Syria (Israel bombed over 2000 times Syria in last 5 years and all with Putin’s permission according to Netanyahu’s statement.

  25. The USA knows where their own terrorists are to find. Trump used this knowledge to get some small talk with Putin. He probably wanted something else from Putin to do.
    I don't believe that US Puppet government aswell as Trump are truly looking for ways to help somebody instead to rob him. And first question of all: How did Trump legaly get this informations from Russia?
    Is CIA preparing some bigger coups in Russia, but for now they want to sho to the World how good they are?
    Never trust the Robbers!

  26. a lot more could be done like this if politics was put on the back burner, and two smart people like them get together more often. long live putin

  27. Another "filthy Globalist United nations" plot … get's a swift kick in the nut's … well done MR TRUMP and MR PUTIN and a merry Christ mass to the people of both your countries

  28. Is it just a story for movie for public or truth ?????

    When RUSSIANS are so poooor in Intelligence Gathering that they neeeed USA HELP ?????


  29. My first impression is…how the fuck does the USA knows about this before Russia..Im sorry base on history lessons..USA Govt cant be trusted.Be careful Russia…something is not right..with USA..nothing is free.

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