BREAKING! Russian Government Resigns After President Putin’s Proposes Changes to the Constitution!

These are the scenes we just received. Thank you very much. Dear colleagues, good afternoon, we saw each other but now face-to-face. Mr Medvedev and I have discussed in detail the questions that I raised in the Address to the Federal Assembly. As you see, there are many issues, and to successfully complete what we planned in the past and what has been offered to our society today, we must certainly do a lot, in part, to properly organize our work. Mr. President and collugues, We have all listened to the Presidential Address. As President, Mr Putin mapped out the top priorities of our work in the country this year and formulated a whole package of fundamental amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. When these amendments are adopted, most likely after the discussion as it was said, they will substantially change not only many articles of the Constitution but also the balance of power – executive, legislative and judicial powers. It is obvious in this context that as the Government of the Russian Federation we must give the President of this country an opportunity to make all the necessary decisions for this. Under the circumstances, it would be correct for the entire Government of the Russian Federation to resign in accordance with Article 117 of the Constitution. I would certainly like to thank all those that took part in the work of the current Government. Naturally, subsequent decisions will be made by the President of this country. Mr Medvedev, colleagues,
For my part, I also want to thank you for everything that has been done so far in our joint work. I am satisfied with the results of your work. Of course, not everything was accomplished, but things never work out in full. I hope we will see each other soon, and I will meet with each of you in person. Please go about your duties in full until the new Government is formed. As for our joint work with Mr Medvedev, which we have just talked about, Mr Medvedev was the President and for almost eight years now he has been the Prime Minister, which is probably the longest stint in this post in Russia’s recent history. There is a clear-cut presidential block of issues, and there is a Government block of issues, even though the President, of course, is responsible for everything, but the presidential block includes primarily matters of security, defence and the like. Mr Medvedev has always been in charge of these matters. From the point of view of increasing our defence capability and security, I consider it possible and have asked him to deal with these matters in the future. I consider it possible and will, in the near future, introduce the position of Deputy Chairman of the Security Council. As you are aware, the President is its Chairman. If we need to amend the applicable law, I will do so soon and I want State Duma deputies to support this as well. We just need the lawyers to provide assessments on this account. Thank you, everyone. We will see each other very soon. Thank you for your work.

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  3. Perestroyka! Glasnost! Russia is going backwards. Putin is a man of the past. He wants to be the next Tsar of a Russian empire.

  4. As i understand it, Putin is replacing his cabinet of ministers, same as American president can replace Secretaries of different departments at will.
    Medvedev isn't the brightest executive anyway, just a good follower.
    Russia needs Putin for 3rd term 2024-2030. There isn't anyone else currently capable to do his job.

  5. Я респект. ты мистер путин. Пожалуйста, постройте Европу … Для лояльности, а не для роялти. Например, США делают некоторые проблемы … Многие за деньги

  6. Now people with dual citizenship will not be able to occupy important posts for the country's security) And the constitution of the Russian Federation will finally, in the country, take precedence over international laws.

    There will also be little decentralization of power. The president will have less authority. And several social aspects, such as indexing pensions and a living wage, will be enshrined in the constitution, turning from a gesture of goodwill of the government into its duty. In general, I support such changes.

  7. они воще в курсе кто сидит в россейском парламенте, кто лидеры партий и тп?)))) эти дебилы будут управлять страной?)))

  8. 3:08 "things never workout in full?", those are some worrisome words from a person like putin!, what's going on?

  9. May God bless beautiful mother Russia, sir Putin and the new government, Ameen❣💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💐💐💐💐💐💐🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊❤❤❤❤❤

  10. I SEE ON ONE PICTURE MADED In 1986 guess who – Gorbachov , Reagan,Jeltsin , behind his back is been young Vladimir Putin agent KGB.On that day SSSR be sold. This Russian people is here for purpose.Behind all is a world MAFIA.Trump , Merkel.Sin Jin Pin,Putin,Makron,Erdogan and many others is a pupetts of the world bank system .DEMOCRACY IS A PURE LIE.

  11. Putin still not satisfy at kicking Western countries' asses. He saw what happened with Iran last week so he has to step up a notch.

  12. В это время Трамп лишь брызжет слюной – никакой руководитель, так кстати)


  14. Putin V. V. is preparing receivers after his departure from the post of President of the Russian Federation in 2024!"You did the job, walk boldly" as the Russian proverb says.

  15. Putin makes Russia Great ! Russia & the World need Mr Putin. Russian enemies and the capitalist enemies of the rest of the world hate Russia and Putin.

  16. Was there any question that PM Medvedev was nothing more than a Putin sock puppet, with Putin moving his mouth? Remember when Medvedev was "president" and, on a hot mic? Obama: "This is my last election. After this election I'll have more flexibility" President Medvedev said "Yes, yes, I understand. I will transmit this information on to Vladimir". The MNM would have us believe that Obama was talking about missile defense. I doubt it. ABC padded a supposed script of the recorded conversation by adding some exchange about missile defense, but ALL of the recordings of the event do not start with that any discussion about missile defense.

    Why would Medvedev have had to do that if he was the duly elected president? Why would Obama tell Medvedev to relay his statement to Putin since Putin was not the President?

    Putin will continue to rule Russia for the rest of his life. He has simply abandon all pretense.

  17. Time will tell, but I think they are all fools. They should nvr had resigned. Putin may be playing them like violins to usurp more power to his Presidency. I think he will make himself King to put it in a nutshell. This is a very dangerous moment for Russia, however, Putin has done a great job as President of Russia in reviving the Russian economy for the Russian ppl & I would honestly love to see a Putinic Empire, tho it will fall in revolution soon after he dies. Democracy vs real dictatorship such as a king or Czar? Depends on the ppl & the time they live in. Sometimes a democracy is the best answer. Sometimes a dictatorship is the best answer. Sometime it's somewhere in the middle. We will see soon if Putin is gd or evil at this point, & soon we will see if he chooses dictatorship or democracy. Whichever, he chooses, I hope it works well for the Russian ppl. However, a real dictatorship has nvr worked very well for the Russian ppl & I dont see that working now or ever. A false democracy is always a gd answer. It worked for The Soviet Union & The Russian Federation of the 21st Century. It works for China. It worked for America for awhile, altho it is now failing as the fasad is quickly fading & the American ppl are sick n tired of playing rounds of Pick Your Poison.

  18. I knew Russia didn't shoot down MH17!!! Boeing crashes
    Boeings grounded

  19. Look at this corrupt fool Putin! He has shown his true colors as a petty dictator intent on ruling for life and looting his country's wealth. No wonder he gets along with Assad and all the other Eastern buffoons. He is a full on clown!

  20. Putin has lost his marbles and is going full Yeltsin! He is a nothing but a petty criminal and this amateurish move proves it. If he ever allowed free ans dair elections, his corrupt ass would get trounced.

  21. Rather one real king in lifelong leadership than replaceable puppets who are selling their country. (Look at Germany). Long live Putin.

  22. Russia is heading towards Communist way. Most probably want t to follow China communist leader Xi zing ping. Xi zing ping change the law to allow himself to rule China for life. It's Emperor of China.

  23. What grabbed my attention was the fact that the Russian Constitution has at least 117 articles in it. The USA Constitution only has (or needs) 7. We don't need (or want) the Federal government to decide every little thing a citizen can do with their individual rights. Yes, we have 27 Amendments to our Constitution, and we need a few more, no government is perfect.

  24. If Nato knew, they wouldve used this chance to scheme something up. I'm sure they're currently scurrying doing just that after recieving the news. Surprise an enemy and they'll likely fumble on themselves. Nice one Mr Putin.

  25. I'm assuming Russia is changing things up to give itself some more breathing room in how it operates?

    Canadian here… Would Russia be interested in a free trade agreement with Canada? That would be great! We Canadians are trying to diversify our trade more and I think Russias got alot to offer.

  26. Wow~~ President Putin is so handsome, wive, and brave! If only our American presidents can change the laws to put themselves in power forever! Long live Russia!

  27. So can you have duel citizenship. I was born in Russia but adopted and a citizen of USA. Would I be able to apply for citizenship since I believe I lost it.

  28. 0:06 that face; switch the camera before I switch your face.

    Btw, another material for soviet russia meme.
    In soviet russia, president impeach you.

  29. He knows what is doing, things are great with him in charge, one of the most influential leaders in Russia history, far cry difference from Gorbachev and Yeltsin clearly western puppets.

  30. Well done 👍! Putin is a politic of highest level! When he goes, Medvedev will be able to replace him! The same line of ruling, different concert master! Amazing!!!

  31. Russia has a lower GDP per capita than Greenland, Slovakia, Poland, Guam, Hungary, and many other insignificant places. And that's even with the numerous billionaires in Russia — the modern-day oligarchs that blur those numbers. Nothing has really changed in Russia over the last 200 Years yet everybody loves Putin. Why? You are all living in poverty and Putin has done nothing for you. You have more than twice the population of Germany or France and England yet they totally kick your asses economically. Get rid of your oppressive government who deceives you with funny little words when they in reality do nothing for the future of your children and grandchildren. Are you going to wait another two hundred years and listen to lies why they make fun of the United States and everybody else who's people are doing quite well when you are not? Look at your poverty. Look how you have to beg for bread. Putin does not have your best interest.

  32. What's the point..longer terms? If Putin decides to do changes…. May be you should rethink and make yourself a dictatorship.

  33. This fake s*** has gotten pretty ridiculous, especially all the comments I skimmed over. Anyway, after I win my LAWSUITS, I will be going to Russia to see for myself, after "people" are made to accept my renunciation of US citizenship, make arrangements with the Russians for citizenship in their country, and provide the safe transport, AFTER I am compensated QUITE nicely, and these MFers GO TO PRISON FOR THE CRIMES THEY HAVE COMMITTED AGAINST ME SINCE 1995!!! PUTIN'S MY LEADER!!! MAY RUSSIA REIGN SUPREME!!!

  34. Just watch Turkey and Russia they go in same way , they are brothers and jealous in government systems. They both miss old days xD

  35. This Russian government was nothing but a joke anyway, do they really expect the world to believe it was elected democratically? It's nothing but a charade to make it look as if the people have a voice when in reality Czar Putin is the absolute ruler, (but his state controlled media will never say that:).

  36. IN RUSSIA, it's quite surprising to see the President deciding to change HIS government. Good example of the meaning of absolutism. After couple of months ( see years), Vlad has it of the influencial talking. Since the fall of the Romanoff's or King's power by the peoples, I wonder about the feelings of the russians.They trade a King for a President that has absolute power and the means to keep it alive. That's incredible in 2020, that a big country like Russia is still under the grips of one man ( almost). It has to be said that Vlad is not a puppet, has a lot of them in his sleeves and, checking the games like a maniac. Oh well, better Russia than USA or, is it ?! Gerry

  37. He knows the destructive potential of having another western servant like Lenin, Yeltsin or Gorbatchev.
    They (western parasites) can not pay and infiltrate whole parliament like they would one well funded person, so he practicaly takes all the power from presidental position(from one potentialy traitorous man)

  38. Putin is obsessed with all the value he's been receiving from those puppet. And he's taking advantage of them by forcing them to quit then hire the next group that willing to accept his command. "No one is going to be like me. I am the God of Russia" . My way is the high way. Take it or leave it.

  39. As an example : God own this earth. However, we get everything we ever need from him and much more. If you want to be like God then you have to have the ability to do thing similar to him. Which is impossible from you. Hint : Take care of your people then you will see the difference.

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