Breaking the Illusion of Limitation

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  1. Its time for us to continue to evolve and stop staying in this state of lack of understanding. Religion no longer serve any function. It is time for us to evolve again!

  2. well people, ACID,purp,purple haze,LSD,clown illusions,RAINBOW VISIONS,etc is the path to seeing a reality behind ur eyes u would never imagine, i highly recomend taking LSD once or more in your lifetime

  3. i am currently going to court for intent to distribuate for holding 8 grams in my possesion and i think its retarded that i can get probation or jail time for smokgin and selling natrual herbs grown on the planet earth,im a minor and i hate the court system and government

  4. friggin sheep! wake the hell up!!! this is no different than the shit the government and media does just more mind control for the weak.

  5. there's no breaking the illusion of limitation because it's not an illusion. we are finite beings part of an infinite existance. the real problem is that we limit ourselves more than we really are

  6. I Am As I Am I Am GoD I Am!!! I will dream and my Image will shatter the void, it is my infancy of infinity in the Matrix of Existing but living in the plain of reality. May I turn back to mist, and escape this realm of existence into life.

  7. Videos like this should not allow any kind of comments, They ruin all your perspective about what you just watched in seconds! Great teaching

  8. Limitations, whether real or perceived, are meant to be challenged.  How is this incarnation ever to evolve otherwise?  Who knows how many times we've already been here and made similar mistakes?  Or maybe we've never been here before?

  9. Humanity is awakening, have faith, when little drops of water come together they have the potential to create powerful rivers and oceans, together we are strong and will live to see the change we desire. Keep the faith, only our cynicism and fear can keep us from our highest good. We are all one and we are all beautiful powerful creators. Be the change!

  10. I don't limit my actions based on what is considered illegal by a group of people who claim to have authority over me. I do that which is right even if it conflicts with their political dictates. If you need a series of rules backed by punishment for breaking them to guide your actions you are not a responsible or mature adult. I have my own moral compass. As such, I refuse to be held to the same standards as the lowest common denominator. My choices will be made without regard for that which is legal (not lawful) because I take full responsibility for my actions. If I violate no other during the course of my day then I commit no crime; and I will not be coerced into consenting to the administrative jurisdictions of any bureaucratic, political or corporate entities who operate under fiction while pretending to be real.

  11. It might seem weird, but everything in this video is true. Just recently scientists have shown that all matter is made of vibrational waves (energy). It's shocking that the biggest discovery of all mankind hasn't made headlines anywhere.

  12. Ive been loyal to this video since c. 2011 as a source of spiritual inspiration, but can someone please upload a spoken version of this text.

  13. I try to live by The Golden Rule, but I gets hard when I have to deal with narrow minded people who are so wrapped up in they own little world…

  14. I never did what I was told, I was always in trouble in school. I will never do as I'm told. I'm not a slave.

  15. The human mind contains a fuckload of invisible illusion. There are many things in this life that are beyond our minds, and we still think about them. We think about everything. Instead of walking, we think about ourselves walking WHEN WALKING.
    Are we really intelligent animals? We are not acting like it.
    Looking for the truth of life? Do you want to overcome all illusion? Do you think you can handle the true path?
    Follow me into truthcontest◘c○m and read "The present" there…

  16. Not sure how i feel about this video seems like i agree with some of it but its going way to fast for me to start thinking that way. i mean its interesting and out side the box but I'm not sure if its conspiracy bs or how i should think for now on. Confused!!!!!! help!

  17. Primera vez que lo veo y adoré este video. Habla por mi, por todo lo que siento y no puedo expresar como tan magistral manera lo hace quien o quienes están detrás de este maravilloso video, acompañado por la excelentísima Bjork. Gracias (si es que vale darlas) abrazos a todos mis hermanos seres humanos, todos somos uno, CAMBIEMOS LA PUTA MADRE QUE LOS RE MIL PARIÓ! VAMOS!!! hasta cuando vamos a seguir con el velo en los ojos? no quiero morir dentro del sistema mientras se nos cagan de risa en la cara de lo oveja que somos por ellos.

  18. Please help me out someone. I do not know how to break free from this illusion. I do not want to slave and work everyday and do what I'm told I want to be my own self and actually know who I am. I've tried meditating and telling myself Every day that this is just illusion and nothing works! I'm getting really just mad now. It is very annoying i don't know what to do

  19. There seems to be two dominant ways to "progress" in life as humans at this time.

    One is the technology based NWO which wishes to marry humanity and machine, thus reaching "ascension". Humans become one as a "computer network" which is intended to span the whole universe. We all are being dragged with em towards that goal, whether we want it or not. On the way, absolutely everything is done by those who wish the first, to hinder humanity from ever realizing the truth.

    Second is the natural evolution of consciousness, where we seek to wake up to the greater truth about ourselves. That we are all specs of an "infinite intelligence" having a human experience. We are what has been and will forever be, experiencing ourselves in an infinite variety of ways. What I'm saying is that at the basest level which we can still yet comprehend, all is one.

  20. There are five things I really like about this video
    1..that it was uploaded – thanks for that!
    2..that I get a sense that an awakening is happening – people are realising their unlimited potential
    3. the narrative – in particular the Bill Hicks quote – 'You are the imagination of yourself'
    4..the great (positive, open-minded) comments
    5..track 2 (Goodbye Forever by Arovane), which I have been searching for many years!

  21. Great video, excellent ideas and well thought out words. One Criticism. Most people aren't SPEED READERS. I suggest you redo this video to give each image a few more seconds in which to read the ALL of the words. This just moved too fast for most of us to relax, read, and consider the words of wisdom written there.

  22. This video previously contained a copyrighted audio track. Due to a claim by a copyright holder, the audio track has been muted. THIS IS THE MESSAGE THAT i AM SEEING?

  23. To the creator of this video – Can you please add a new soundtrack? It's been taken down. The video is more powerful with music. Thanks!!

  24. Jairo Temoteo.2nd  April 2016.Dear friend words are not sufficient enough to express my deepest gratitude to you for your kindness in sharing with us this extraordinary and beautiful video.. all the subjects are absolutely of profound spirituality.  Many,   many  thanks.

  25. Ciao Namaste1001,
    il mio video (#166) è da te inserito in una playlist per il "Risveglio" (in questo caso lo metto tra virgolette).
    ti suggerisco di toglierlo, è il video di un dormiente illuso che si crede di poter risvegliare altri, un cieco che guida altri ciechi.
    Mi spiace di averti ingannato…diffondere illusione e confusione è stata la mia specialità.

  26. I almost cry when I see what I have let myself become and what each and every individual has allowed to creep into their lives and their way of thinking. Think long and hard about these statements on this video and some may get it right away and for some, it may take a little longer to 'sink in'. But once it does, this is eye-opening and profound. Can't help but move you in one way or another. THANKS Namaste1001!! Namaste to you as well and may many 'see the light'.

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  28. one has come to rewrite r present and r future for the next thousand years. he has bin enlightened to the will of the truth n he has also bin shown the lie. he is now preparing himself for the recreation of the law.

  29. would you be aware when a prophet spoke , ematophar, shalom .. will means ican as the prophets of past sowed the understanding reason of being .

  30. You think that this feel-good fake-spiritual nonsense is harmless? Think again.
    This is exactly what capitalist economists use as an excuse to destroy planet Earth. They think that economic growth aka consumption can keep increasing infinitely. As if that won't ruin our forests, water, and air? Dream on.

  31. The collective internal subconscious is fragmented by the artifice of hyper individuation promulgated to further continued exploitation of deemed societal imperatives of the frightened and internally disconnected hegemony.

  32. Why is every video on YouTube some thing I have to read while listening to bad music? You video guys are all EXACTLY the same. You probably think you are "unique and [email protected]…let me assure you that you are not. This video looks and sounds like 109's over other videos. Apply yourself. Learn how to speak and for God's sake TURN THE FUCKING NEW AGE MUSIC OOOOOOOOOOOOOOFF!!!!!!!!!

  33. Aloha Everyody, In February, 1969, I arrived at the equation 1 = ∞, symbolizing the truth and fact that there IS a GOD, whose infinite will is the only Uncaused Cause in Infinity, and Source of Seven Co-ordinate Absolutes of Infinity ancestral to everything and everyone everywhere! 1 = ∞ , the Unified Field Equation, long sought by Einstein without success, symbolizes the presence of the will of God within your mind and soul as well as the one and only Uncaused Cause in Infinity, the First Great Source and Center of Everyone and Everything Everywhere, your Father, my Father, our Father—GOD! This is the kingdom of God within the minds of all the mortal sons and daughters of God, and heaven is everywhere God is! The kingdom of God and heaven within you needs you to socialize the love and truth within your mind to foster spiritual unity, growth, and progress. Spiritually, all men are equal! That which the world needs most to know is the truth that the men, women and children of the world are all the sons and daughters of God, and through faith you can actually realize, and daily experience, this ennobling truth. Any questions? Much aloha, the Other Jimmy Kimmel!

  34. Trump has broken the cycle. He is battling the forces that control us with all he's got. Stay alive, Trump, stay alive. We need you.

  35. Great video, thank you for sharing this…it is appreciated and it is helping make more people Aware…you have my Respect Brother/Sister, namaste (nods then bows)…take care, Peace and Love to ALL 🙂

  36. By what authority do they claim this to be the truth? Calling sth truth doesn't make it so. I know it is hard, but I expected a higher level, and some humility. Where is it from?We have not BEEN animals, it is a unfounded claim. It is hard to know, but it is th claiming we many do…

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