BREAKING Trump Just Found Who Is Leaking From His Administration, It’s Sick, They’re In Big Trouble

Trump Just Found Who Is Leaking From His Administration,
It’s Sick, They’re In Big Trouble. Two separate National Security Council sources
have confirmed that National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster and Deputy National Security
Advisor Dina Powell have been leaking negative material about President Donald J. Trump to
their allies in the anti-Trump media, GotNews can exclusively report. “It’s very hard when your boss, the President,
and your boss, the NSC advisor, see the world so differently,” says one staffer, who opposes
regime change in Syria. Staffers on the National Security Council
describe a culture of intimidation, especially for those who didn’t come in under McMaster
and support the Trump campaign’s commitment to put America First. “It’s like the Bush years never ended,”
notes one staffer who didn’t come in under McMaster. “I didn’t sign up for this shit
and the American people didn’t vote for it.”sign upfor this shit and the American
people didn’t vote for it.” The staffer also doubts that Democrats are
to blame for withholding security clearances, especially for those with ties to General
Michael Flynn. The Pentagon under Secretary Mattis has been working with Senator John
McCain to deny security clearances over the fictitious Russia investigation. Senator John McCain was working with his long-time
political ally James Comey. That FBI background process may have become easier now that Comey
is gone. McMaster uses Powell to plant negative stories
in the Washington, D.C. media, our sources tell us. “We all know she slept her way to the top
of NSC, working her way from the receptionist desk at Dick Armey’s office,” notes one
NSC staffer. “She has zero qualifications and given her ties to Huma Abedin is a security
risk.” Dina Powell, who is often described as “The
Republican Huma Abedin,” is a member of Vital Voices, an organization founded and
co-chaired by Hillary Clinton Dina Habib Powell wants everyone to know that
she used to bring leftovermloukhiato school for lunch and that she is a good friend of
Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin, who worked with her husband at the Clinton-linked
consultancy Teneo. Powell is also close to Valerie Jarrett. Looks like Vital Voice, which Hillary founded
and which Dina Powell is a member of, is a part of Hillary’s donation racket. It was
mentioned in one of Hillary’s paid speeches: “Well, let me start with a thank you. I
mean, I think Bank of America’s partnership with Vital Voices is just exemplary. I mean,
what you’re doing to support Vital Voices in the mentoring and development arena really
matters.” Liz Cheney, the daughter of then-Vice President
Dick Cheney, described Powell in 2005 as “an Arab woman who could serve as a role model
to the Middle East”. Powell took over staffing for the White House.
She’s using her neocon connections to now staff President Trump’s National Security
Council. Powell has a history of placing hits against
her perceived rivals, say those who worked with her in Dick Armey’s office. In the 1990s she got in trouble leaking negative
stories on none other than Ginny Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas. The attacks
alienated Powell from working with Armey’s office and she was exiled to the Republican
National Committee. After several months of inquiry, GotNews will
also be breaking news about Dina Powell’s time at Goldman Sachs and her relationship
to former Goldman Sachs president and current director of Trump’s National Economic Council
Gary Cohn later in the week, as well as her connection to Ivanka and Jared Kushner — a
senior administration official confirmed via text message that Powell and Cohn have been
having an affair.

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  1. How can this be proven, nice story and plot, but we cannot just go by what people say or
    think, can we know! !!

  2. Your robotic reader is terrible.  Hire you a high school drama student or a fifth grade A student.  Either would be better than what you have.

  3. Robert Steele told Trump McMaster was his enemy and he had to fire him. Trump just proved Steel was right

  4. Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem.

  5. JACKASS PARTY AGAIN,LIVING UP TO THEIR LOGO,     GO TRUMP MAGA.  2018 is coming and WE THE PEOPLE will help drain the swamp by voting out the dims in every state election!   Really sick of it !

  6. Trump can only work on one part of the swamp at a time. IMO, swamp cleaning will speed up after Trump is exonerated of all wrong doing.

  7. Treason at its best. Time to make these people accountable. They should be jailed and deported to Islam.


  9. I have "Two separate National Security Council sources" who say that you don't have credible sources. Also, a bridge in Florida to sell you.

  10. Keep deleting my posts TOP TOP, it changes nothing of the FACT this is a FAKE NEWS story, and you are FAKE NEWS. The very epitome of what Conservatives claim about the media, YOU ARE. Just like FAUX PROPAGANDA CHANNEL, The Federalist, CNS (notice how they wish they were CNN) News, Rush LIMPbaugh, etc…etc… etc… in fact, why are 99.9 percent of all Conservative Media Outlets proven to be wrong or flat out lying on every story they publish… hmmmmm.

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  12. nothing will get resolved until the evil ones are ousted. DRAIN THE SWAMP. WE know who they are. Why don't they know who they are? I think they're all holding something over one another's head. They are afraid something will be disclosed when they fire someone.

  13. I worked in the Intel Center at the Pentagon and we had two individuals actually go to jail for over 3 years each for doing the same thing. Let's see what these people end up doing??? Semper Fi…

  14. Anyone "leaking" information should be locked up for espionage. It's time to get serious, all the anti-American traitors have to be removed & replaced with loyal patriots.


  16. Get rid of BOTH of these Obama puppets. AS well as all the others who are blocking the draining of the EVIL swamp.

  17. Whats with the electronic voice over, If you are afraid to speak don't post it!….when I want to check out a news spot, I want first-hand information, video first source interviews ect… not "mechanical propaganda.

  18. Get rid of these criminal traitors and prosecute them. they leaked confidential material and endangered our security. There is more where they came from.We can't allow these traitors to infiltrate our government, and spill out top secrets. These are the worst kind of criminals, and need to b e dealt with appropriately. Eliminate them immediately.

  19. This metallic, digital voice is planned to fool the trumpanzees into thinking that a 'machine' can't lie. Nazis as well as Sovjet commies used this method in using a military, authoritative voice to kill any independent brain activity. 80 % of the Russians believed in Stalin's courts during the 1930's. Half of the American population believes in Trump, because the Americans are believers; this is one of the evil consequences of believing in stead of knowing or thrusting in science.

  20. is time to drain to swamp and as Ron said presto!FAST FAST FAST, Mccain ia a rino same goes for lindsey graham, they have to go yesterday

  21. Warning: This is Russian based agit-prop. This sites first re-sponders do not track for the most part. The Ruskies use this same voice on other fake sites. Cheap bastards

  22. Is this true? it's sad that our president included these two to his cabinet trusting them, but in return they never wanted to help Trump to make America better. McCain never liked Trump, remember when Trump embarrassed him during his campaign saying he should of never being captured in the war. McCain your just one these politician that the president will expose..

  23. Trips kicking as he's getting to the root of the worlds problem that you have all been ignoring On the useless isuse tring to get ills past and picketing being distracted and sending bills through the big UAT Emmy we have had t just be abrivated and amended with laws against you and to take your money and to stranthem up home land sucrity and the un to d marshal law on you and kill you sucrity and laws are are niber one enemies sucrity is only yoused against you and sucking that you don't live to breach it or to attack it but finding out that it's against the law to know that the laws are being Brocken but the people that you are slowing to be to NFL to jail just to put the voters in jail that are to little to stay out of thare jails or be volitariky inslaving them selfs to a corpret goverment that is inslaving then but if your not going to wake up as we the people and not allow to be inslaved and told how to life think and feal then at least pic some one and sopport him that is willing to clean up the stag at the jail your putting you selfs into I wouldent want to do it and he's not Evan getting paid and he's done more work on it in the past 100 years in the short few mounth he's been in office if he was out to districts eestern sivalatation you would be suport him that's all that seams to get suport is the devil that wants to distroy you why don't you ever support the truth and the avoidance of any thing that dosent promote your Owen abuse and the futer for are children Donald is all American he has not tarred the ties the only tarried are your self buy supporting the people that hate you and hare youvcoubtry and those are your previous words choruses on who you bank with buy uyiur cars with who you let to represent and govern you Evan what you read eat and whaite and expecauily who and what you watch if your watch int what's perzented to you then that's where you are being my dummie down and these cases where leakers are being present sucure DIS the most important issue in vabimg your child not growing up to be a slave because evin if you let leakers and whislblower be killed and jailed to teach them and your children that if you tell the truth and love yournaber and do the real get thing that you will be ponished and you will fail as a human being . And if your u don't be divided and rape poilage and lie you will never secsess that's how you wher eased and that's how you kids are bluntintky being eased buy you and sucrity. With the ed Snowden case and Jillian and manning is showing them if you just tell the truth you will are done but if your a war crime murdering scumbag and try and kill a hole inteire world ofpeople you will be supported housed fed and be a secsess people don't like people that are not nursing scumbags nor do thay want them working with them and are sways kicked to the curb and die alone but people that are blaitly nursing and rapping children are pertected buy u because of lac of intros because thare not coming out on a hare Owen networks to admit that thare trying to kill you and have you pay them to do so obverse thare Owen net work it's blatant and what would seam to be common nolage that sence world war towns the dimacrcy agenda that every time hung that your hearing and think you know from what your hearing expecauly when you have a o pay for it that it's bull shit and to peek around the corner to see what that noise that's in your face is tring to hide under the carpet it's all money I don't know any truth tell ts that are getting healthier and ritcher trying to save you from killing your selfs buy your Owen hired hit manand what's so funny is we are allowing truth tellers to be put on trike buy thare abuser that thay told on and backed buy the victim S that thay where trying to tell them that the beige was up . And mergers of youget funded and sopoorted and liked and respected and don't Evan have a trike because ever ones going after to hang the victim for being victimized and saying somthing about it thare being prisucutedbuy thars abuser for yelling help and getting life sentences for enduendos how the hell do you do eduendos and who made it a criminal affence wish then war crimes against humanity don't eny one see how babaricly imorly wrong and hipicritly just plain ignerent contradiction of eny serrouse law to hat thare is and how can you going on treating people like that with any sriuse respect for them or your self I just find it to besi fucking backwords right in your face dictatorship and that thare justmakung it yup as thay go along just

  24. The dirt is anti-Christ George Soros, hedge fund venture capitalist. He is behind Media Matters, Open Society, and Hillary Clinton campaign. He is best known as crashing the BRITISH Sterling in 1992 and believes the American dollar must decline. He truly believes he is God and shows no remorse for killing Jews in Hungary. He is very old with billions of dollars to play with to turn our society to communism,

  25. Happy Birthday Donald J Trump June 14, flag day. Mr Trump even picked the correct day to be born!!

  26. Leaking government secrets or classified info without consent should be charge as espionage, pay heavy fine and jail.

  27. I don't think any one is leaking. I am 100% sure Obama admin planted some spying devices in oval office and they are listening to all his calls.

  28. Hurray you have caught Mccmaster please fire the bstrd….and get that security pass back that he gave to the Traitor Rice….

  29. Don't be shy, get rid of them, the liars, thieves. All of them, Life is too short! And it's time for McCain to Leave. He's too old!

  30. These Bastards should be in jail! By screwing with President Trump they're stomping on all that voted for him! A huge GALLOWS needs to be erected for all these loathed individuals & dealt with!

  31. Trump is stupid. He fires a loyal man like Flynn but keeps a scumbag like McMaster. He is misled and too weak. Too much talking and too little action.

  32. There are plenty of true blue collar hard true americans that are ready to kickass in the white house Mr President.And will clean house yesterday.Get these son of bitches out of there

  33. Trump needs to wake up & quit appointing these shiny egg-head Globalists such as Powell, Cohn, McMaster, probably Mattis. Trump himself is appointing the wrong PPL. He then makes stupid statements such as, 'I like Globalists' or the one about not prosecuting Hilary Corrupt Clinton. We would support Trump but he needs to get smarter. Jeff Sessions is another problem. It is the DemonRats who have been colluding & selling out America to the Russians & interfering in the Ukranian election then hiring these ukranians to do a hit-piece on DJT. We must have an investigation into Clinton & Obama's & Soros illegal activity, NOW. Soros, thru enormous donations to the DNC, owns the democrats!

  34. Clean government and cooperation from both sides for the greater good of America is all we want. Any politician that cannot deliver, consider yourselves FIRED.

  35. US should put a term limit on all US Senators. The long time Senators will never change their views politically! There are Senators that have been there over 20 years! We need to fix it!

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