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Are you a truther? Do you consider yourself well schooled on the illuminati and the new world order? You know that the central banking system is owned by a select few… You know that politicians, presidents and prime ministers are hand picked by the elite.. You know that foreign policy is dictated years in advance.. But there’s something that you may not know… The Devil That old serpent The enemy has been hard at work.. He is behind all evil.. He is the reason for the bloodshed.. He is the reason that the world is in such a mess.. The light of freemasonry is the devil himself.. Ever since the garden of eden the devil has corrupted man.. Now look at the state of the world.. This world is fallen… All people care about is money and power… People will kill for money and fame… Even the devil offered Jesus the world.. But remember this… Jesus conquered sin… Trials and tribulations are coming But in the end the devil doesn’t stand a chance… Because Gods Will is Done His Kingdom Come.. On Earth As It Is In Heaven

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  1. @bannor216 – The devil is what the illuminati worship and draw their power from. Wake up. The biggest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he does not exist.

  2. Every time I watch this video it gives me chills! Love you brother and miss hearing from you.

    Peace and love….

  3. I would suggest that the 'devil' or 'satan' is not the real problem here….that we've been programmed to beLIEve what it says in a book written by our masters. If you want to really know who runs this world, who, better yet WHAT the 'elites 'are behind their holographic tech, then go watch offshoot100s vids, there are other channels out there,but as far as I know, he's the only channel which has exposed their technology. I have also noticed, that MANY, MANY so called TRUTHER CHANNELS are being run by these same creatures, they are acting as gatekeepers & guess what, THEY ALL EXPOUND ON BELIEF IN THE BIBLE, GOD & JESUS….so, you might want to consider what their agenda really is…..because it certainly is not for the benefit of mankind.

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