BREAKING: White House Hid Trump Transcripts w/ Putin, Saudis

There’s a new report that the Trump white
house has been hiding, not only the transcript with the Ukrainian president’s
phone call with Donald Trump, but also transcripts with Vladimir Putin as well as Saudi Royals,
including the crown Prince Mohammad bin Solomon. And of course anyone surprised why wouldn’t
they, who would believe that the white house has this entire other computer system for
hiding things? And the only thing they hid was the transcript
with the Ukrainian president. Of course they’re using it for other things. And there are new reports which say that the
transcripts from calls with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin and a number of members of
Saudi Royal family, again including Mohammad bin Solman are hidden on a separate server. Where does that ring a bell? Wasn’t it Hillary who had problems with private
servers and improperly handling information. Another instance of projection from Donald
Trump, and of course we already have the whistleblower complaining alleging that this was done with
Donald Trump’s Ukraine phone call and now the New York times and CNN had been told by
other sources that actually this is being done with all sorts of communications. So this is number one, much worse than just
one phone call. And then number two, it’s also much worse
than just Trump because we are now getting more and more names of people that are being
pulled into the circle of knowledge as of who was aware that this was going on. There are allegations that secretary of state,
Mike palmed PEO, and then national security advisor, John Bolton, were the only people
in the room for some of these calls which were then buried. There are now committees that want a question. Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, Trump said he
would have the most transparent administration in history. The opposite is true, going to new lengths
Nixonian length, even more than Nixonian lengths to hide transcripts. The Trump administration has ignored subpoenas
of all sorts of documents meant to increase transparency. They were asked for lease agreements from
Trump properties. They were asked for documents about the transfer
of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia. They just ignore all of those requests when
a whistleblower comes forward to try to expose some of this stuff. Trump is caught on a recording, which I played
for you last week, hinting that either the whistleblower or the people or person who
informed the whistleblower should be killed like we used to do to people who committed
treason. This is not transparent. This is transparently corrupt, better said,
and they just don’t care. And if you’ve been following the administration,
you’re not surprised. At the minutia of it. But what you really have to understand, you
know, we’re, we’re, we’re starting to think increasingly in post Trump terms because either
in a year and a half or in five and a half years, scary to think about Trump’s going
to go. And the long lasting impact will be not only
all of those judges that he will have appointed by the time he’s done, who will control the
judiciary for a very, very long time, uh, not only the alliances with other countries
are historic democratic allies that Donald Trump has ruined relationships with. That will be one of the legacies. But what Donald Trump has done is so fundamentally
at odds with democracy. And what you have to understand is that there
is actually, in most democracies even, you know, liberal democracies, there is a portion
of the population that wants tyranny, or at least they’re open to tyranny rather than
democracy. As long as they are the ones who get to enforce
it. And that is maybe the most accurate way to
describe what we have in the Trump administration. We can point out the individual authoritarian
tendencies. We can point out Trump being just so smitten
with Duterte and Putin and Kim Jong moon and you know, the whole list of balsa and narrow,
whoever you want to include, and being increasingly distant and at odds with just liberal democratic
leaders, Germany, the UK, well not the UK anymore, now that it’s Trump to Boris Johnson,
but you get the idea, we can point that out. But what underlies this is that we really
have a segment of these right wing authoritarians that are about tyranny. As long as it’s a tyranny they get to enforce,
and that is extremely, extremely scary. Uh, and allegedly, and we’ll talk about this
next, there are some Republicans who if they voted on impeachment on a secret ballot, would
be willing to remove Donald Trump. And that’s what I want to talk about next.

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  1. It surprises me that there are enough Senate Republicans to raise the vote enough to remove Trump, but they won't work in unison to get it done. They would still have a Republican administration. Yes, I know they fear a voter retaliation for their own re-election, but I think they could sell it by saying they believe this step would guarantee a continuing Republican-held WH. If they all held to the same story, I think they could pull it off. It helps that that could even be correct. It scares me that an ongoing Pence administration could be an impeachment consequence. (But not enough to make me want not to impeach.)

  2. Jesus Christ. I knew that 45 was inherently corrupt and a pos, but I was skeptical (I needed the facts). However, given the gravity of this evidence coming to light, it indicates and reflects that our country is facing a constitutional emergency; those who support him (elected officials) are as guilty. He needs to be locked up for national security reasons. Immediately.

  3. It's like a boil bursting, and all the revolting puss is spurting out all over the net. Byee, Trumpee baby!

  4. Hillary’s server was illegal and was in the basement of her home. These servers are in the White House this is completely different.

  5. "..either in a year and a half or five and a half, scary to think about, Trumps going to go". Are you sure about that? If we either impeach him out (not going to happen) or vote him out in a year and a half maybe but, if he wins in 2020,…? He/they have control of the Senate, control of the DOJ, control of the Supreme Court, control of multiple federal courts though appointing supportive judges…. What can he/they accomplish in another 4 years, maybe a little gerrymandering here and there, another supreme court justice or two, who knows what else. Do you really think he/they will give up control after another 4 years of Trump?

  6. i think that Trump is capable bringing down the USA
    when he crashes and burns,
    but also capable of trying to start WW3.
    He won't leave quietly'!!!!!

  7. Devil's advocate…What about the explanation of locking down the transcript to prevent leaks? I think it's pretty plausible.

  8. Not illegal. Not a story. They do this with all of these transcripts. They have to because there are constantly leaks happening. The fact that they did this with all calls means there was nothing special or different about the Ukraine call. They weren't "hidden." The Ukraine transcript was immediately released. Again, not illegal and not a story. This is so tiresome and I don't even like Trump.

  9. OK. Well I don't like tRump at ALL, but I DO care about accurate information. Concerning the "server" that is mentioned here, David implies that tRump's team either set it up or directed it being set up, by drawing a parallel the the "Hillary server". THAT is NOT this server. THIS server is one that is in place, and has been in place many years, for the purpose of storing highly confidential and isolated information. That the tRump admin is using this server to store this type of material is probably against usage policies. But because our DNI, Dan Coats, is a tRump appointee, the admin probably got permission to use it to hide stuff. (This last is just a guess.) Hillary made a HUGE mistake doing the server thing, but the tRump admin is merely using an established government resource in an iffy way. We still need to get this stuff to Congress.

    Other than that though, you're correct about how our democracy and status as a first world country are being damaged.

  10. Hi from Germany (we have our very own soap opera, but as you might have guessed more on the actual hitler side plus a lot of climate deniers) – didnt Trump say today in the press conference with the finnish president that he/the white house released the Ukraine transcript? Was that a lie?

  11. I dont think donald trump has ruined your relations with foreign countries. we already knew that the average american is a self-centered phony fool.

  12. Who is surprised? Not me Not me and of course they all knew about it. Trump should be tarred and feathered. Someday they will care when they start pulling these guys then they will care. This is what happens when idiots vote. You get a idiot. Why is everyone so scared? What is all these people going to start disappearing or dying? Come on guys grow some balls.

  13. The tenure of kings and their magistrates
    By good men it must be deposed
    The covenant made can be voided at once
    Disanoint him, take his crown

  14. Trump hides just about everything concerning his interactions with Putin; why his cheerleaders cannot face this fact is beyond me. Either no official notes taken during their meetings, or the notes are confiscated by trump handlers immediately afterward; initial denials about meetings that Sputnik first reports and trump eventually has to admit; policymakers left out of nearly all negotiations; 272 contacts between Trump’s team and Russia-linked operatives during campaign, while numerous members of the trump team lied under oath about them, including at least 38 face-to-face meetings; at least 33 high-ranking campaign officials and Trump advisers were aware of contacts with Russia-linked operatives during the campaign and transition, including Trump himself. None of these contacts were ever reported to the proper authorities. Instead, the Trump team tried to cover up every single one of them. A few short years ago the republican party would have crucified a democrat for a fraction of the stuff trump has done with Russia. Then again, the republican party itself is so deeply embedded with the Kremlin it's not all that surprising. The NRA, Moscow Mitch's many conflicts of interest and capitulation, numerous senators in bed with them through enrichment enterprises and dark money. It's a very strange time we live in, and whatever the outcome, the republican party has lost any modicum of respect, or benefit of the doubt putting country over party for generations to come.

  15. I'm not sure why TDPS usually does Youtube uploads at least one day after the radio broadcast; I'm sure there's a good reason, but you can't title day-old news "BREAKING". Come on man. I think it was actually three or more days ago it came out that there were more phone transcripts in the secret server including ones with Putin and MBS.

  16. Putin Wouldn’t Oppose Releasing Transcripts of His Meetings With Trump

  17. The Corrupt Enablers need to get the most severe punishment because they know the Law, Yet they Coward down to a Conn Man. We have Never had this much Russian Interjection not only into our Politics, but now in our Media confessing their Support. This is APPAULING!!

  18. The US will soon become the first democracy to be overthrown by its own elected government. If Americans don't do it with a vote, then the rest of the world's militaries will come and do for you.

    Trump has not the intelligence to form any sort of coherent policy on anything.  
    The guy is about as shallow as it gets like a toddler knocking everything over and expecting everyone else to clean up after him.

  19. If you were an employee you would have been fired years ago

    It’s like the president is impervious from corporate governance

    Naturally there are citizens whom seem to revel with a president who lies, obfuscated, intimidates, exaggerates only because they think it’s going to lead to good outcomes. To overlook tyranny is to have it knock on your door in time and then you are implicated as well

  20. Yes , you are right……this is Hillary's legacy.
    Why oh why did the DNC push a candidate that 68% of Americans thought
    was a liar and a crook ?
    OH the private server, oh the 6$600,000 speeches.
    OH the Steele dossier – commissioned by Hillary to have foreign governments
    investigate a political rival……illegally.

    OH Hillary.
    Oh the Clinton Foundation : that magnet for Gulf Oil money.

  21. How about just giving those people who want tyranny the tyranny they desire. Just set them all curfews and remove their free speech and right to bear arms. Round them all up and put them in South Dakota or something on a big reservation they're never allowed to leave. Tell them they all have to worship a specific version of christianity that isn't their preferred one and enforce ALL the bible's rules.
    I'm betting no one would actually want that?

  22. really, what stands out to me most is how eager the mainstream Democrats are to defend these whistle-blowers, but not some of the most important people in the history of journalism: Snowden, Manning, Assange…

  23. Coming from Britain I am afraid that what is happening in the US is gradually happening here. Boris Johnson and his cronies are so in thrall to Trump that he too is just ignoring the law and Parliament and thinking he can get away with it.

  24. It's so weird to see conservatives literally discrediting every information they hear from MSM besides fox of course that doesnt count. So all of this you're saying is lies in their head.

  25. I'm so surprised Trump has allowed this to happen…..
    It's unbelievable that a New Yorker use this tactics, he's behaving like a mobster leader which is so unlike him….

  26. the more I learn about US laws and constitution, the more the US looks like a banana republic waiting to happen. The idea that the administration can name the AG and court judges, together with things like, a single senator has the power to decide which bills can be discussed, is just beyond me

  27. Putin won ?   Guess so .     Need a bunch of strikes and boycotts to at least get their attention.  Trolls / Bots Russian or otherwise can go ape now .

  28. Getting rid of Trump will not solve America's problem. You still have tens of millions of reich wing fascists that will rally behind the next demagogue.

  29. Lol you've become a doomsday soothsayer Pakman, it's ok to be scared but it's not ok to distort perception to try to make others as fearful as you are.

    It's all at the very least premature since you don't have nearly enough data to draw half of the conclusions on this channel. Keep digging though, the truth will set you free. 🇺🇸

  30. Stop listening to this retard. All conversations between the President and other heads of state are CLASIFIED! Pak is turning your brain to mush.

  31. "Historic lengths . . . Nixonian lengths!" Don't forget "Obama lengths" with his own "Most transparent administration in history!(tm)(c)"
    A few examples:

  32. Everytime something is under investigation involving trump another crime is uncovered.
    trump would have been wise to face the music as soon as the whistleblower complaint came above ground. He might have been able to keep alot of other things quiet that WILL now be revealed. Too late now…
    It's crazy how every teeny tiny peek into the trump administration behind the scenes shows unacceptable goings on. Is there a part of his presidency untainted by his dirty work?

  33. People in a democracy who prefer tyranny as long as they will be running it: If you grow up with religious propaganda that tells you your religion makes you a superior person and all other religions and atheists are inferior and that your religion has a rightful place in the echelons of power in the country and that the country is based on Christianity despite the Constitution's separation of church and state wisely saying otherwise, then you are already in the right mindset for the imposition of such a tyranny. This I think is why evangelicals support Trump. His authoritarianism is so similar to what they have grown up with given the authority of the utterances of their religious leaders.

  34. Well I thought that was already clear, when Putin said that u need his allowance to show his phone calls with trump, that they r also hidden

  35. To know that this guy has the key codes to our nukes is scary . He's selling our technology to fatten his wallet to the enemy .

  36. As I've said before. Trump is neither Republican or Democrat… he's an Anarchist. He loves the chaos of corruption. Scary stuff…

  37. You are also forgetting that Trump's political marketing technique "FAKE NEWS" has bled into other countries.
    One example, the Brazilian President is using the same tactics as Trump when it came to the Amazon fires

  38. Hidden🤔
    Pretty sure I’ve read it. It was released why do people keep saying this.

    Ok hypothetical. Just bear with me for a minute here. If (and I know no one thinks so) Obama were to be acting/tweeting/doing all the things trump has done…would he be getting as much attention or would he have an impeachment inquiry implemented against him…lets be honest

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