Breaking Your Own Heart

Waddup Socialcam fam. What’s up Rehabbers across the world? Trent here. To those out there that’s praying for a better relationship, to those out there that’s praying to be treated better,to those out there that’s praying for no more tears, I want you to ask yourself this: “How can God remove my pain when I’m not removing myself from the situation? How can God heal my wounds when I’m not removing the person that’s causing them?” How can you get the heart that’s meant to love you by holding onto the person that cares nothing about you? You know, you’ve got to let go of what you feel sometimes, and remember what you deserve. You’ve got to stop rehearsing the pain and you’ve got to find the strength to release it. You’ve got to stop giving chances to the people who clearly – and you know for a fact – take advantage of your forgiveness. Stop walking back to the situation that your heart ran from. Stop treating that relationship like a revolving door. Leaving just to come back to the same reason that you left for. That’s pointless. Why expect something different from a situation that hasn’t changed? You know, without any action, that cheater that’s always cheated is not all of a sudden going to be faithful this time. Without any action, that friend that’s always backstabbed you is not all of a sudden going to be loyal this time. Words lie, but actions don’t. Which ones are you trusting? Ignore what they say, but trust what they do. When you’ve got all the signs, why are you still searching for reasons? Why are you praying for God to reveal more when you already know what it is? When you’ve got all the pieces to the puzzle, why are you still trying to solve it? Stop overlooking who they are and how they treat you because you’re so in love with the fact of who they could be or who they should be. Possibilities lie. Sometimes. Most of the time, should I say. Don’t fall in love with potential. Don’t fall in love with your relationship’s potential. Don’t fall in love with that person’s potential. Because you could be falling in love with something that somebody would never be. I want you to remember this: Nobody can break your heart more than once without your permission. Take care of your heart. Protect your heart. And stop breaking your own heart. It all starts with you. It’s Rehab Time.

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