BREAKING:Turkey threatens Syria with WAR!

anchora will regard the granting of
protection to Kurdish militias by Damascus as a declaration of war and
will respond proportionately the appearance of the Syrian army in areas
left by US forces to protect Kurdish forces will be considered a declaration
of war by Turkey this was announced on Saturday October 19th by the Turkish
president’s advisor Yasin AK day the US forces that supported the YPG are
currently leaving the area but if the Syrian army defends these units Turkey’s
position will not change we cannot allow it
actae said according to him if the Syrian regime wants to enter manage
ain’t Al Arab Qamishli in order to provide protection to the Kurdish YPG
this is considered a declaration of war against Turkey they will have a
proportionate response the Turkish leaders advisor said stressing that
Turkish and other foreign troops will leave Syria after peace and security
have been established on all Syrian lands turkey does not take land from
others actae added recall on October 17th Washington and anchor have agreed
to suspend the Turkish military operation world peace source for 120
hours the agreement was reached during the visit of US Vice President Michael
Pence to Turkey during this period the Kurdish YPG will have to withdraw from
the area of operation in northern Syria earlier it was reported that Kurdish
groups have reached an agreement with the Syrian authorities on support

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