BTV News Macro Report – 04/15/2011 – World News {Dominique Strauss-Kahn} [Closed Captioned]

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Bahoudii Ministry of State Department of Communication The bass player for the rock band Linkin Park Dave Farrell visited Haiti this week and met with
local officials in an effort to coordinate aid from the band’s charity organization
Music for Relief [Farrell] “You know, I’m from Linkin Park and when
we started Music for Relief the goal was to be able” “to try to do something to raise awareness and funds
for areas around the world that were affected” “by natural disasters. We were actually doing
a project here in Haiti” “before the earthquake…and then afterwards
got even more involved with the process” “so this was my first chance and opportunity
that I’ve gotten to actually come down here and see” “things for myself – see some of the solar lighting
that that we were able to take part of in the” “implementation of that – kinda see the effect it has had
here and hopefully get a chance to talk to some people” “and continue to raise awareness for what’s going on here.”
Music for Relief was founded by the band’s members after the Indian Ocean tsunami struck south Asia in 2004 in
order to aid survivors of natural disasters [Farrell] “That would be absolutely awesome! Ideally, to
be able to perform here at some point would be fantastic!” there have been one hundred fifteen thousand
downloads to date and two hundred seventy thousand dollars raised
for Haiti – Music for Relief also supports environmental programs to help in prevention and mitigation
of future natural disasters the United Nations General Assembly convened
in interactive thematic debate on Monday the 11th of April 2011 to examine how strengthening the rule of law
can assist in addressing the key global challenges that the international community is
currently facing [Ki-moon] “All too often, the upheavals we see taking” “place around the world today spring from a common” “place around the world today spring from a common” “source the failure of governments to hear the needs” “and aspirations of their people.” “Citizens want a fair” “say in their future democracy. They want laws that” “are publicly promulgated and equally enforced.” “They want a fair and independent judiciary,
subject only to the law.” …he condemned acts such as the recent burning
of a Koran in the United States… [Ki-moon] “When people deliberately desecrate another’s” “holy book, they may be exercising their right to freedom” “of expression but they are also giving voice to hatred” “and intolerance. I condemn such acts.” “Rule of law – the very foundation” “of civilization – is grounded in respect” “and mutual understanding” “not the demonization of “the others.” [Spindelegger] “People cry out for reforms” “that enhance the rule of law. It is necessary” “that the leaders act responsibly” “listen to the voices of their peoples” “and take leadership in implementing
the necessary reforms.” “However, such reforms cannot be done over
night and many countries will” “require assistance from the international community.” [Al-Habib] “The international community must not” “replace the national authorities in the task of” “establishing or strengthening the rule of law” “but only to provide them with the necessary” “support at their request.” speaking at the Brookings Institution in
Washington D.C. in the week of IMF/World Bank spring meetings IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said that the recovery from the global economic
crisis was failing to create jobs and that the economic inequality threatened to bring
future instability [Strauss-Kahn] “For…” “the recovery is here” “but growth, at least” “in advanced economies, is not creating enough jobs” “and clearly it’s not the recovery we want.” “Many people” “in many countries” “are facing” “a social crisis that is” “every bit as serious as the financial crisis,” Strauss-Kahn emphasized the importance of
collective bargaining a point reinforced by Sharan Burrow – General
Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation who also took part in a panel
discussion at the event [Strauss-Kahn] “…inequalities can undermine” “the achievements of the market economy and, therefore” “sowing the seeds for instability and crisis.” “And when we look how dangerous” “this cocktail” “of unemployment and inequality can be” “while also associated with sometimes, often” “some political tension” “we can see how it’s playing out in
Middle East and North Africa.” “The job crisis is hitting the young” “especially hard. What should” “have been a brief spell” in unemployment” is turning into a life sentence. And we are facing” really, the risk of a lost generation.” the IMF’s World Economic Outlook released this week said unemployment remained
a major problem while rising food and commodity prices posed a threat to poor households adding
to social and economic tensions notably in the Middle East and North Africa. Director
Strauss-Kahn said that even after tackling the financial crisis further global cooperation
will be needed to ensure a sustainable and balanced recovery with job creation and
fair distribution [Strauss-Kahn] “Stability depends a lot on” “a strong middle class that can propel demand.” “And, we will not see this” “if growth does not lead to” “decent jobs.” “So, we will not see” “this if growth” “rewards the favored few” “over the marginalized many.” in a related story – results from a recent
Icelandic referendum show that by Icelanders overwhelmingly
voted “NO” on a government-approved plan to repay Britain
and the Netherlands billions of euros lost in Iceland’s
2008 bank crash – almost 60 percent rejected the deal with the voting
turnout high the government reported this is the second repayment plan rejected by the
voters the first one was rejected by 93 percent last year British and Dutch investors lost 3.9
billion euros in ICESAVE and Icelandic internet bank that failed in
Iceland’s economic collapse of 2008 the two governments reimbursed their citizens
and are now seeking repayment from Iceland Iceland compensated it’s own citizens for
losses but not overseas depositors the increasingly bitter dispute must be resolved
for Iceland to have access to financial markets essential to fund it’s recovery experts say –
and a resolution is essential for Iceland’s attempts to become an EU member a quick update on the situation at the damaged
Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant technicians and engineers have managed to
get robots inside the plant to the most affected areas and radiation levels that the robots
are sending back are astronomically high a worker in those areas could receive a
yearly dose in just a few hours inside the contaminated area there is contaminated water everywhere
just as they expected – only a lot worse the situation will be remediated
over the course of the next several months according to a new plan released by the Japanese
government and TEPCO you can stay tuned here BAHOUDII dot NET and to BTV1 for more information on the
developing story before we go – a quick note about the REHABILITATION! Hosni Mubarak – the ousted President of Egypt was taken to a hospital after a heart attack
and has been detained by prosecutors in the country ahead of a corruption probe Egyptian officials are alleging that Mubarak
was involving corruption and possibly killings while he was in office if you’d like more information on these stories
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