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  1. Well reading all of the comments on this video proves to me that a Chicken has not much to learn so much from you lot !! Astounding how people always just write some stupid supposedly funny , but generally inane comment, without even considering the wider implications of what they have just seen ! No thought or care for whether this cloning tech being expressed is a good thing ?? He who questions nothing generally gets the answer that he did not want or expect ! Wake up for God,s Sake !

  2. Jack Horner is a disgrace to science. There are very good reasons as to why he was ostracized from the scientific community. Quick story, in 93 I saw him give a lecture on why he thought the trex was strictly a scavenger. At the end of the lecture there was a Q&A. My 8 year old self asked the first question and I asked…"if only a scavenger then why does the animal have rows of steak knife like teeth all pointed backwards into the mouth? was that to hold on to dead animals that tried to escape?" the audience laughed and Horner bent down next to the moderator with the mic and said something. Then the moderator said…"ok since that was a loaded question we are going to move on. does anyone have a shorter question?"

  3. The real Jurassic park (playing out on a more realistic time-scale…i.e., how long it takes research to actually move forward).

  4. I found this video because of a girl that watched this video and declared dinasaurs fake…and then made her own video.

  5. Can you can you compare living birds and living reptiles to see which genes are turned on and which are turned off in each?

  6. Just trying to adapt:
    Why did the avian dinosaur cross the road?
    Don't be an avian dinosaur!
    I've been hanging out with some hot avians lately
    Kentucky Fried Dino
    Dino Wings
    Dino Nuggets
    Dino Tikka Masala
    Ernie the giant Dino

  7. It has been around 8 years since the upload. Isn't it possible to do the changes in chickens with CRISPR/CAS9?
    I want a pet velo ;-;

  8. It's been some time and I have failed to find any results of this "experiment"… I'm somewhat glad. Morality should be brought into question here. What happens after something like this actually hatches? Can it even function properly, survive? What will society do when it sees this? Is it going to be another thing brought to the market and exploited just because it's "cool"?

  9. You lied about succeeding to modify the chicken's beak into a snout. If you succeeded, you would have let them hatch. This research is no longer being continued. Things just add up.

  10. I was expecting him to be like "And here we have a dinosaur chicken with us today!"

    fked up little monster chicken stumbles onto the stage

  11. I can tell birds are dinosaurs by how they look at you – like if they were bigger they would eat you look.

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