Byron York says the Mueller report became the world’s biggest ‘nevermind’

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  1. I pretty sure I know why Mullier didn`t conclude the collusion at that time is because he was looking to see if he could brow=beat one of the president's campaign officials into speaking of something that could damage the President and give cause to remove him from office, Mullier was hoping that by throwing enough alleged dirt that something would stick , AND ALSO to keep the eyes of the country of the Clinton Terason.YES he knows she is guilty as sin, but that was his job for her.

  2. I just don't see how many of you can come to the conclusions you are. Yeah, the report could have been worse. However, not a ton worse. I just don't see how you can read that report and come away thinking Trump looks okay in it… or that you don't even see why he was even investigated. I mean, is this truly the type of activity you expect from a republican president… or any republican leader for that matter?

  3. President Trump has told the truth from Day One. It's Kafkaesque that Dems & media accused Trump & Roger Stone, et al of LYING because they REFUSED to fold & agree to something that NEVER HAPPENED> That's terrible intelligence from the CIA & Intelligence Community & the FBI & DOJ.

  4. Trump did not win because he colluded with Russia because the report clears him of that. Trump won because Hillary Clinton was the worst candidate.

  5. I can't believe these demoncrap are corrupt to the core Muller is another one of them !!!!!!! They should all go to jail

  6. Such an outlandish theory of Russian collusion should never have been dignified and is beneath American tradition. The dirty Dims and their Obama mobsters knew a falsely accused president would be knocked off his game and such an obvious frame up would lay heavy on the President's mind and cause him to periodically lash out so that the Trump haters could then allege a coverup or obstruction. It's just so shameful that we have government officials and a complicit left wing media propaganda machine willing to go to these lengths to ruin a duly elected president they hate, just shameful. I hope all who did this are exposed and pay dearly for dragging our country through this, likely causing the GOP a big loss of control of the House in 2018, especially in light of the fact that Mueller likely had all that he needed at the end of 2017 to conclude no collusion, and deliberately extended the witch hunt all the way through the 2018 election in order to knock off Republicans thus taking control of the House of Representatives. JUST SHAMEFUL.

  7. The head of Stallins secret police said, "Show me the man, I'll show you the crime". The deep state Dems won't stop until this outsider is removed from office. This gives a new meaning to "Trumped Up Charges"

  8. Kills me that they knew from the beginning there was no there, there! So, they investigate Trump for everything? When he pooped, or coughed, or got angry? Wow. Witch hunt for real! This should be illegal. Take a person, and investigate till you find a crime? I thought you had to have evidence to investigate someone. You know the old fashioned, find a crime and investigate till you find a criminal. If they impeach Trump on this BS, they are finished.

  9. I knew from childhood that newspapers could lie, but only in Spain did I see that they could completely falsify reality. I personally participated in the “battles” in which there was not a single shot and were written about as heroic bloody battles, and I was in real battles, which the press did not say a word about as if they were not. I have seen fearless soldiers renounced by newspapers as cowards and traitors, and cowards and traitors praised by them as heroes. Back in London, I saw intellectuals building worldview systems and emotional relationships on this lie. – George Orwell 1903

  10. I'm 2 minutes in and already the first factually false statement is made – "It began with a Democrat accusation that Trump conspired with Russia". Nope. It began when one of Trump's own team bragged to a foreign diplomat that they had received dirt on Clinton from the Russians and the FBI probe. Pretty sure it won't be the last lie.

  11. No evidence of criminal conspiracy is not the synonyme of no collusion. Good to hear the core trumpists' arguments.

  12. CARRIED AWAY WITH IT???? Never any evidence of any such thing! This was an orchastrated conspiracy from the beginning envolving Obama's administration fbi dog and others plus Clinton and British spies. WOW! TREASON TREASON TREASON

  13. We need to take the Mueller report, roll it up like a newspaper, and start smacking the media and democrats on the nose with it.

  14. It was all a set up by Fusion GPS and Clinton campaign. Clinton campaign retained services of Fusion GPS April of 2016, Glenn Simpson who hired Steele to look into claims that Trump had ties with Russia. Trump tower meeting and people seeking Popadopolis was all a set up by Clinton and Fusion GPS.

  15. You guys are a joke? Do you really believe these two knuckleheads truly believe anything they're saying? I can see why they get away with this nonsense. You people are sitting here slobbering over yourselves listening to this garbage. Nevermind.

  16. Stop trying to make sense of nonsense. Hillary and Obama tried to get Trump removed. End of story. Except Hillary and Obama need to pay now.

  17. Q said these people are stupid – Q is the second most attacked entity on the internet besides Trump. Why. because they are going to prison and many will be executed for treason.

  18. We are tired of executing RINOS – We now want to see some democrat traitors executed. How do you feel about that Brennan, Comey, Hillary, Clapper. Oh I hear they are panning for a Oswald type of fall guy and guess who drew the short straw? HOWDY DOODY is the big winner. But don't worry Comey, you won't die alone. that wouldn't be fair.

  19. …uhh…no…sorry, volume.1 is 200 pages of political connivance. Sweeping efforts by Russia to interfere with the election and Trump et al reaping the benefits and loving it. Not enough evidence of a conspiracy to steal emails, as one would expect in an operation run by a foreign gang of spies.

  20. Where is the accountability? Heads need to roll……… brainless as those heads are…Dems think they can get away with anything, so far they have.

  21. Mueller was put in the special prosecutor for one reason.
    LOOK for a reason… any reason to charge Pres Trump for ANY crime.
    Failing that, threaten harm to his family, or supporters… bring them down!
    Make no mistake…….Mueller is a snake!
    There needs to be serious consequences!

  22. Keep in mind Obama stole the election from Hillary, this is just how the Democrats roll. There used to be these Hillary supporters called PUMA's and they had a documentary here on YouTube about that primary.

  23. When I was a child most Americans believed that the only truthful reporting able to reach the citizens of the Soviet Union came from a U.S. military-run radio program called 'Voice of America'. We understood that the brutal Soviet government sanctioned only internal 'propaganda' news that advocated for Soviet terroristic-style control. Today, with the exception of the information provided by Fox news here in the U.S., we are finding ourselves in much the same position as the Soviets of old. Does anybody even consider the fact that American journalists had a constitutional OBLIGATION to the American people to investigate and disclose all the information that Wikileaks disseminated to us in 2016? Why aren't people focused on the reality that

    1. no one has contested the validity of the Wikileak's disclosures and
    2. that the media are virtually USELESS to provide us with the information critical for the citizenry of a functioning republic to make right choices?

    If we are now sadly reliant on sources outside of our borders to keep us informed then we should, in our state of dire humiliation, just have the good sense to be appreciative of the concerned moral partner who was largely responsible for causing this nation to do the right thing hopefully in the nick of time. Let's just say 'thank you' and commit to ridding our communications systems of the imposters parading around as concerned American journalists. These media liars are enemies of the state and must be dealt with accordingly.

    Please start educating the naive as well as writing those letters and making those phone calls to whomever you think is appropriate EVERYDAY! Without contributions from ALL enlightened Americans we risk finding ourselves back in the pit. We can't allow that to happen.

  24. That's the one thing that got me – Why did Mueller demand that witnesses be questioned in private rather then before a Grand Jury?? That in itself should have said "THIS IS ALL A LIE"!!!

  25. Why is it that they can never just tell the truth when they recount the circumstances? So Trump's behavior as described in the report Are actions of a normal healthy president? If the truth is on your side, then represent the facts as the really are. The only reason to continue to misrepresent the facts is because the truth isn't really on your side. Just one example, he says he never addressed collusion because this is not a point of law. It is not like the president is innocent. It is obvious that these guys are counting on their audience not having read the report.

  26. Lock Hillary behind bars and spare the world from lies and destruction, such as what happened to Libya. The Mueller investigation, the corrupt media, the pathetic "mobster" Democrat leaders, plus the lies that have been promoted in attempts to brain wash the American public by the likes of "The View" to MSNBC's Joe, are all bought and paid for by the Clinton criminal cartel and cohorts such as Soros and his relative Schiff.

  27. THE AMERICAN MEDIA ARE SO SO SUBVERSIVE……AND NOW ARE…. THE REAL FASCISTS…..Mueller is not a Good Man……he was ..and still is corrupt

    AS WELL…. the probe wasn't about Russian collusion…..everyone already knew that there was none…the Mueller probe was meant to hide as many Democrat crimes as possible…..America knows that Mueller have warped the truth

  28. Clearly just about nobody on this thread actually read the report because then you couldn't continue making tRrump first and America second. Well actually you probably could because it doesn't matter what tRump does to you or your families or this country does it. Nope


  30. If he was raping your country or your child, would you look the other way, or just tell yourself another fairy tale, and let it continue?

  31. I do not understand these people. They call themselfes republicans but hail their authoritarian King Trump. What a contradiction. How stupid.

  32. Mueller waited for two reasons: he had broad authority to investigate Trump, maybe he could use that authority to find something, anything criminal. Maybe he could find that Trump stole a candy bar as a child, also (so I guess 3 reasons), the press, could use the extended investigation to harm Trump politically. The last reason is, maybe he could get Trump to intervene somehow and file a charge of obstruction. Muller, your a coward and a chump.

  33. How embarrassing to the FBI and CIA… they let this snowball get larger it was nothing to begin with but Trump haters had to keep their animosity going trying their damndest to undermine the 2016 election mad it was NOT their person that won…
    all the while supposedly UNDER OBAMAS watch his administration he was so high so mighty and yet had no clue Russian MIGHT be meddling in elections…preposterous thought…could Obama be so inept he just did not know what was happening??? I venture to guess he had MUCH to do with it and the fact in my opinion orchestrated it…because passing the torch to another LEADER which is what happens in a newly elected President, the past administration usually shares the " by the way…we feel Russians are meddling in our elections"…No the Obama administration did not warn or tell Trump any knowledge of the sort…one sees clearly this began before Trump even took the helm.

  34. The evil Dems continue their verbal abuses which crimes.
    There is another crime – Perjury.
    The evil Dems created all sorts of deception to defame President Trump. The false accusations are being done inside WH, these fake lies should be considered perjury.
    President Trump needs to act now to arrest all the evil Dems bastards.

  35. The Democrats along with their bought and paid for far left fake news main street media cabal are corrupt as they come. They are found never to be trusted under any and or all circumstances. Any integrity they all once held with the public has been totally lost. They now will have to work twice as hard to rebuild, gain back, any bit of respect and trust from the public. Today the Democrat Party, for their own survival, may be better off to split into two parties, the Liberal Democrat Party, and the Socialist Democrat Party. Seriously!

  36. Why nobody asking how much money the investigation team was earned par months….?
    Trust me the job was a high paying powerful prestigious position, guaranteed to go minimum 2020…. BUT the appointment of new AG Barr was spoiled their plans thankfully.
    How the hell that in US nobody want to believe that some dirty prosecutor's greed can be very easily a main reason sitting on the job years unfinished….asking shamelessly ; hey why the rush? we was payed par the hours with absolute immunity from any wrongdoings!
    The 2 1/2 year investigation costed the US government more than 40 million dollars… imagine the salary of the staff!?
    This was probably the most shameful political witchunt we ever saw in a decades, comited by a bunch of soulless peoples for greeds, hatred and powers!

    Human nature at is best!

  37. So now Pelosi and Nadler and Shifty Schiff tried to revive the already dead topic of the Russia connection of the meeting with Don Jr where nothing happened.

  38. President Trump has done more in the two and a half years he's been President.than any president anywhere. Soros had his Bpaid Antifa gangs going after all known Trump supporters beating the hell out of them.The Democratic Party has gone totally crazy. Levin your guest is trying to make it sound like Trump is to blame by being to agreeable. What crap.

  39. When you start to actually converse with leftists, you discover that they intentionally and deliberately maintain their delusions by avoiding information. I believe they are actually aware that the information they might see, will change their minds. So they desperately don't want to see it. Once you understand it's basically a massive cult, with a priesthood, and uniforms they wear to signal themselves as acolytes, you will understand why it doesn't matter what the mueller report shows: They will never see it. Never think about it.

  40. I just bought my year supply of popcorn for round two after this i will never like popcorn the same way

  41. The demonrates did achieve a major goal. By putting out a collusion between trump and Russia, it dampened any serious effort to go after Clinton. They dangled the delicious carrot of trump and his impeachment. It worked. 2 more years have gone by…..memory recall, not so good.

  42. This was the Deep State's "insurance policy" that was meant to ban or remove Donald Trump from the Democrats residency called the Whitehouse. They failed miserably again in a lot of pain oh what a shame. TRUMP WINS 2020 AGAIN. Chick a boom chick a boom.

  43. what are they going to do about this scam. That cost all that money. Mueller that ruined Stone,and the others. Are they going to file charges against Mueller.

  44. Did I miss something? Not one mention of fusion GPS, I don't think I heard Hillary's name anywhere, It seems like you glossed over a lot of important ,facts what is going on, ? And if they were not facts that you left out , It was at least considerable information.

  45. I LOVE Mr. Levin when he's like this, calm, cool, relaxed and collected. But when he gets worked up, frenzied and near hysterics…not so much.

  46. Ok my fellow Democrats, The key word to use today is damming followed by racist . So go out there and make us proud.

  47. Thanks to the Democrats we have new additions to the urban dictionary.
    To Kavanaugh : falsely accused some one in order to prevent a promotion or an appointment to higher office.
    To smollett: to orchestrate a hate crime against yourself
    To mueller: to waste time and money in an investigation and use more than 100 pages to spell nothing

  48. Mueller didn't lie. He didn't break.

    He didn't get backed into a corner. He didn't exonerate.

    The Mueller Report put a knife in the heart of Donald Trump.

    And he is slowly bleeding out……

  49. Muller's team, (Mueller is and was a figurehead), are guilty of conspiring to subvert a congressional election in 2018, and succeeded in the House. Would Republican lost the House without a false collusion threat hanging over Trump? No chance in hell.

  50. I'm an old white southern Baptist . I am also a big fan of an old Jewish saying. Come, let us reason together. It should be carved in stone over the door.

  51. Mueller waited because Mueller was inside the DOJ working with Rosenstein to keep the phishing expedition treason going to maintain their blocking investigation & obstructing justice stranglehold inside the DOJ, which gave their phishing crew to keep searching out all evidence against their own crimes & to keep up with every piece of evidence the other side was gathering on their own crimes. The destruction of evidence on the cell phones of Lisa Page & Peter Strzok was not by accident, but very deliberate removal of evidence!

  52. Wake up people. It has revealed how the media and the dems abuse their power to create make believe narratives

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