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Governor Thomas E Dewey today conceded the
presidential election to President Truman under a New York dateline. The Associated Press has not conceded
a total of 218 electoral votes to General Eisenhower. The new popular vote reporting now
45% of the popular vote is in. At 7:19 AM Eastern Time, Senator Kennedy was elected
President of the United States. The results in yesterday’s general
election are still trickling in. The latest figure shows
President Johnson nearly 41 and three quarter million, Senator Goldwater
nearly 26 and one quarter million. Nixon it’s the one, that’s the natural
banner for any front page tonight. At almost midday eastern time,
NBC News projected Richard Nixon the 37th president of the United States, when it
became evident he had carried Illinois. Now if you wanna put
the electoral board up, we can see the dimensions of Mr.
Nixon’s landslide tonight. Jimmy Carter, by our calculation has
won Presidency of the United States and Gerald R Ford has lost the first
election of his entire life. You’ve seen the map,
we’ve looked at the figures, and NBC now makes its projection for
the Presidency. Reagan is our projected winner,
Ronald Wilson Reagan, of California,
a sports announcer, a film actor. Good evening, everyone, I’m Tom Brokaw,
at the NBC News Election Headquarters, and NBC News now is able to project the
re-election of Ronald Wilson Reagan the 73 year old president of the United States. The winner of this contest
with Walter Fritz Mondale. Good evening once again and vice president George Bush who’s been
living in government housing for the past eight years will continue
to live in government housing. He’ll move from Massachusettes Avenue
to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. NBC news now projects that George Bush
is president-elect of the United States. We’re back now and we have a whole
run of presidential projections for you. They all belong to Bill Clinton,
he has passed the magic number of 270. The governor of Arkansas who was
once described as being 40 at 16 and then 16 at 40, in terms of his
behavior during those races, he is now elected President of the United
States according to our projection. Tonight, Bill Clinton proves
his title, ‘The Comeback Kid.’ He is our projected winner as
President of the United States. Tonight, 35 days after he first
prepared a concession speech, Vice President Al Gore will
give up his long fight for the presidency in a nationally
televised speech. And Texas Governor, George W. Bush will follow with his first
speech to the country as President elect. What has been the most bitterly contested
presidential election in modern history is now expected to turn to notes
to grace and reconciliation. Giving Nevada to President Bush, with its five electoral votes,
gives the President 274 electoral votes. He needed 270 to be reelected, so we are now saying George W Bush
has been reelected. We have news. There will be young children
in the White House for the first time since
the Kennedy generation. An African-American has broken
the barrier as old as the Republic. An astonishing candidate,
an astonishing campaign, a seismic shift in American politics. Hang on Chuck, hang on Chuck. Here we go. We’ve got some critical calls. Yes we do. Let’s see hear, roll them. Ohio, President Barack Obama remains President of the United States for
a second term.

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  1. What the hell is wrong with people here? Blue needs to win this election. I live outside of the city and I wouldn't vote for the ass Trump if he paid me.I would spit in that bastards face.

  2. come on guys I'm only 14 I am from Las Cruces New Mexico I wish I could vote I have school tomorrow but I'm saying all night up to see who wins come on guys don't be stupid vote for Clinton let's go

  3. hillary clinton wiould be the worce president ever shes for abortions iam prolife i believe trump would make america great again we need someone like him i hope he gets in i hope clinton goes behind bars america wont survive with killary clinton shess the biggest idiot around. ill never vote democrat they all stink

  4. Everyone in the comments wanting hillary to win are complete idiots… don't get me wrong Trump will suck, but Hillary is owned by Saudi Arabia so…

  5. Eisenhower was easily re-elected in 1956; unfortunately, NBC never kept their election night broadcast.

    And it was John Chancellor who called the election for Nixon (Illinois put him over the top) when their 1968 coverage resumed after the Today Show.

  6. Look how exited Chuck Todd was when they were about to call the election for Barry. Then watch him when they called Trump. I"m going to punch him in the face when i see him.

  7. Liberalism: Politically correct, changing and progressing America to a middle east country, anti-religion and blaming white christian males for everything.

  8. Time to add in the glorious victory of America's first citizen President, the "Blue Collar Billionaire," Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America! "Make America Great Again!" (These boobs announced their "projection" of his election during his acceptance speech.)

  9. and Obama was the last President USA had. as far as I know that seat is empty at the moment and we definitely have no president.

  10. MORE THAN 60 YEARS!! You could've waited another day so you could include 2016 in the video. Kennedy did not win California in 1960. Gerald Ford's very first election was NOT in 1976, it was a U.S. House race in 1948. You really ignored Eisenhower: did not include his victory for 1952, you didn't include anything from 1956. 2008 wasn't the first administration since Kennedy with young children in the White House. (Chelsea Clinton was 12 years old when Bill Clinton started). Overall, there have been major flaws on many of your projections and that why I don't watch NBC on election night.

  11. So NBC News has been trying to rig elections for a long time I remember them saying Carter would win when it was a landslide for Reagan !


  13. Dukakis should've gone cowboy and put on some boots, hat, belt buckle, and then he would've won the Midwestern and Southwestern states he needed to carry this election.

  14. To everyone complaining about how the 2016 results weren't in the video, the video was made before the results were in. November 8, 2016.

  15. And to think that Reagan came oh so close to pitching a "no hitter" in 84, which would have been so great! That was by far the greatest election ever, until 2016 at least! 😉

  16. 1:58, that's a cute line, but if a news anchor said that about Obama's reelection in 2012, that anchor would have been tarred and feathered and probably kicked off the air.

  17. When NBC called Florida for Al Gore hundreds of thousands of people didn't go vote for Bush after they got off work in the western part of the USA. If NBC didn't do that Bush would have also won the popular vote.

  18. NBC for the last 20 or so years has disgrace it's past and Origins… At least before they pretended not to be biased AKA leftist

  19. It’s crazy that in 1988 when they called the election for Bush, Dukakis had only won five states and one of them was West Virginia, which is now one of the most solidly Republican states in America.

  20. I remember when NBC News called the 2016 election. No, not on election night, but 5 months prior. How wrong they were! 🙂

  21. Look at the excitement when Obama won twice by the propaganda machine that is the mainstream media. How come Chuck Todd wasn't smiling like that in 2016? Why didn't Brian Williams mention that Trump had a young son that would be in the White House when he won? ehh, whatever… they all had to eat crow that night anyway. Revenge is sweet.

  22. So interesting to notice the professionalism of news reports going up as the years go on, I.e. older ones reading off papers, stuttering, not looking ahead

  23. Obama— worst president in our lifetime and they fell for his soft talk no action twice, and look what he left us, thank God for President Donald J Trump
    this country need a shake up in the right direction. It was unfortunate having 2 years of full control, those losers in congress couldn’t get things done. Now, we are screwed w a democrat congress that wants to obstruct and divide our people’s.

  24. 3:23 Young children in the White House since the Kennedy Generation? Do they think Bill Clinton is 60-some years old in 1992?

  25. future broadcast….2020 elections, landslide victory for a second term for the 45th President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump ! 🙂

  26. Here's an interesting thought, why do you think repubs were represented by the color blue on the maps and dems by red? The even bigger question was why was it changed.

  27. Heh…the call for Trump was a banner under the screen as he was giving his victory speech. Oh they were beside themselves! XD

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