Somebody stop, it’s okay. We think somebody just broke in the house. We’re going to call daddy and 911 and evie locked it. Oh wait, they’re still barking like crazy Good morning, my friend He says hey with his banana. How are you? Happy Wednesday, how is your week going? Let me know down below How you’re doing and also guys if you are brand new to our channel would you please let me know down below? And I will talk with you and say hello The other thing we’ve got to get some business out of the way the other thing So we have lost in the matter of just a couple days well Today we lost literally in the blink of an eye 1,000 subscribers and the other day 500 Subscribers, and it’s kind of like we believe you’re often it’s kind of like a YouTube glitch Done. Oh, you may take an eevee. I got one hand can she peel it for you. Yeah, yay So youTube does wonky things and they have been known to do that it takes up? I’m not I’m not sure why I’m not sure how but What I want you to do if you’re watching obviously make sure you’re subscribed it or not and secondly turn the bell on Now YouTube will unsubscribe people if they do, not watch The channel often it’s happened to me you won’t even know that your unsubscribe to just think that I’m not posting videos They will do that, and they have done that so turn the bell on set the little bill That’s right next to subscribe, so you know every time I post the video we post a video Monday through Saturday, so you can kind of guarantee that we’re going to be posting but just so you don’t forget So that’s all the business. I need to get out of the way today Today, we’re going to do something fun all of us if you have a friend coming over you’ll have to just see later What we’ll be doing But first I have a chiropratic. Well, I’m hoping I called I have a chiropractic appointment to get the muscle testing done to those bags So yesterday that was in yesterday’s vlog, so we will find out the results result of those today I will let you know in the vlog what she says So yeah, I think it’s going to be sunny at some point today, but yeah, alright guys We’ll check in later alright guys a little bit of a change of plan. It’s almost 11:00 I’m not going to go see Dr.. Keith tomorrow Just because the kind of how the day is going and she actually doesn’t start till 1:00 to anyway I’m going to go tomorrow to get that testing done But we’re good packing up to go to the pool. I’ve been stood on It’s going to be hot and it’s super sunny, so we’re going to do that Claire’s on our way come over to play That’s what I want to tell you Can’t remember oh, and then we’re going to forget We’ve got some work to do the plan for our wrought up or for our sun thing. That’s coming If you’ll see in a little bit, okay, but I’m about to make a soluble And I want to show you what I’m going to put into it Turn you guys around So here is – I hope there’s that I’m actually going to mix the pope with oh, not more milk Ooh, my best bet to grab almond milk on the milks that I’ll get a little bit of bone broth protein I’m going to Put a date in the so this is what I’m going to mix for the base which would be the acAi there we go thank you, almond Milk Bone broth and A date I just have one date is going to pop that in there sama blend all that and these are gonna be my poppin Strawberry Blueberry Banana Hemp seed heart Granola and then I’m going to put honey, and I think it’ll be delicious I love AcAi Bowls They’re just so so good, and I love that you can tailor them to your preferences and put anything wrong So that’s what I do right now alright guys. We’ll catch up with you in Alright guys. We are on our way to the pool And I have just some cute boys with me The girls are staying back because they’re going to work on the thing The thing that we’re doing times and have the sewing machine out scissors lots of stuff so We’ll see we’ll see we’ll be fun to see what they come up with so that’s what we’re going to volcán it is hot you’ve been You’ve got the motorboat and what about you may be working if I can like the bubble sound So sitting here nice quiet avoid innocent Hooligan Showtime Huh? Yeah, but you’re a day for the boy. That’s hot 91 yeah Yeah You gotta Grab a movie Guys, we’re freaking out not sake we think somebody stop. It’s okay. We think somebody just broke in the house All right, we’re packing out Okay, we’re gonna pocket We’re not going back in that house All right, I’m seriously Checking right now. I have all no one just car seat. So we’re just kidding We’re just sitting out and we’re going to go back to the pool Are you gonna do? Nothing as an actor. Are you serious serious? All right, okay, all right that door was open and we are shot it and lost it okay I’m saying okay so all right guys what we’re going to do is we’re going to we’re going to call that a mannequin on the line and I am Really freaked out right now, but I’ll get back to you in a minute But the problem is the thing is is when I pull up like they go in. I hear the dogs boot You know they don’t marvel They don’t work when we cut when we come in and the door was open I had walked it and she said the door was open and she locked looking the window. Are you positive? Yes? I had gone, and I don’t brush. I’m barry shut the door walk through a glass, huh? I saw her do it but uh but the dogs are already in the crates my left buddy, Daniel Island I mean they worst yet They were in their crates, but I had look to make sure and then I went and locked shut the door and locked it so because I wanted to keep it long and then We left and they never barked and we like with as I was going to open the door and see them and it’s like even before I got to Know that so they were doing that you know that bark And they see somebody or hear somebody so I I heard them and I didn’t I didn’t think it was our dog I didn’t think it was brit. Go like who’s barking yeah no, we’re not going back in the house and um and That black anyways, and so they were barking which was near I bet anything a thing of it And I’m started going and then the girls were like this north was open a lot We started freaking out because they was different in the room divorce is not a cotton-blend all right let me tell you right I’m coming back to you guys He’s rich my friends hang on right Daniel film so we confirm I’m just telling everybody then somebody definitely broke in because the back door the front door was open and the back door was locked So obviously the person came through the front and ran out the back and they knew they were still in there They were still in there when we came to the door because the dogs were barking Before we even walked in the house and it was a very the Dark that briggs gives when he sees someone all right don’t let me know near munir walk in there are neighbors. I got Previous greatest loss of life, I’m sorry but here. We go. We’re going right, so I’m going to follow Huh? Baby locked it. Oh Wait, they’re still barking like Crazy, wha? What did you lock it? He lost it Daniel. Let’s go freaking out okay, sorry kind of chaotic in here right now, so it Seems like I never do off doing on let me like the meanwhile yeah Because the thing is what was weird when I either find when when I pulled up And I was getting out of the car. I was like oh My God lolly barking like because it was a set Agenda like briggs and briggs is the one now that has the potential to eat you alive And he was barking so anyways He would barking and they were in their crates Maybe next time I should leave them out so they can so bricks can do his thing But I’m sure so Anyways, and he sounded like he that bark was like run for your life suck up but and so I thought that was weird, and then when the girls and I mean I don’t ever walk in front of the girls, and I just walked in ahead of me you know and They all come running somebody’s been in here the door was wide open, and I’m like yeah I mean, I’m screaming here beyond this and I am like when they said that I didn’t notice anything I heard a dog barking and I said and I said they can fill me in your get out get out You know work my mind was not not even you got the gun, but I don’t want to come out I didn’t want to I didn’t want to like come in and You know bread bread looks like I think someone broke into the house because we were all we saw the door opened the dogs were Barking and like spot and Alton fell across the way I theater talk about that’s normal and then when we would when you came in and we had to leave and get in the car At boeing I had to pick up Bowen and bro because I was just like run Get out get everybody out and so we just jumped in the car And we close we closed the doors, and we just got to get out with the drive away for drive away If that’s hands Blankie like I don’t care Anyway, so nothing was or the house is fine, but yeah hold on baby. The house is fine Except I think I think we walked in on hMM Because the dogs and that door they didn’t even show me they flung that door open the front door was open I’m not going to make that mistake again. Nope keep it all locked out all right wait stay tuned Hi, so any guesses as to where we’re going Yeah, Poopoo. Oh No, we’re not going to school. It’s like. Oh everybody’s ready guys chuckling Oh, no I just got ears about as good as it gets because you know what Chick-fil-A in a sign Chick-fil-a used to give out for decorate like for head to toe cow a Free meal French fries drinking everything and now no matter how you dress and you just get a free sandwich Plus a cop-out, so you know what I’m just doing ears. I’m making them things off. I forget myself and look Going to sell it okay time to go in On a year know why assert that you work there slow and look Here nose out of your nose. I’m just distraught. I know I can’t think sure I know how account I was honest yeah that but yesterday. You should ask your fish Alright, let’s go eat children. Let’s go Mama. Well here years are like mmm like that easier AutoMatic wow Would it be bad if you came not dressed up today? Yeah? I’d be like a former I’d be like getting word that my guys sharp me. I’ll be putting how exactly is that Good dad like we are crazy right? Yeah, crazy day. Yes, I’m exhausted. Oh, Mr.. Day. Yeah, emotionally draining. Yeah We don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know guys. I mean the house was fine The door was open the dogs are going crazy. I still know yeah There’s nothing nothing was touched the drone was sitting there with cash on the counter you Know we don’t know we don’t know what happened. Don’t know Mm-Hmm I mean no, but not we’ll never know but So yeah, we’ll close it out though. Yes. We’re exhausting yes. We will see you tomorrow. Thanks for being here things are being a part of our family and subscribing and Yeah, just being so interactive with us and comments and keep them coming yep. We love it. Yeah, all right We’ll see you guys. Have a good day. Talk about a good night Good night an amazing with a magical day. Sorry boy. That’s right. Hi guys I’ve got this dog back. Don’t tell your fellow glasses go away, uh people kill job

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