Campus Argument Goes Viral As Evergreen State Is Caught In Racial Turmoil (HBO)

Last month, Evergreen State College
in Washington went crazy— when a professor of evolutionary biology named
Brett Weinstein objected to a Day of Absence— when white students and faculty
were asked to voluntarily leave campus. Weinstein branded it a form of racial segregation. A group of student protesters called him a racist. The confrontation incited further protests, debates over free speech, and claims
of systemic racism on campus. And things haven’t calmed down. Tomorrow, Evergreen will hold its graduation… at an off-campus location… 40 miles away. — This is the video, viewed by millions, that put Evergreen State and Weinstein
in the national spotlight. — “This is not a discussion—you have lost that one.” — Yeah, “you’ve lost that one.” — So what are they doing here
if they don’t want to talk to you? — Well, this is part-and-parcel of their central note— they’re just shutting down somebody
that they don’t want to hear from. — Weinstein has taught at Evergreen State for 14 years. He describes himself as “deeply progressive,” but has been denounced as racist tool of
the alt-right by some students and faculty. — Weinstein objected to the Day of Absence
in a “formal protest” email to colleagues, arguing that, quote, “one’s right to speak,
or to be, must never be based on skin color.” Calls for his resignation followed. — By virtue of the way they constructed this, you were making a statement by being
on campus that you were not an ally. And I feel like I am an ally to people of
color in their attempts to gain equity. — Do you have a sense at this point
of why they want you to resign? — Well, they think that I’m a racist. Because if you stand up against one of these
things because you think it’s ill-considered, that you will be branded as a racist. — We just wanted to be like, until you’re accountable for these actions,
you don’t get to teach students at Evergreen. You don’t get to spread this problematic
rhetoric and instill it in students. — So at this point, we would like Bret to be fired. But that isn’t happening. The administration is refusing to take action. They’re choosing to protect this white
cis-male professor over its students. — Later that day, the students held a raucous meeting at
which they presented a list of demands, including the disarming of campus police and
mandatory sensitivity training for all faculty. It’s the one point on which
the protesters and Weinstein agree: Evergreen’s embattled President,
George Bridges, has mishandled the crisis. — I think their concerns are legitimate. They’re articulating ideas that have to do
with race, ethnicity, power, privilege, and we’re taking a look at them. — People were criticizing you for using hand gestures. — Absolutely. They were. — That seems crazy to people
from the outside of Evergreen. — It may, but it’s noise. — But the noise has been effective. — I mean, it essentially sounded
like you’re being held hostage there. — If you were gonna go to the bathroom,
you have to go with two escorts. Is that true? — That’s what the students felt was true. — I was going to go to the bathroom—
— What do you mean, that’s what the students…? — Well, that’s what they said,
if you want to go to the bathroom— I was going to go to the bathroom regardless,
and they wanted to escort me. — I felt very safe there.
— Why? — Why what? — Why did they want to escort you to the bathroom? — I don’t know. — Did you ask them? — No, of course not. — The situation on campus grew even more
inflamed after Weinstein went on Fox News. The protesters say his appearance
provoked threats from the alt-right. — Although Bret has not personally said, you know, “Go out and attack these students,
go out and threaten these students,” that has been the result of his actions. He has incited white supremacists and he
has validated white supremacists and Nazis in our community and in the nation. And I don’t think that should be
protected by free speech. — We received a threat saying that people come here and execute every
single person they see on campus— at that point… yeah, fuck free speech. — When we’re dead, when people die,
and you’re sitting here like, “Well, at least they got
to practice their free speech.” I’m so sorry about it, your free speech is not more important than the lives of, like, black-trans-femmes
and students on this campus. — Yes! — Hate to break it to you. — The protests have been effective, but it’s unclear if they’re widely supported. Many students told us that they’ve
been hesitant to publicly dissent. Kirstin, who also didn’t want us to use her last name, is one of Weinstein’s students: — I’m afraid of having a nuanced opinion, because I’m afraid that my opinions
and I will be stigmatized. — It’s a rather strange sentence
to hear on a university campus— “I’m fearful of my nuanced opinion.” — So I feel that I do not have the ability to speak, if I have disagreements with the methods
that are being used in the protests. — There is this issue of what
I can say and what I can’t say, and who’s going to dismiss me
or demean me for saying it. And that is new in the American discourse. — A student told me that you’re a white supremacist. — I’m assuming the students have
said lots of things about me. I don’t believe I am. — You don’t believe you are,
but you accept that you might be. — No. Well—it depends on what you mean
by a “white supremacist.” What does that mean? I’m a white person in a position of privilege. — Okay. I guess that’s part of the confusion for me, is the precision of language seems to be
being lost in a lot of this conversation. — It is. — Bridges has acceded to
many of the students’ demands. But there’s a demand he hasn’t given into— that Weinstein be fired. Weinstein won’t rule out the possibility
that he’s taught his last class at Evergreen. But if comes back to teach next semester,
he can expect the protests to continue. — I don’t care what happens to Bret anymore. He can go and be racist and be a piece
of shit wherever he wants to do that. Hopefully, long-term,
we can just weed out people like Bret. — At this point, why not beat a hasty retreat and say,
“There’s no point in doing this”? — Frankly, every student in that hallway who had chosen to make that protest has
Ia clue about where they are going wrong. But I think that my standing there did some good.

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  1. I feel sorry for the students. Ill prepared for the real world. They're cowards and pathetic and to have those draped around your neck is burdensome. UNDERSTAND THIS YOU FUCKING GUTLESS CRETINOUS SNOWFLAKES. IF YOUR ONLY PREPARED TO LISTEN TO VIEWS THAT AGREE WITH YOURS IS NOT FUCKING FREE SPEECH, IS NOT FREE SPEECH, IS NOT FREE SPEECH……rinse and repeat. Grow a pair, listen to alternate views and argue your case, DO NOT SHUT IT DOWN. It's what Hitler, Stalin and Maoi did – fucking vile dictators ! ! ! ! ! .

  2. Whaaaaaaaaaat the hell is this???????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the dude wants to pee and the student said no????? And has to be escorted????? What kind of university is this 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. For the first time in my entire life I consider myself privileged that I have attended university in Iraq, a 3rd world country.

  4. This is what happens when people in authority (teachers, prophesors, bosses) become friends.


  5. college kids………….their first step into adulthood and feeling important. How many times have we watched them just jump on some stupid bandwagon and protest something. Most of them don't know which end is up much less truly know or understand what they protest. It is usually what their professors have been telling them that motivates them to do this. Not their knowledge or first hand experience or understanding of it.

  6. I disagree with Weinstein's view on the exercise but this reaction to him is incredibly disproportionate. Weinstein exacerbated things greatly by appearing on such programs as Tucker Carlson. I suspect there is more behind the attitude towards him than we are hearing here. Anyone who lived through the 60s is not going to be terribly surprised by any of this, it doesn't last.

  7. The worst part of this is that these petite bourgeoisie privilege students call themselves socialists without ever done a days work in their spoilt little lives, real socialists what end income disparity, give access to health and education, better housing, no wonder voters are flocking to the right in the US if this is the representation of socialism in the main stream media.

  8. If all the rich people left for a day in their BMWs to support the poor and then simply came back would you feel any better with $0.50 in your bank account?? That about sums this up.

  9. goddamn there is nothing worse than these stupid fucking becky's on campus i wish i could teleport them to a diverse community and let them deal with this horseshit.

  10. Imagine being that Hadley chick, with zero self awareness to how pathetic and STUPID you just appeared on national television.
    This whole campus has become a punch-line, a literal embarrassment of the educational system.

  11. These students don't realize that when they act like this, they're becoming the very thing they are trying to fight. Ironic.

  12. The Evergreen State College is a public liberal arts college in Olympia, Washington. Founded in 1967, Evergreen offers a non-traditional undergraduate curriculum in which students design their own paths of study. Full-time students enroll in interdisciplinary academic programs instead of classes.

    When this is the kind of place of "higher education" that you're talking about don't be surprised if it all goes to shit like this. Someone from the US please tell me that this place is a laughing stock.

  13. This is what happen's when you let the children take over your school. Great job so called Adults, total pussies and this is all your fault. I just laugh because you are so stupid.

  14. Not a good progressive demonstration ye entitled ones. you guys aren't listening anymore than typical right wing emo outbursts. If he really only said what's represented here, I don't get what he did so bad that you must ruin him over. Vote Bernie.

  15. If they were really after equality, these children would have seen Bret on campus and just been like "its cool, he's with us"

  16. What drugs are those students on? Guess its a good thing no normal people are in charge of that excuse for a school. Those lunatic so called protesters need expelled. I sure hope that school don't get any federal money.

  17. What I saw was a bunch of white students telling a white professor to leave… so they really didn’t want all the white people to leave; they just want anyone that doesn’t want to be in their gang gone.

    If I saw my child in that gang, I would never pay for another day of college for him/her. If they don’t want to be in class learning, then I shouldn’t waste my money.

  18. When racist people dont know there racist them self. In the future it will be called black privilege oh wait thats now damn it.

  19. I'm European, but I've watched this so many times. It's scary. It is a reminder that you can be both too left and too right. Extremism is never good. Shutting down people of opposite opinions or telling people they can't participate in a discussion because of the colour of their skin is madness. A campus is for everyone, if some of the students and faculty wishes to segregate and offer something for only a specific group, then they need to take that off campus.

  20. The very definition of racism and entitlement. ALL those students are fucking nuts. I wonder what color of tent they will pick for their future street home….

  21. The fact that not one actual man has said no to these children while shutting down free speech and holding administrators hostage is why we are in this fucked up situation. Someone put these children in the zoo they belong in.

  22. The universities and baby boomers created this Frankenstein. Don’t be surprised when the monsters eventually turn on their own creators

  23. If I was white id be like that's bull I paid to be here why should I have to leave cause of my skin just cause you think you have it bad doesint give you the pass to bea racist yourself

  24. No dude he didint provoke racism it's the way you kids were acting faning the flames kinda makes me want to be a racist.. you incited all this racist energy it simply manifested ie take a physics class

  25. These students don't know anything. This professor is extremely smart and wise….and these (privileged) students have an extremely oversimplified view of the world, shutting-down anyone who disagrees with them. Their behaviour is unacceptable and intolerant.

  26. Most people seem to think that racism is only directed at people of color, racism is dictated as being discriminant to a race, any race including white people. These people seem to think that since this professor is a white supremacist because he retaliated at people being racist to white people. He's standing up for them, now obviously racism isn't usually thrown at white people but more at African Americans or Asians, still though the letter sent out was racist which these students seem to be confusing with white supremacy. They just don't fully understand racism

  27. that gay, leftwings assholes with sheat on hair should be shot dead on birth. It´s not they´re fault thay are like this. they´re moma should closed her legs at the birth.

  28. sadly these little shits are going to be running the country one day and we will be getting the shit kicked out of our asses by other countries

  29. These are people that have never dealt with genuine conflict in their lives–so in order to overcompensate for that void–they create unnecessary protest and strife.

  30. Hope this liberal professor realise that its liberals like them that had planted the evil seeds and eventually gave birth to the more violent liberal deme babies.

  31. Put them all in a Russian work colony in Siberia for two months so they regain their senses. That would also make them appreciate what they got.

  32. These brats are in for a rude and painful awakening once they leave their insulated bubble of insanity…. they are so delicate and fragile their chances of adapting to the real world are pretty dismal…. it's really sad that the people charged with teaching them are doing them such a disservice by enabling this insane thinking and behavior. Maybe they shouldn't have to pay for their education after all…. haha.

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