Can I Break My Record From The Front Tees? | Part 2 | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day out here at Nashville Golf and Athletic Club for the part two of the
two part series can I break my record can I shoot 59 from the front tees we’ve
got the back nine ahead today shot 4-under 32 on the front nine want to say
thank you so much for the incredible support here on the channel we are at
35,000 subscribers it’s going to be a little breezy today we’re just gonna
hesitate to 10t let’s take it low number 10 par-3 100 yards right back into the
wind so I don’t want to hit a full wedge here I’m gonna take a little bit off of
a gap wedge it up lower take a little bit of the spin off I landed that one past the hole it
looked like it had stopped right next to the cup but just kind of kept rolling so
now wind is really strong there’s a lot of slope right there I need to get this
wound up and down as you can see right there there is her landed about four
feet just past the hole rolled all the way down to right there off the green bar here on ten these greens are quick
especially with that pin location they’re on ten hit a really quality
wedge shot in there it basically stopped and then kept rolling par for 290 yards
our target line is kind of right on the edge of that car path it is reachable
normally but it is dead back into the wind to highlight a fly I don’t know if it quite got there but
I’m not gonna hit it much better than that with there being cold and there’s a
lot of wind up there came up just a bit short but hit it well ship them back up
the hill there we are right there ship them back up the hill let’s get this up
an alpha bird take that for the first pin slammer
today number 12 par 4 297 yards you can see
the pin right through there so we’re going to need to take it up over these
trees big win from left to right come here to layup and that is why you spend time in the
gym working on balance stretching and all of that so times like when you
completely slip completely lose your footing you’re still able to make an
athletic move somehow get the club anthem ball hit that one actually decent
stay pretty straight not bad at all it ended up a little further right than I
thought just off the back edge of the green there roughly 50 feet left let’s
get this up and down really like that ship right there for the bird we are here on 12 these shoes are super comfortable but no
real spikes on them when you get into dormant season for the grass sometimes
it can get really slick you may want to look into using real spikes if you’re
somewhere in the world where you have dormant Bermuda grass a little bit more
traction with real spikes number 13 par 5 444 yards the hole bends are round to
the right and the green sits right up there we’re going to be trying to hit a
cut around this tree right here that is what I like to see out a driver
right there 110 yards left roughly 20 feet left here for a camera
drop in eagle it just broke a little too much but that
is another pin slammer 3-under through the four holes here on the back nine
seven under total need an eagle to fall to give us a chance to shoot the 59 got
a par 3 coming up here 14 let’s knock it close 115 yards middle pan so – played just a little more break
there that is a three here on 14 this is such a great drill to work on scoring on
the course and the mindset it takes to go low make more birdies than you’re
used to making get comfortable with low scores so try it out let me know how you
like it let me know some results and see if it helps you number 15 part 5 443
yards Green sits kind of back behind those trees right there
our target line is going to be right on the edge of them good tee ball right there 145 yards left
to a middle pen walking up to put the camera behind the green so y’all can see
the ball down a bit better very happy with the tee game so far today hitting
some pretty good drives giving us some good looks into the green so hopefully
we can capitalize on one of these not the best right there short in the
bunker have a little work to do let’s get it up and down and we’ll take that all day long in slammer here on 15 and that pin
slammer moves us to 4-under on the back 8-under total 272 yards this tree right
here is a little bit in the way there’s the green there’s the pin right
there you need to hit a good one I know when you need to right here we’re just
gonna have to chip one in got to go with hybrid that is the right Club driver is
a very very difficult shot not even to be very aggressive that’s just not the
club hybrid hopefully we did it up there kind of front edge couldn’t tell right there should be just
short of the green you want to play to your strengths even when being
aggressive we’re chipping it very well right now so we’re going to be
aggressive with the second shot here wanted to get myself the best
opportunity for a – there’s the ball right there in the bunker we’ve got
about 30 yards left to the pen let’s go there’s a tweeter been
practicing on the short game short games feeling really good have a lot of
confidence around the Greens right now so wanna set ourselves up for the best
possible opportunity to score so we did there tried to give it a run that’s just
a little short on the second shot for the Eagle attempt but still walked away
with birdie 5-under on the back nine under total on 217 par-3 140 yards right
back into the wind a little different especially in the wintertime what I’m
gonna do is flare open my left foot just a little bit put the ball just a little
further back from Center and then it’s gonna be kind of like a 3/4 focusing on
good tempo which is gonna send it a little lower ball flight a little more
penetrating better contact it’s gonna equal better results for sure I normally
roughly hit this shot about 30 maybe 25 yards less than a full swing with that
Club and that’s right the 8-iron that’s even
a little short I could have swung a little harder but left ourselves with a
good look at birdie also try not to get too steep on that shot it’s easy to do
focus on maybe a little bit flatter path with that swing will help with that
penetrating ball flight and not getting too much spent good shape right here
about 15 feet back up the hill for Byrd I will top this in for the three that’s a part here on 17 that leaves us
at 9-under through 17 holes for the can I break my record miniseries not looking
good need to make this tee shot would be a world record for me considering this
is a par 5 so we’ll see but we’re going to give it a rip 18 par 5 414 yards the
green sits off back in there our line is going to be just inside those trees
there and we’ll take that for the last drive
of the day right there I hope you’ve enjoyed another episode on this
miniseries can I break my record from the front teased out here at Nashville
golf had so much fun not look like remember at the record today but
encouraged with the short game encouraged with the tee shots hit a lot
of good tee shots so it’s a lot of good to take away from the day and had so
much fun let’s finish strong knock it up there close see if we can’t roll in an
eagle good shape right here 101 yards left to a left front pin little sand
wedge in hand should be in pretty good shape right
there good shape right here landed right there ended up right there 20 feet left
for Eagle Oh Oh I needed to hit it
alright that is a tweeter here on 18 that is it for this episode of can I
break my record finish the 10-under 6-under on the back 4 under on the front
62 had so much fun hope y’all enjoy coming along if you did drop a little
like down below that’d be greatly appreciated and y’all until next time
we’ll see you only see ya

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  1. Great job out the sand trap on 15! I have a question for you about golf… I’m 7ft y’all do I need specialized clubs for my height or does it not matter?

  2. Good job. Good to see the wedges are getting close. When I first started watching, all your short irons were right. Keep grinding!!!

  3. Zac!!! The man!! The legend! Congrats on what I see is 36,000 subs man! You deserve it! You are one the more honest and fun golfers to watch!
    Not to mention your dance moves are killer on the tee box when you lose your balance! Was that the PINSLAMMER SHUFFLE? LOL LOL. Nice work brother!

  4. PS….I use this front tee drill for pressure situations and getting used to trying to keep birdies on the card in a row. I play in tournaments down in Myrtle Beach, Michigan and other areas and it works for pressure situations really good!

  5. Reminds me about a couple of years ago played with an older gentleman who played from the front tees. Wanted to keep him company so I decided to play from the same tees. Shot 63…..I have to do that again! Felt very satisfying.

  6. Great effort out there, I'm sure you'll get that 59 soon. I've been struggling with the stinger, it's hard for me to get my hands out in front enough

  7. Hi, Zac. Just want to let you know that your videos are excellently produced and you come across very well. You are also a very talented golfer. Keep up the good work, my friend.

    All the best


  8. You were just a couple lucky putts away. Seriously… looking at putts that rolled by 2" this way or 2" short… NICE ROUND!

  9. I wear trail running shoes when I play golf. I feel like they are better shoes overall compared to most golf shoes, and I have never had any issues slipping, and I always walk when I play. I wear Saucony Peregrine ISOs.

  10. That last hole is always deceiving on camera. Makes it look like your drive is going to go through the fairway into the lake.

  11. I’ve been playing out in Oklahoma a lot lately because of work and your average day is like 12-15 mph winds. I love going out when it’s even higher because I can really focus on my game completely unbothered by others.

    Side note: I have been unintentionally hitting stingers with my driver lately yet when I try to hit stingers with my irons they never work lol

  12. Loving your videos. I especially love the way you zoom in with your shots, because sometimes it can be difficult to see where the ball goes. Keep up the excellent work dude!

  13. This really makes me want to have a go of playing from short tees see if I can shoot a few shots lower than normal and help to be less nervous when having a good round in the future

  14. The yardages played here remind me of my high school home course, drivable par 4's short par 5's (under 500) and short par 3's. My low round was there, 69. It's a grocery store now so no attempt at 59 possible. I'd rather see a good player like you on a challenging course instead of this.

  15. Congrats on 36K!! It got really windy out there!! I like it when you put the camera behind the green then zoom in!! Do you have some new mics? Cause the audio is really clear!!

  16. One thing I notice some of y'all golf vloggers do is split these videos into multiple parts due to length. Can you please provide links to the other parts of the same course vlog so we don't have to look for them? Thanks! Keep up the good work!

  17. Awesome videos love watching them. Wish I had your game. I'm happy shooting in the mid 80's and the occasional low 80 lol.

  18. Well done Zac. Love watching the Break My Record vids and rooting for ya. Can’t wait to get out and do the same tomorrow at my club!

  19. You’re my favourite golf vlogger dude. Keep it real. I’ve unwittingingly borrowed ‘pin slammer’ from you for ‘bird’ on the course. Get some merch organised. “Pin Slammer” and “Stinger… Full Send” I’m buying a couple XLs right there.

  20. Teach us how to chip and pitch like that please , I’d love to have some confidence around the green , excellent vid zac 👍

  21. I’m definitely going to try the front tees!!! It does said like an awesome drill to even add some confidence to my game!!! Thanks!!!

  22. Zach, love the videos. What kind of putter do you use? I notice you go outside in is that why the shaft splits your blade?

  23. Hi Again! I’ve now watched your four instructionsvideos: Stingers ,Fairwaybunkers, Shapeshots & shortgame- very instructive💪💪😃
    I think your Drivertechnique is fabulous, if possible- can you do an instructive video on driver as well?

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