CDC Warns Americans Of Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC Nightly News

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  1. If there is one silver lining, its that many people were probably never tested because they are asymptomatic, so the mortality rate may be much lower than 3%. It may be closer to 1%. Still, for a virus that will infect most of the world's population, this is a dire situation. Our grandchildren will know about this virus.

  2. This Coronovirus is going to have a huge impact on global economy and there will be a situation of crisis world wide. We should start preparing for that, many will lose jobs and businesses will not be able to accommodate many people. Downsizing is what's next 🙁 … who agrees ???

  3. We need those aliens from other galaxies to help us, supposedly they care for our Earth. I saw documentaries about 'em. 💯👽

  4. I'm flying tm and i could get stuck and have immune issues I'll be away for 2 weeks and could get stuck im Chicago for maybe a month. Should I go? ..

  5. I cant believe I am agreeing with the orange manatee ok something. .stop panicking…the mortality is 2%…98% of the people recover.

  6. Air borne transmission confirmed, high death rate and long incubation.. perfect for more mutation in the near future! Modern day travel spreads it world wide quickly! Nice!

  7. I went to get boba today in (Bay Area) and since it was like an Asian place there was NO ONE. This place is usually packed but I was the only one there this time

  8. Wow y’all need to quit lying to people, it’s already a pandemic & already have approximately 1000 in the us infected with coronavirus! Get ready America, life will never be the same!

  9. Do people think 2.5 billion means 2.5 million dollars? If we can’t stop an outbreak of a disease with 2.5 billion dollars than we’ve failed our people

  10. You must trust President Trump: Everything is under control. Under Control is Everything. Under Everything is control.

  11. Omg I'm terrified! I just hope and pray that it doesn't hit us here in the US as bad. God please watch over all of us. In and out of the US.

  12. I think it’s worse than what they are telling us, if the real truth was to get out it would be mass hysteria with people stock pilling food/water

  13. I am worried about an outbreak in Mexico. It is a poor lawless country and they will not be able to contain an outbreak. An outbreak in Mexico will spread across the border states and take out the border patrol when they come in contact. Also, respirator mask have sold out most places in Texas. They are still available online, but will sell out. I have heard that companies have moved 80% of drug manufacturing to China and shortages should start in late March.

  14. The surviving 80% after this pandemic will have brought the population back up to what it is now by 2050. Global warming caused by so many humans? HA! I’ll do the math and create a virus that’ll wipe out just enough people to slow it so I can spend my billions before I die.” -The 1 percent.

  15. Corona Virus role playing game was already done in New York Oct 2019 with USA on the map so that was the dress rehearsal for their little plan I guess.

  16. This is gonna be hilarious when Trump catches Corona! 😂
    Although…that would mean he would probably die "in office", b4 elections. Cz he is definitely "elderly".

    Vaccine in 2 months for human trials? 🙄Jeez America! Even China wouldn't force its citizens to "test" a vaccine in only 2 months frm now.🙄 Come on! That is more terrifying than failing to contain the virus. 🤬🤬🙄 America has always been exceedingly dangerous with its testing/human trials practice.

  17. i’m a mega hypochondriac and germaphobe and this is freaking me out so badly it’s insane. i don’t want this to reach me or my family. i pray that this just all ends

  18. "Meat from pigs infected with the new H1N1 virus shouldn't be used for human

    consumption, the World Health Organization cautioned on Wednesday, adding it was

    drawing up guidelines to protect workers handling pigs" (2009) Strange how quiet Teddy has been about all the pigs that were killed in China before the outbreak but hey nobody wants to intereupt the trade of pig farmers in US and China and abroad – everyone should carry on consuming more viruses even though pig is FORBIDDEN AS FOOD by the Creator 1000s of years ago

  19. WHY IS THERE A LINK REFERENCED 2019/08/06 in BING SEARCH leading to CDC site stating WUHAN CORONA VIRUS outbreak being monitored. Was this REALLY ALREADY BEING MONITORED IN AUGUST 2019 is that why a coronavirus simulation was already run in Oct 2019??

  20. WHY IS THERE A LINK REFERENCED 2019/08/06 in BING SEARCH leading to CDC site stating WUHAN CORONA VIRUS outbreak being monitored. Was this REALLY ALREADY BEING MONITORED IN AUGUST 2019 is that why a coronavirus simulation was already run in Oct 2019??

  21. WHY IS THERE A LINK REFERENCED 2019/08/06 in BING SEARCH leading to CDC site stating WUHAN CORONA VIRUS outbreak being monitored. Was this REALLY ALREADY BEING MONITORED IN AUGUST 2019 is that why a coronavirus simulation was already run in Oct 2019??

  22. WHY IS THERE A LINK REFERENCED 2019/08/06 in BING SEARCH leading to CDC site stating WUHAN CORONA VIRUS outbreak being monitored. Was this REALLY ALREADY BEING MONITORED IN AUGUST 2019 is that why a coronavirus simulation was already run in Oct 2019??

  23. WHY IS THERE A LINK REFERENCED 2019/08/06 in BING SEARCH leading to CDC site stating WUHAN CORONA VIRUS outbreak being monitored. Was this REALLY ALREADY BEING MONITORED IN AUGUST 2019 is that why a coronavirus simulation was already run in Oct 2019??

  24. WHY IS THERE A LINK REFERENCED 2019/08/06 in BING SEARCH leading to CDC site stating WUHAN CORONA VIRUS outbreak being monitored. Was this REALLY ALREADY BEING MONITORED IN AUGUST 2019 is that why a coronavirus simulation was already run in Oct 2019??

  25. WHY IS THERE A LINK REFERENCED 2019/08/06 in BING SEARCH leading to CDC site stating WUHAN CORONA VIRUS outbreak being monitored. Was this REALLY ALREADY BEING MONITORED IN AUGUST 2019 is that why a coronavirus simulation was already run in Oct 2019??

  26. panicking is not the answer. Boost your immune systems. Stop smoking, doing drugs, and eat healthy. You won’t get sick. It’s not brain surgery.

  27. Just see that there's so much more to the terrible virus. Look how many things have shed light. The activity against earth is,pretty much, recuperating all that with less is gonna be hard. The virus is just another thing going. Then the atmosphere is,having a "meteor" war, all by itsself , since tge non claimants would say even when they know. Still, all is fair in love , after war. Well that's over spoken

  28. I am from China. I hope you all can understand my English and my apologies to all who were affected by this virus. Hope the world is becoming better.

  29. Why doesn’t Fake News work hard to find out why CCP is not telling the truth about the virus and whats really going on in Wohan Instead attempting to blame trump in the midst of a world wide Pandemic ..:..smh😔

  30. CoViD-19 has a 3% (edit – 2.3%) mortality rate and most of that is the elderly with underlying pre-existing conditions.  Just wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough.  If you feel the need to obtain and stockpile masks/filters, do so for your elderly parents and grandparents.  You should consider protecting children under 10 as well.   Perspective is important, the Flu season 2017-2018 killed 61,000 people in the United States alone – et al reference

  31. Stay calm people. Don't you trust the Almighty God? his,name is Lord Jesus. and he hear our prayer. Join me in prayer. Praying for all🙏❤

  32. It is a drug that is effective against coronavirus.

  33. It’s interesting that for the last year I’ve been complaining about how many people there are (because I live in Vegas) and that we need a freaking plague. I guess we should be careful of what we speak out there lol

  34. Americans must prepare for the worst. Don't donate anything to china bx your donations will end up in cash in the pockets of the communist officials. There is no real NGO in china. Billions of dollars donated by HK in the Sichuan earthquake has gone nowhere.

  35. There is no Time like Now, Please Pray there is Mighty Power in the Word of God, in Prayer and in Agreement.
    Nothing is Impossible for God! His every Word is Yes and Amen.
    It is written in Jeremiah 32:27, ‘Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh:
    is there any thing too hard for me?’
    We encourage everyone to come into agreement and Pray to overcome Covid-19 with this ‘Prayer to overcome Coronavirus’ on Yahushua’s Healing and Deliverance Ministry YouTube channel. and Psalm 91 Please pray them over your lives, families, & share them. We are praying these prayers for you all, May God Almighty hear from Heaven and protect, purify and deliver us from all harm, and heal us and our land!

  36. It's a good thing healthcare is unaffordable… wouldn't want the population to be prepared for something like this.

  37. The Chinese have a saying, "Look at word's; observe actions", and after observing how China has been handling this, there is HUGE cause for concern. Best of luck to us all💖🌎💖

  38. Its already here. Trump can't handle anything. Important. Why does anyone think he can. Give him a comic book and cheeseburger to play with while the adults handle..

  39. Whats going to happen to the almost 100,000,000 Americans with no access to healthcare, if these Americans don't get treatment they will infect millions of Americans, these Americans don't have healthcare because they can't afford to buy healthcare,

  40. They think the risk is low in our country but they aren’t stopping people from traveling so the numbers will continue to rise and of course will be harder to contain.

  41. In AU, my 7yo is sick. She has had fluctuating fever, sore throat and runny nose. We went to the doctor. He told us she has a virus and to go home and treat with panadol. We were not asked any questions. Before the appointment I rang the surgery, told them she had a fever and respiratory symptoms. I asked if we should take precautions. They said no.

    After the doctor, I rang the "coronavirus hotline" to double check we were not going to be spreading a virus around. They simply asked me the symptoms, which did fit some of the criteria, but since not having travelled to China, or been around a known carrier, we did not fit the criteria and were ushered off the phone.

    I actually had to ask her, what about the Japan connection? I told her my husband's boss had just come back from holidays in Japan. She spent about 5 minutes looking up any updates, and said, no. That didn't matter, and that there was zero chance of us having covid-19, or infecting anyone else. I also asked about our Mandarin teacher, who arrived from China, isolated for 2 weeks and then started back last week. This was of no concern to the operator.

    Something is wrong in AU and I am beginning to think that nobody has been found to be a carrier because nobody is actually being tested. They only test here if you've come back from China in the last 14 days (there has been the ban on travel for more than 14 days) or you have been quarantined from a cruise ship already.

    At this point people returning from Iran, S. Korea, Japan and Italy should be tested if they have symptoms. But I literally asked specifically about Japan and was abated.

    There is a real opportunity for covid-19 to spread. Please tell someone who can act on this.

    People think Australia is safe, but my experience has uncovered something different.

  42. NBC once again abuses its corporate charter by skillfully misrepresenting the facts. For example, NBC quotes two loony Senators to claim that the administration is not doing enough, then uses the stock market sell off as a proof statement. The selloff is about the pandemic's impact on supply chains from communist China and the mishandling of the coronavirus epidemic by the ruling CCP, not how much the administration is doing. NBC is a propaganda vehicle, not a reliable source of news.

  43. When is it going to be in the US? I am eagerly waiting for it to happen. Better get my family out 1st when this happens.

  44. Don't let Trump's comments explode in his face eight months from now on election day. When we start seeing a bunch of deaths!

  45. The most likely explanation for the origin of the coronavirus outbreak relates to a biological weapons laboratory in Wuhan, China. “But then we have new evidence. At an emergency meeting in Beijing held on the 14th of this month, Chinese leader Xi Jinping — I might call him dictator Xi, except Michael Bloomberg, Sanders would object, but he is the dictator — he held a meeting and he spoke about the need to set up a system to prevent epidemics in the future by increasing lab safety. He said laboratory safety is a national security issue.”

  46. The last epidemic in the US was in 1918 why would you think that they would do anything different from what they always have?
    I read some of these comments and see some people are really panicked. Our healthcare prices are not just for the treatment they add more for studies. Those extra studies have kept our healthcare strong for how long? Yes be sensible and take extra per cautions but panicking won’t help.

  47. WHO should be ashamed, press China to share learned science as it happened there first, and put their China # 1 pride on the back burner. WHO = world health organization

  48. Buy some 70% alcohol, like vodka. Put it in a spray bottle. Spray and wipe all the things in your house, or office, or hospital room that people touch, like light switches, cell phones, keyboards, remote controls, IPads, fan pulls, knobs, hand rails, push plates on doors, and door knobs. You can use this to sterilize skin before an injection, too.

    I don't like to use denatured or rubbing alcohol because of the irritating additive added to it.

    Buy some hydrogen peroxide and spray it around a room, in the air, and on fabric furniture. I bought a case of food grade hydrogen peroxide and I dilute it to 3% for home use. It's safe. The by-product is simply oxygen. You can clean surfaces with this, and you can even add some of this to bath water.

    You can buy a strong UV, ultraviolet light to disinfect a room when no one is in it. It can fade fabric colors, and some kinds of artwork.

    You can use an ozone generator the same way. Move humans, pets, fish, plants and artwork out of the room first. Open the windows afterwards.

    You can buy a gallon of inexpensive cleaning vinegar in most groceries. It's extra strong so you can dilute it. Put it into a spray bottle with half water, half cleaning vinegar. This will disinfect most things well. For extra insurance, wipe off any biological materials first, then spray and clean with vinegar solution, then spray again with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, and leave that on.

    You can use drinkable vodka on a folded paper towel as a wet wipe, and you can use this on your eyelids, nose, and mouth area.

    Iodine disinfects, too. Buy some Lugol's liquid Iodine, and put a dropperful into a basin of water to wash your produce.

    Some people use colloidal silver, internally, but I haven't used it myself.

    Elderberry syrup has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of a viral infection, and can shorten the length of the illness. You might try drinking elderberry wine, also.

    1 – 2 grams per day of L Lysine, 10,000 units of Vitamin D3, 50 – 100 mg of zinc/copper, 25,000 IU of vitamin A, (temporarily, adult dose) and vitamin C can help.


    Edible version of Star Anise can work to slow viral reproduction. Make a strong tea by boiling, then simmering a few stars for an hour or two in some water. Add a little of this concentrate to your drinking water with some lemon juice. I made this for cold symptoms recently. I added some dandelion root, ginger pieces, and elderberry syrup into the pot with the star anise. Make sure it's not the decorative variety, which can be poisonous.

    If you are infected and you have trouble breathing, take off your mask. Some of the people collapsing might be having trouble because of rebreathing air inside the mask too much. This might make you more contagious, so make sure others around you are wearing a mask and washing their hands.

    Wash your hands before touching your face or nose. Maybe wear gloves of any kind, when you go out, to remind you not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth until you can wash your hands first.

    If you are near infected people, don't just wear a mask, wear eyeglasses or even better, goggles, like swimming goggles or science goggles. Or safety glasses.

    Bring soap with you when you go out, in case a place runs out or doesn't supply any soap. Wash your hands before eating, or use a wet wipe you bring with you.

    Wash your hands when you return home after going out in public.

    Guaifenesin, or the active ingredient in Mucinex, works to loosen mucus in your lungs and sinuses to help you breathe better, if you have symptoms of a viral illness.

    For a sore throat:
    In 8 to 12 ounces of pure, hot, but not boiling water, add a tablespoon of raw local honey, 1 – 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
    Stir well and sip throughout the day.

    Get enough sleep. The rest and repair system of your body works between 10pm and 2 am. You have to be asleep, not just resting. This helps your immune system.
    Avoid processed sugar. It slows down the immune system.

    If you are around infected people, wash your clothes daily. Have spare clothes on hand in case someone coughs or sneezes on you.
    I walk around with a light scarf that can cover my face if I need it to.

    I carry a bamboo set of utensils in a fanny pack. I don't like how well some restaurants wash the dishes. It is a fork, knife, spoon, and straw, wrapped in a cloth napkin. I carry a canning jar with lid that has an insulated wool wrap to carry hot drinks, and it doesn't leak so I can put it right into my book bag. Every time I decide to use these I save a bunch of stuff going into a landfill or the ocean.

  49. Lets the symptoms are coughing, sneezing, light fever … hmmm sounds so familiar.. oh yeah it is the same as the flu. So frigging pointless.

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