Chelsea latest news: Frank Lampard asked about replacing Maurizio Sarri… this is what he said

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  1. Wow, I've caught up.. at last 😁 took the day off……won't being doing that again. Phew ☺.. don't blame lamps . He doing well at Derby. Give him a few seasons. ..then maybe….Grt8 vids👍😊…hope your getting some money for this. But Don't tell me. I just hope u r……loads information. .😊

  2. Good news if Lampard or Terry should be a coach in Chelsea . Coaches and there formal clubs always perform well examples I
    Zidane Real Madrid
    Solary. Real Madrid
    Enrique. Barcelona
    Guardiola. Barcelona
    Sosjear man United. Chelsea should try for ones

  3. That is not even half of the solution. Abramovich has lost interest in the club. He has refused to hand coaches players at their request. It’s not about Sarri . It’s all about the management. I miss the days of Kenyon and co. They knew what they were about and not this arrogant Mariana Grasnovskaia planted on Chelsea by Abramovich. They should just leave the club alone. What’s the essence of getting a world class coach and having a second fiddle players bought for them by some lady with oil and gas degree?

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