Chelsea latest news Jose Mourinho explains why Chelsea are easy to analyse with Jorginho in midfield

chelsey are in serious danger of being overtaken in the race for the top four following Saturday’s defeat against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium Arsenal and Manchester United are now just three points behind the Blues who face trips to Manchester City Liverpool and United in the coming months new signings are needed in January and more Ezio Surrey might be wise to change his tactics for the bigger games [Music] one player who really disappointed for Chelsea was summer signing George in ho as he failed to dictate the tempo of the game in central midfield [Music] Karen Ramsey who started in a free-roaming position did a sublime job in pressing the Italian and not giving him enough time on the ball [Music] Georgian who came under heavy scrutiny after the game that his performance with Rio Ferdinand stating that he can’t defend can’t run and often gets overrun his display also caught the attention of Jose Mourinho who was making an appearance as a pundit on vine sports for the clash marimbo was asked by host richard Keats if you stop Georgian hole playing do you stop Chelsea playing and delivered a fine piece of analysis about why series tactics aren’t working [Music] I’m not saying that Chelsea is an easy team to play against but it’s an easy team to analyze he replied [Music] you know their principles and their fundamental situations don’t you make things tough for Chelsea to build in the first phase if you pose the left side with David Luiz and Marcos Alonso and give the ball to the right it’s hard for them no lo Conte is playing in a position where he’s making more runs forwards than to stay in the build-up for the first phase I think he can take can play everywhere Daichi has the qualities to be a box-to-box player he’s scoring more goals than ever with Antonio Conte he was playing a more defensive position because they were playing only with to a midfield [Music] but now they play with three dots re the same way he was doing with Georgian poet Napoli flights him to drop him between the center backs but today Ramsey is playing in that position to try to stop him [Music] I remember when I played against him the Manchester United and we had some stats before the game where George inho was in the Premier League with more touches spot on dot Surrey deploys George in Howe in a way that makes it easy for stronger opponents to limit the italians influence and it’s harming Chelsea Chelsea fans will only hope Surrey glocks onto it the same way Moreno has who they completely agree with on the predicament [Music] get Chelsea latest news updates directly to your inbox subscribe thank you for subscribing [Music]

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