Chelsea latest news: Kepa and Chelsea train as fallout from Carabao Cup final continues

the Sun shone bright over Cobham on Tuesday as Chelsea trained ahead of their Premier League clash with Tottenham however dark clouds continue to swirl around the team chief at Arras a belaga was involved in a goalkeeper training drill following his refusal to be substituted in the caribou Cup final [Music] the Spanish stopper has since apologized and been fined by his club but could still find his place in the first team under threat for Wednesday’s match [Music] Chelsea manager Mauricio Sarah wanted to replace Kiefer with willy caballero who was also involved in the drill pictured diving low to make a save at the end of extra time at Wembley on Sunday ahead of the penalty shootout [Music] however keep it despite suffering cramped and Caballeros strong shootout record refused to come off infuriating his boss I’ve become sorry oversaw training on Tuesday chatting with captain Caesar as Pola queda however he earlier suggested he could still drop Keita he told his press conference on Tuesday regarding his selection plans I don’t know I have to decide [Music] maybe yes maybe no doubt I think he is fit thought I have to decide for my group that I want to send a message to my group [Music] the message could be key that is on the pitch or Keitha is out of the pitch dot I have to decide what is better for my group he made a mistake a big mistake dot there are some consequences that I effed the consequences to play he has to be ready to play [Music] if the consequence is the bench he has to be ready to go to the bench sorry continues to be under significant pressure at Chelsea with a poor result against Spurs likely to push him even closer to an early exit [Music] get Chelsea latest news updates directly to your inbox subscribe thank you for subscribing

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