Chelsea latest news: Maurizio Sarri makes Roman Abramovich admission amid calls for sack

that’s despite many blues fans calling for sehri to be sacked after Chelsea were thrashed 6-0 by Manchester City [Music] Surrey was already under pressure heading into the clash at the edited following a recent 4-0 thumping by Bournemouth [Music] but the Blues were for down inside 24 minutes at the edited with Sergio agüero going on to complete his 11th Premier League hat-trick Chelsea owner Abramovich would be the man making the call on Sarah’s future but the Italian has revealed he’d be glad to hear Abramovich is voice [Music] if the president calls I’ll be happy seeing as I never hear from him Cerie told Sky Italia [Music] to be honest I don’t know what to expect Cerie has also acknowledged that talks about his future are inevitable he added I think that is right that I am under pressure I am in charge of the team so it’s right I don’t know if there will be talks not at the moment but I think that will happen it’s normal it’s something that we need to do sorry walked straight down the tunnel after the edited encounter avoiding a handshake with pep guardiola [Music] and Sky Sports commentator markham tyler suggested Saren may know what is coming I wonder if Surrey fears the worst Tyler said on commentary it certainly looked like that [Music] Chelsea’s next game sees them face Malmo in the Europa League that’s on Thursday but if Sara is in charge remains to be seen get Chelsea latest news updates directly to your inbox subscribed thank you for subscribing [Music]

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  1. Abramovich out the board out marina out and sarri … new club owner new board new manager 4-5years rebuild system please

  2. I am supporting this club for soo long i have never seen such bad performances even murinho didn't lose this bad maybe we should get da mahn back

  3. They are not having good attack because they are not close to their opponents in defense, and attacking, this coach not believing in young footballers

  4. Generally o have failed to understand the football style sarri is building in Chelsea. Attacking is at low tempo and defense what you can see a defender turning his back to opponent for the opponent to decides where to go with the ball, after intercepting the ball they play back passes so I have failed to understand that. May someone with better understanding help me to justify Sari's stay.

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