Chelsea latest news: Why Eden Hazard’s transfer to Real Madrid can be good news for Chelsea FC

it seems like it’s finally happening the eden hazard to real madrid transfer saga may be nearing its end point as various reports today suggest chelsea are at long last going to lose their star player this summer The Daily Mirror claimed real are confident of signing hazard for around towns 100 million while the player himself has been quoted by RMC translated by the mail as saying he’s made a decision on his future it’s since emerged that these quotes were made around two months ago but if his decision was to sign a new contract he’s had plenty of time to do it so it’s safe to assume he now expects to be a Madrid player next season this is new territory for Chelsea but it doesn’t have to be doom and gloom for the club [Music] in fact that may be an opportunity for just the fresh start the Blues need more Ezio Cerie recently said this group of Chelsea players is hard to motivate as quoted here by the Guardian while hazard is far from the only problem in this squad it’s easy to see why he might not be a manager’s dream [Music] take these quotes back in October again from the Guardian a real Madrid is the best club in the world I don’t want to lie today it is my dream since I was a kid I was dreaming about this club [Music] we will see perhaps it’s because we’re now past a pretty unique era at Stamford Bridge in which you imagine the likes of john terry frank lampard or Didier Drogba would have had a quiet but firm word with hazard about publicly courting other clubs but how had the club allowed such a big-name player to repeatedly undermine them on this creating both distracting headlines and potentially weakening his current employers negotiating position in any transfer deal the Belgium international is not bigger than Chelsea many hardcore Blues are well-aware watching him we can tweak out that he is not the player as he hyped up to be by so many pundits and neutrals he pens to get one or two world-class performances before two or three quiet games his goal returned for someone so often compared with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is distinctly unimpressive [Music] a supremely talented and entertaining player yes but a Ballon d’Or winner any time soon No [Applause] so good you’d turn down 100 million pounds and keep him at the club for another year against his will not really a leader definitely not there is undoubtedly a culture at Chelsea of players giving up on their manager and in fairness to hazard and Coe this predates this current group and applies just as much to the days of Terry and Lampard is it any wonder hazard or others Mike feel they can get away with putting themselves in the shop-window when a more attractive proposal comes along if they don’t like this current manager they can simply try to walk away or effectively threaten the club with a decision with actions like this [Music] Cerie is not perfect by any means but no managers the Italian tactician is surely just about up there with his predecessor Antonio Conte is one of the top ten in the world and while he lacks his fellow-countrymen strophe record his sides play better football [Music] it’s hard to find a manager who can do both but if the former clearly wasn’t enough to keep Conte in a job then what exactly do Chelsea want [Music] how about for a change Chelsea show a distracted and disloyal hazard the door and keep the faith with Surrey despite an unconvincing first season how about giving the former Napoli boss a decent transfer budget bring in five or six new young ish players in the Christian Kula sick mould and make it clear he’s got three or four years at least to build something [Music] if Chelsea can bring in a new generation recruited and developed by a manager they know is not going anywhere maybe the club can avoid a similar fiasco to this one in a few years as time get chelsea latest news updates directly to your inbox subscribe thank you for subscribing [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. I have been saying this for a long time. If someone is courting your partner, it is good to put up a fight. But it is also wise to let go the moment your partner shows preference for the rival. As good as Hazard is, I am not convinced he can take us to the next level because his heart is not with us in the last three years. Let him go and get the fame that he has yearned for as a kid. I want to plead with our board to stay away from Belgian players of this generation. They overrate themselves and do not seek the legendary rewards and adoration the likes of Terry, Lampard, Giggs, Drogba and Gerald are experiencing by staying with one club.

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