Chicago PD – Breaking Point (Episode Highlight)

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  1. They should sell out Lindsay she always chose her criminal mother over the unit she doesn’t deserve their protection.

  2. She isnt coming back to the show so it makes sense to sell Lindsay out. for the shows sake. I have to see it but yeah…i wait till friday to watch.

  3. I feel sorry for the character Al when it comes to Voights Vendetta's, Voight is definitely a killer of killers who doesn't care about the justice system and Al is just along for the ride.
    Two cases in point
    When Voight son was murdered Voight went after the Killer and murdered him and allowed other officers to help cover it up.
    When Al's daughter was murdered Voight would not allow Al to take justice into his own hands.

  4. Olinsky & Voight should just sell out Erin because she was the one who moved the body after Voight buried Bingham.

  5. The team will probably sell Ruzek out? Since he betrayes Voight by working for Woods. Tho Voight forgives him and makes him to work both sides. I dont think Voight trusts him like before.

  6. It's about time that Hank let Erin go, that is; she put everyone before him. She is gone, and they must move forward. Voight has been betrayed many times, what will happen now with Adam? it is more than obvious that he no longer trusts Adam. Everything is going crazy, and he only has few people to trust.

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