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>>Narrator: Live from
Washington D.C., it’s theCUBE, covering Boomi World ’19 brought to you by Boomi.>>Welcome back to theCUBE’s coverage of Boomi World 2019 from D.C. I’m Lisa Martin. John Furrier is my co-host
for the next couple of days. And we’re very pleased to
welcome back to theCUBE the Boomi CEO, Chris McNabb. Chris, welcome back!>>Lisa, it’s great to be here. It’s always fun.>>The energy that you guys
kicked off everything with this morning, the keynote, it
was awesome, it was electric. I love the numbers that you started with. Boomi World ’18 was about 11 months ago and we were talking, I
was watching those videos back the other day, you had
about 7500 customers then. You now have over 9000
customers in 80 plus countries, over 1500 endpoints integrated, 580 partners, I could go on and on, 97% renewal rate. (laughs)
>>Keep selling!>>It’s amazing, though,
the momentum that you guys have carried into D.C. in
just a short time period. Tell us about that.>>Lisa, it’s really been the
result of not only hard work by our team, we continue
to innovate for our product and bring new things to market. But it’s our customers that drive adoption and we use customer references
to gain new customers and it’s their stories that resonate with the new prospects that come onboard. It’s our 580 partners making
sure that when our customers and prospects buy into the Boomi platform that they get implemented and
they shorten the timeframe and they bring intelligence and smarts and it’s our community. It’s the 65,000 people
that are already there solving problems, that are
helping our newer customers get onboarded and get success early. So it’s those four legs of the stool. It’s the entire ecosystem
that continues to go, all of us are going along for the ride.>>Last year we asked you
what you were investing in, your team as well. And the theme was pretty
consistent across the board. Product first and foremost. ‘Cause the product is continuing to grow and enabling platform, some
great stuff there go to market, and then the customer success equation, not customer success organization, although you have a lot
there, the equation… Where are you guys this
year on those three points?>>Yeah, so tremendous
investment in the product. You’re going to hear
tons of announcements. My announcements are
the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got huge announcements
in API management and the things that we’re doing there. There’s event-driven
architecture announcements, there’s the conversational
AI; we’re adding voice to integration platform service, with the help of Accenture. So you can now talk to your platform and interact with your
enterprise applications. That’s just the tip of the
iceberg on the product side. We’ve got data hub things and so on. When we look at the other parts, John, particularly around customer success, we’re doing really well there. Our customer success rate, our
retention rate is now 95-96%. Our customer satisfaction was around 97%. And it’s our customer success
organization that helps make sure our services
are being implemented, our partners are doing the right thing, success and outcomes are being delivered, and we engage to make sure that happens. If you need a little bit of
Boomi help, Boomi help comes. And we partner over the success of that, and I think when you look at the key KPIs around churn and retention,
as well as customer SaaS, I think we’re doing a
really nice job there.>>On the follow-up on
that, one of the things we’ve been observing and
reporting on SiliconANGLE and theCUBE is the successful companies are the ones that have,
that was a great product, but in the cloud era,
data’s a big part of it. You guys have unified data platform. We talked about this last year, how you have anonymous data, you mentioned on your keynote that you get insights. So this is again, Coupa
software does this, a lot of the successful
profitable companies have a nice business model,
by leveraging the data. How does that fit into the
equation for customer success? I want you to explain the
equation specifically. I mean, you guys have great
format for customer focus, I get that, but what is the equation now that you have this unique
modern value proposition?>>Yeah I think the equation
for us is quite simple. So we do leverage all the metadata. Every single process that’s ever been run, we know how long it took,
did it have an error? We know how people build
connections, we have that meta, we leverage that for our customers. When we look at our customers,
we have a life cycle that we walk them through. When you’re talking about the equation, we have a framework, a life cycle. How do we engage in sales to make sure sales is not overselling it? How do we get them to close so
they look at us as a partner? How do we make sure the
implementation goes well? Will they view it alone,
with a partner, or with us? Get them to success. Get them through a renewal, and then how can we help
them land and expand and do more things in their
enterprise to continue the winning success that
they established initially.>>You talked this morning
revealing Boomi’s competitive, unfair competitive advantage in customers, one of the things that
we talk about, Chris, at every show and you
probably talk about this all the time, too, is data. It’s the new oil. It’s gold. It’s the lifeblood of a business. Yes! If an organization,
whether it is an incumbent established business that
might have brittle technology and disparate systems,
if that type of company can’t actually see all the
data, have the visibility, and ensure that all of
the endpoints are sharing from a single source of truth, that data value is capped, right? You guys leveraging that. I think it’s over 30 Terabytes
of anonymized metadata?>>Chris: It is.>>Is a great example
of unlocking the power of the data that you have to
make your customers better, to make them more
successful and keep them, which you’ve obviously done.>>Yeah, it’s a part of the ecosystem play that I continuously talk about. As customers use our platform, they instill it with their knowledge, experience, and their expertise. What we do, as a pure cloud provider, because I store how they map
this field to that field, how long this process took,
and all of these kind of things to make up that repository, I can now, as a cloud
platform lever that up. And I can increase the productivity for everybody in the ecosystem. So as customers put a
little bit in themselves, they get a 10x return
or a massive return out, in terms of productivity and leverage that our platform’s able to provide, but it takes both of
us together to do that.>>Chris, I want to talk about
the hard news this morning. You guys announced with
Accenture, a big partnership around conversational AI. Accenture was on stage,
their brand, their expertise, coming together with you
guys, in a joint partnership. Could you explain, for a
minute, what that is about? Just take a minute to
explain the partnership and the solution specifically.>>Yeah, so when you look
at conversational AI, it’s the use of natural language, right? To work with technology,
and you can’t preprogram it, you have to understand
the variations of things, you have to understand voice as identity, so when I say my pipeline
report, it knows it’s me, it’s my authorization, it gets my data. Accenture brings the
conversational AI experience, technology, and solutions to the table. And we’re now linking and partnering that into our integration capabilities and connective capabilities. So as a net result, people
can talk to their phone and interact with their workflows, and interact with their
datastores to get data, approve workflows, etc,
in a very natural way,>>What is Boomi do and
what does Accenture do? ‘Cause they’re involved with you. You guys have a team, you’re teamed up. What’s the relationship? Take a minute to explain the relationship. Who’s doing what?>>So, Accenture brings much
of the voice capabilities. So when we mentioned this morning that language isn’t a barrier, I’d like to offer up
this service in Spanish and French and English, etc. Accenture does all of that work. So they’re the natural
language processing there, the language independent part of that, and we’re all the connectivity part. We are the workflows,
we are the integration. Accenture feeds us
something, whether it comes, it can come in multiple
languages over WhatsApp, chat, voice, it doesn’t matter, comes to me, and then we do the natural
unlocking of the data.>>That’s their converse
piece, that converse and Boomi, working together?>>Yeah, so B in the Boomiverse, you mean?>>John: Yeah.>>So, Boomiverse and B, the introduction of our astronaut B, who going
to lead you on a mission through our community and be your bot. It’s a working bot and
we’re going to leverage that kind of capability
through that as well.>>One of the interesting things
about the conversational AI is that we all as consumers
have interacted probably pretty recently with a
call center for something. And I love how Leticia, who’s
going to be on from Accenture later today with John and
me, was talking about, we’ve all been there going,
“Agent, agent, agent.” And a few months ago,
while working for theCUBE, I realized, oh actually, as
frustrating as it is sometimes, we have the opportunity
to help train the models. But I’d love to get your
perspective on what Boomi and Accenture are seeing in organizations, executive suites about the
perception of conversational AI and the impact. They see the impact possibilities
that Accenture and Boomi can bring, and are they ready for that?>>I think there’s going to be
a bit of an educational process with leaders in the business,
but if you look at Leticia’s, I think, second slide, where she says, “Seven million dollars being spent “on password resets with humans.” When voice is your identity,
you don’t need that anymore. You don’t have to remember passwords. You don’t have to reset things. The immense benefit for
organizations is huge. 25% reduction in Op-Ecs. That’s going to get people’s attention. They’re going to have to
work our way through it, and we’re going to work
through the process with them. Okay, let’s do a small
thing, let’s try it out, let’s get it working, let’s scale it, and let’s get it to enterprise.>>It speaks to integration opportunity. I mean, voice, video, other mediums, it’s an integration game. That’s what you guys are doing. And that’s the whole benefit of Boomi. I’d love to get your thoughts
on your success formula and how you guys are going to
ride this wave going forward, ’cause you have a modern
infrastructure, modern solution, you get projects off the
ground quickly for customers, you get the value quickly. This is a mega trend. People, they don’t want
projects back at them, they want to get them done quick. You guys are solving that big problem. What’s next? Where are you investing? What’s your thoughts on the business? What do you do?>>Well in terms of what’s
next, so we really did go after the entire transformation problem. Integration’s not just data to us. It’s people. It’s devices, it’s your processes, right? So we look at it
holistically, we’ve done that. We brought intelligence in so now we’re providing
insights, data privacy insights that we talked about in the keynotes, conversational AI and that’s the start. But we’ve got to do a
better job of dashboards, other insights, what is
the return on investment of a Boomi purchase and
how much is it helping? To what degree is transform
making a bottom line impact in your business? Having the analytics to support
that is going to be big.>>Lisa and I were talking
on the intro round, you can’t hide success anymore. You can’t hide the ball. ‘Cause your instrument, the
outcomes, and the outcomes are either you’re getting paid for value, or you’re achieving a mission,
whether it’s the veterans or the American Cancer
Institute, usage of an app, you can’t hide the ball anymore! It’s either success or not. You guys are very customer centric. Hundreds of use cases, best practices. This is your focus. The people part of success
has been a missing link in the digital transmission:
process, technology, people, culture. You guys are breaking through. Is that because the
winds people are getting? Is that the energy? Is that the people? What’s the people equation on your end? You’ve been so successful with, you guys are having success there.>>The Boomi culture, when we
talk internally, who are we and what do we value? One of the first things we talk about is, we are customer-first. What that means to us is outcomes matter. It’s not about buying our technology. It’s not about getting
data; it’s about an outcome. And we talked a lot about outcomes today. In fact, at this show, throughout all the presentations,
there will be roughly 100 different customer outcome stories that are shared globally. So when we talk about breaking through, because we want to partner with them and join them in their goal, and whatever it takes to do that, that starts to resonate. It’s taken a while to
resonate, but now it really is, and when you feel the energy on the floor, I hope you guys feel the same thing, it’s just enormous and it’s
really starting to grow and we couldn’t be happier.>>One of the cool things
that I heard yesterday, Chris, I have had the opportunity
to talk to a number of your customers in
the last week who said, I always say, “Tell me
about the differentiators, “the technical differentiators.” The cloud native always
comes up, the low-code. We talked yesterday about CFOs
becoming citizen developers, and I thought, Wow, really? Do they know that? But on the business side, resoundingly, customers are saying cultural alignment. “Boomi understands our business.” And so what you guys are
enabling on the transformation of people side, as John mentioned, you’re delivering that because
it was one of the things that customers have said
that was one of the deciding factors in going with
Boomi, and they’ll say, “We evaluated A, B, and C.” And this cultural alignment. Yeah, I mean, Boomi has fans and it sounds kind of
cliche to say, it’s true!>>I appreciate that, and
that is really great to hear! I stood up on stage
last year and this year, and repeated the phrase, “I don’t want to be
their software vendor.” I don’t think of it that way. Nobody on my team thinks
about it that way. We’re building. I want to be your transformation partner. I want to be a part of, a piece of, how you’re moving your business forward. Whatever it takes to do that: workflows, mobile applications, data integration, warehouse
problems, insights. We can get engaged in all of that. We can go end to end in your enterprise, to open it up for you,
and then provide access for your customers in
ways you never dreamed of. And being a part of that is just an awesome thing for us.>>Chris, I want to get your reaction to some comment Michael Dell made, two comments Michael Dell
made to me on theCUBE. 2014, I asked him, besides
VMWare, the crown jewel of Dell technologies, what
are you excited about? He said “Pivitol.” He was fixated on Pivitol at that time. Okay, Pivitol goes public. They get bought back into
the fold, it’s all going on. Last year at this event, I asked him, What are you focused on this year? Now what’s getting your focus? He goes, “Boomi.” What’s your reaction to that? Because you know Michael, when he gets fixated on
something, things happen. What’s your reaction to that?>>My reaction is “Thank you, Michael, “for the brand awareness.” I certainly appreciate that. Certainly when he focuses
on ’em, it gets attention. We have, the Boomi business
as it gets capitalized by Dell has had 100% executive support
everything we’ve ever asked for as a leadership team,
we’ve gotten and then some. Could not be a better
situation for this business, the Boomi business, and then
what Michael does for it, and as we push that forward,
I believe and he believes that data is the fuel of AI in the future. It’s going to be all about data, and Boomi sits right
in the middle of that.>>And he likes to look
under the hood, too. He’s not just a business
guy; he’s a techie. So he’s looking under the hood, he likes what he sees (laughs). Of course!>>When he talks to me about it, he’s been pleased with the
results to date, I’ll say that.>>Excellent. Well, we have this, great,
as we wrap things up, a story that is near and dear to, not just my heart, but many hearts. Talk to us about what this is. What Boomi is doing with
the American Cancer Society, which I think is just phenomenal.>>Lisa, I really appreciate it. So, this morning, and I’ll
just kind of hold this up for a moment, but, this morning we had the American Cancer Society as one of our reference customers, how they completed nine
projects in 14 months, one of which impacted 30,000 patients achieving 500,000, half a million rides, and integrated together
150 partners to make sure people could get to their life
saving treatments and back, and it’s a volunteer network. We’re happy to be a part of that. So we undertook a cause. We’re going to have a pass the baton for the American Cancer
Society here at Boomi World. And every time we pass
the baton, $2, $1 from us, being matched by Dell
Technologies makes it $2, and we’re going to pass the
baton here, hoping to crush it and get to a $20,000 donation. So if I could pass the
baton to each of you–>>Lisa: Absolutely!>>That’s $2,
>>That’s four.>>John, if you’d keep doing
it, I want to ring the bell, I want to crush this for
the American Cancer Society.>>That’s awesome!
>>Pass it to the team.>>Exactly, throw it over there!>>Chris: Pass it around to everybody, let’s keep this thing hopping.
>>Don’t throw it!>>Well Chris, that is–
>>We’ll pass it around.>>Such an outstanding story. There are so many, as you said. There’s going to be a
100 different customers talked about here over the next probably, started yesterday with Partner
Summit today and tomorrow. That’s a lot! We are happy to have a whole
bunch of them on the program today and hear how many
different use cases Boomi is facilitating. You guys have taken I-Pass way beyond connecting cloud to on-prem. It’s edge, it’s any data, any device, low-code. I know I’m speaking your language.>>I love it!>>But we’re hearing
that, we’re feeling that, we’re excited to be able to share that through theCUBE this week.>>Lisa, well listen,
thank you for being here at Boomi World, it’s
always great to have you. It’s great to talk to you.>>Lisa: Likewise.>>And I’m looking
forward to a great show!>>John: Thank you for coming on.>>Well, thank you.>>Lisa: All right, our pleasure.>>Appreciate it.>>For Chris McNabb, and John
Furrier, I’m Lisa Martin. You’re watching theCUBE
from Boomi World 2019. Thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

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