I’m Rich Hollenberg of the Tampa Bay
Rays, and I’m also a proud parent of students in the Pinellas County school
system. I want to introduce you to Clever. Clever is a new tool that helps students
have easy access to all of their digital resources for school.
We’re trying to get the word out to parents about Clever because it’s a
great tool for parents to use to encourage students to continue using
resources found within Clever before and after school. Let me show you what clever
looks like from your child’s perspective. Students head over to and
sign in using their PCS username and password. Once they’re logged into the
Clever, portal each student has a personalized list of apps. Clever can
personalize these apps based on what grade level a child is in, what school
they attend, or even what classes they’re enrolled in, so they only see what is
relevant to them. Students can also access Focus to check on their grades,
Microsoft Office 365 to work on files they started at school, and even download
free eBooks from Overdrive. So parents, the next time your child tells you they
don’t have any homework, ask them to login to Clever and put in 30 minutes of one
of the reading or math programs. With Clever at home, learning can take place
anytime, anywhere

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