Coal Miner On Fighting For Benefits: We Have ‘No Choice’ | NBC News Now

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  1. If you were truthful.
    Even off the Record.that I'm not smart enough for all this codes yet and you gave me someone to help

  2. It's not just coal miners. Most companies have considerably cut benefits and salaries have not kept pace with inflation and housing prices. Lack of labor unions is the likely culprit.

  3. So nobody in the coal industry saw the need for change in the last twenty years? Not one person in a responsible position within the coal miners union was able to forecast the need for change in energy? Shame on you. Peace

  4. You have a choice every 2 too 4 years. Vote these people out. Tell your brothers in Kentucky to vote out the leaders that is not helping! You have one person in the United States holding it all up. Mitch McConnel.

  5. These people are still fighting for jobs that cut their lives short! Sad! How about stop voting Republican against your interest!

  6. Coal mining is a declining industry, and has been for over 100 years. People in coal country need to wake to that reality. It's the duty of all those people affected to elect public officials who are wise enough to address the needs of Appalachia with a vision beyond coal. Beautiful parts of the West are strewn with abandoned towns. Those people didn't want to leave their beautiful land either. Pulling up roots is hard, but the alternative is often a sub-subsistence standard of living. That's the choice many Appalachians will have to make, just as many families in the Midwest rust-belt states had to do in a post-industrial world. Do you move or do you ride it out? If you stay expecting things to improve, is that based on reality of future economic prospects or wishful thinking on your part? One thing I do know; without the help of elected officials willing to stand up and defend workers' rights and strong unions, nothing will ever improve for most U.S. workers. The mining companies won't protect you, the corporations don't care about you, and "benevolent" capitalists aren't going to save you.

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