Colombia’s Hidden Cocaine Route: El Naya

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  1. On a treacherous trip along El Naya, VICE Colombia examines the production process of the Colombian Cartels.

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  2. This seriously makes me realize how much of a joke our government is, and how serious they are combatting the drug war. It's far to profitable for America to keep building jail, pharm drugs, detox clinics, etc.. Thier is no literal fucking reason why Vice has access to all these hidden trails,locations, drug lords and the government cant.

  3. Wow, I never thought I'd figure out what I wanted to do with my life. What a dream job! I'm packing my bags right now!


  5. 2:07 caption on right of screen talks about Agripino a multimedia artist. Is that the farmer’s side hustle?

  6. Cocaine is a medicine unless you snort it like theres no tomorrow if you were to jus chew leaves itll give you affects

  7. So no one is going to mention how these dudes are touching pure cocaine? Just bc the route isn’t intranasal, it still gets in the system via skin… this dude has to be zooming!

  8. Out of 320million Americans in total… how many use this drug? This is amazing that they go through all that, smh. It looks like slavery is legal in columbia, so to speak. Poor people in America cannot learn chemistry it's very costly to attend a university. LOL what a world we live in

  9. It would be the easiest thing to ''re-create'' in a healthier way, just look at all recreationel drugs, to recreate blow, you would just need some adderall type of substance.

    It makes no differens if your drunk, or aware and talketive, other that you're aware. And that's a good differens if you ask Adam Sandler.

  10. When he held that chunk of cocaine and it all blew into the bucket all snowy , I started breathing fast and sweating my fucking balls off. I can’t explain why this happened…

  11. Those guys are fucking scientist and they don't even know it, is crazy that they are handling millions of dollars in powder gold and all they get is shit for money in a regular 9-5 we make more money then they make

  12. if you are gonna post a video with an english title, on the channel of a canadian news agency, your host should speak english. im here to watch shit not stare at the bottom of my screen. Make another fucking channel, im so fed up im just going to thumb down every single one of the vice international videos until you change this.

  13. It's sad this is what destroys so many families and many of our countrymen. They say this is all they can grow to survive but I'm sure like most bananas, corn and soy could flourish in these areas. If I had 1 wish I'd wish to rid all Drugas.

  14. Its pure then gets here and u got dummys that cut it down to shit and make it garbage…vice can u please get me 6 grams of pure coke from there to try? Lol

  15. I appreciate reading, but when I'm watching a video it's nice to be able to listen to somebody talk so I can pay attention to the amazing things that you video for the film. Why go through all the trouble to produce a video full of subtitles? Why not just pay somebody to do the translation? Good story but with the production that you did on it, I would have had some narration so that you could not have to sit and wait for the next subtitle to pop up and just watch.

  16. Why TF is all of this whole episode in Spanish people from South America don't need news reports on this shit they live it so I would venture to say most people watching probs not speaking mutch Spanish

  17. Not what I was looking for but definitely a watchable construct on illegal farming. I was trying to find something on how to grow cocoa plants so I can make my own chocolate

  18. Its sad. Sometimes you have no other option but to do illegal things to survive. Alot of these people would be making money doing anything else if they could.

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