Criminal Case Overlaps Uncomfortably With Trump Impeachment Probe | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. Corruption & crooked to the Core…D.D.T., (Agent Orange) Dioxin Donnie tRump, his Crime Mob & his traveling band of PESTicides!!!

  2. A classic episode, thanks. Wow, no-one spotted Rudy's date at the time.The whole Doral thing is icing on the cake. I still want to know why Rudy was a paid cheer-leader for this hardline Islamic cult, not a terrorist group according to the US now, a change of heart..

  3. "The name Igor is a Russian Baby Name"…0.0..0.146.1403.13j3……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i131j0i10j0i22i30.o1NEkX9Mxkk&ved=0ahUKEwjA6pmOiazlAhXsRt8KHWY6A84Q4dUDCAc&uact=5

  4. Why trump is no better than an organized crime boss. #45 is no better than Al Capone, no better than Lucky Luciano,
    no better than Gambino, no better than John Gotti, Frank Costello, Benny Seigal, ad nauseum.
    Shakedowns, deadly threats, and intimidation, schemes, scams, tax evasion, money laundering, bribery, extortion,
    Can't we do something about this mess? Are all trumpeters clueless?

  5. I have watched , and tried to understand..
    but , this lady is nuts, you can see it in her eyes!
    Rachel needs a new job, this one is going down in flames with lies, dare i say FAKE NEWS!

  6. These gentlemen arent even 4 degree's of spereation from trump. Just 2…Trump seemed like a very devious con artist. Now he is almost mob associate levels of bad.

  7. Giuliani bringing this thug to the funeral…these guys getting out on bail…this shouldn't shock me any more, but it does. Tomorrow's news: defendants skip bail and leave for Russia.

  8. What a-hole invited this despot to Bush's funeral???
    Why was a foriegn Ukranian Agent carrying guns in America? Spread the word at the jail he is in, they know what to do. He is a spy and a agent for non-allies. Lock him up for 10-20 years and then send him packing. Send him on a 1 way ticket to Afganistan, along with Gulliani, & Trump once they are all out of prison!!! Trump supporters can go to.

  9. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: "The Trump administration has been characterized by five things: chaos, crisis, confusion, corruption, and criminal activity."


  11. It’s amazing and shameful to me as an American, while European countries build new infrastructures like Speedtrains and Bridges in the Ocean, we, in this country do nothing but Pickering around with old men, wasting money and time on wars and elections, while everything else is falling apart. We should be called the old world, we are stuck in mid evil times. Wake up America.

  12. I think Hillary Clinton should turn over her servers to some investigatory authority so we can have a little bit of evidence that she wasn't hacked. HARDY HAR HAR.

  13. It sounds like Schiff has some "matters" of his own but they reach far beyond corruption… of conspiracy and treason. Fortunately, Barr and Durham are now leading the DOJ and Barr has Mifsud's blackberries.

  14. Parnas has court documents against him indicating at least two violant acts that included pulling a weapon and holding it to someone's head and verbal intimidation suggesting murder. With those prior concerns any judge would be expected to not grant any form of release. That it means he is held in jail could also be because someone else's life is being threatened if he is freed.

  15. I bet Giuliani has always been a thief, no wonder Trump Loves him. How many Cases did he take kick back on when he was a prosecutor. People don't just start being corrupt, he has been all his life!!

  16. What's crazy is Rudy used to be the number person to pursue mafia-type entities however, now it seems like he is in bed with the Russians. All at the behest of Trump! Trumpism must go!

  17. I love your show Rachael, I have a question, does a lawyer at the DOJ named Mr Benczhenkowski work for the Russians ?

  18. Out of topic comment…

    Too much CIRCUS for the death of a president or any other celebrity….what is so different between them and the death of those illegal kids retained in the south border….

    ….MONEY $$$$….

    so….because the money celebrities gets the cathedral / the fabulous choir…the priest….etc…….they get closer to god….

    Those poor illegal children….may not get to heaven….for they did not get all those "spiritual things"….

    Too much CIRCUS…. / HYPOCRISY….

  19. HW was "revered"? Seriously? By whom? The living members of the JFK assassination team? Rachel really does have a blind spot.

  20. Trumps grave will be desecrated for sure lol
    But why are we letting criminals out on bail? Justice can be bought it seems because Igor is gonna find a way out with the help of KGB

  21. I only wish she would not make light of mob dealings. Trump and his lackeys are chickenshit mobsters who will not learn a lesson unless the public and the press start treating them as such. It is unfortunate that there is no precedence that insists that judges switch the gavel for a baseball bat when dealing with the likes of Trump, his sleazy offsprings and their "associates". The only way to take down this group of criminals is to start producing them before district courts and imprisoning them for questioning. The press is not tough enough.

  22. It's fun to watch liberal MSNBC continue to implode. I can hardly wait to see their sorry faces frown again on election night.

  23. Sessions…hmmm.
    I wonder how many crooks inhabit the swamp. When the oceans rise the tides will move them out…but, to where?

  24. Giuliani friends/employers who tried to leave the country with one way tickets, are also being charged with fraud in Vegas for attempting to get medical cannabis distribution license illegally!.

  25. it a smart move on putins part to use criminals, to try to corrupt our election process. this way he can deny any participation, and thump his nose at us!.

  26. That's what white collar crime consists of. Dozens of dozens of fake and real bank accounts shifting millions of dollars around while creating such a complicated web of paperwork and investigations that it takes forever to untangle it all. I worked for a sociopath in Houston who just happened to be a property developer. He had several fake CVs from Ivy League universities. He would choose an appropriate degree for the appropriate prospective customer. He never paid anyone their full fee. He was banging his office manager, who had been a waitress in East Texas when he met her. There was no end to the misery he caused his family, his employees, and his clients. Fortunately, he went broke and died of a heart attack at a fairly early age. If only the same could happen to our present Criminal In Chief.

  27. Wow You are the lowest lier on the Planet you tramp you Rachel . You may be on 10 million a year but you Rachel have no credibility . You tramped out two years of Russia Russia Russia . whose foundation was created by a corrupt CIA and FBI . Rudy Giuliani is and has been looking into same and which includes Joe Biden and his sun Biden corruption . You low down scum . You have been telling lies for years and years now .

  28. the criminal republicans have won ONE popular vote count during the last SEVEN presidential elections. THE PARTY IS DEAD.

  29. Wow Rachel, love your work! I hope your next book is on all you've done to expose the Government's case to the lay people like myself & the american public and beyond!
    America needs this to get our pride & well being back after this D.TRUmpco Commie bought & paid by Putin ( his President & his administration), along with his traitorous republican allies have done a 9/11 on us. Great job!

  30. Just because your friend is Guilty. By NO means , makes you Guilty of anything. Jeffrey Dahmer's friends was not guilty were they. Can't justify judgement that way. Trump 💯 percent period 2020

  31. This is what happens when honest ethics are discarded and not enforced. Our own government has been in solved with these types of individuals, out of sight, in back rooms deals. I refer to starting a false war with Iraq as the epitome of crime.

  32. The Obamas should refuse to sit next to trump after the lies he made up on them.
    I'm sure they could arrange sitting on another bench and not have any contact with him

  33. Republicans will still defend this. Call it a lynching or a witch hunt. Theie base will rally behind them. We just have to vote!

  34. A thousand democrats could be in the streets stabbing a thousand Republicans on live t.v. and rachael would be like Why are these Republicans running into the democrats knives"

  35. Rudy Giuliani butt dialed, Need more money to keep this illegal scheme going. Let's get Fox News in on this. They love talking about made up s***

  36. Waite a minute.These Four gangsters and spys.That entered this country Legally bringing crime threating American citizens life's plotting against the American elections, and they get bail? Oh but the problem is at the U.S. boarder with Mexico WTF.!!!!!

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