Daniel Radcliffe has too many toys of himself – BBC The Graham Norton Show

Of course with the film comes your
own little figure. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I actually have… There you go. They have actually done one of you
as well. Say what now? Oh! Actually, that’s quite good. It’s quite good! I’ve been told that you have a
collection of versions of you that have been made
and brought as gifts. There are some other toys
of me at home. In a special room where
I go to play with myself. With the microphone and everything. I know, there was a lot of detail.
It’s fully accessorised. Actually, I’m nearly wearing that. It’s done very well.
I’ll leave that there. I worked very hard on it so I’m glad
you liked it. No, no, I’m very, very impressed.
Now, presumably… Sorry, I threw you away. But presumably some people must be
very excited, like me, when they see a figure
of themselves, but you… Yeah. No, the director actually sent
me a very well-meaning text of all the toys and stuff they have got
lined up to come out when the film comes out, and it’s like,
“Congratulations, you are a toy!” And I am like, “I don’t want
to rain on your thing “but I’ve been a toy a lot.” But again, it sounds like a very
conceited thing to say, but it’s not meant that way.
It’s just a weird fact of life. Of all the people he could
have texted. Right! Yeah, I have been seeing myself
as weird plastic figures for a long time.

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  1. I was watching Father ted the other day when I realized that he is on it! I'm not English or Irish, so I didn't know it! 😂

  2. I was dying for Daniel to explain for why he’s not fussed by figurines by singing “I’m Harry Freaking Potter” from AVPS

  3. This is really great. You're really great guys and you've inspired me to actually start my own channel where I share a lot of great stuff.

  4. Is Daniel Radcliffe the most frequent guest on the show or what? It's like he is the go to celebrity when they need to fill the couch

  5. Daniel is like a younger, more energetic Hugh Grant with his "Errr.. umm.. oooh… yeah, I mean no… errr" style of talking.

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  7. You know your old when Daniel Radcliffe turns 30 this year lol I can’t believe the first potter movie came out nearly 20 years ago

  8. You should make my favourite😻😻😻actor Harry potter talking to Emma Watson they should be girlfriend and boyfriend😍but he could do what he does

  9. When Jodie gasped haha it was so cute. If Jodie gets her own toy Or Villanelle you already know I’m getting one

  10. I can't stand Rebel Wilson. She always has the look on her face like she's unimpressed with everyone but you know she's the type of person that if she made a joke and someone didn't heartedly laugh she'd get pissed.

  11. Kinda unrelated: i tried to watch that “Killing Eve”… 10 minutes of it left me full… i couldn’t ea..watch more. My body refused.

    Does it get better after 10 minutes? Or is it some kinda “girl show”?

  12. Who else paused to read what's on Graham's card? One of the things on there is "(applause)" LOL!

  13. lol he goes "What Now?! and chucks the toy and the three of them laugh except Rebel Wilson whose kinda like "ehh"

  14. Dan is literally in every form not just toys…stickers, keychains, candy, literally everything. I know because I own ALL of it. 😈

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