Day 1040: Ruling Don McGahn Must Testify, Judge Says Presidents Aren’t Kings | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. NONE OF THESE JUDGES ARE SMART ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH THIS PRESIDENT WHOBIS TRYING TO BE A KING. They should make each ruling with prejudice (or maybe it’s without?), which will make it IMPOSSIBLE for them to APPEAL!

  2. Love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your strength and with all your mind. And love your neighbor as yourself Jesus said. And that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. We must be willing to turn from sin and self to receive Jesus forgiveness. And to know and live out his teachings. Fall in love with the Word of God ❤️📖🙂NKJV

  3. And it's a shame that while they play games on tv, they are closing thousands of stores in America. They still refuse to answer why they are overtaxing our parents retirement and social security checks. They continue to ignore that with this crap. Your government are thieves and crooks

  4. Just makes it 100% clear that trump and his supporters are anti-democracy and want him to be a dictator.
    Here's and easy way to see what I mean….No matter what the evidence I won't believe it or turn against trump = I'm ok if he breaks the law to stay in power = I want trump to be a dictator

  5. If Trump truly was the wannabe king and dictator people claim, why hasn’t he used his power to silence all opposed to him? Practically every king and dictator has tracked down and silenced those opposed to them, but Trump hasn’t. Isn’t that odd?

    I also would like to say, a president may not be a king, but neither is hearsay or hatred a viable piece of evidence in a proper court.

  6. MSNBC is a bigger Conspiracy and theory peddling organization than Infowars Ever was.
    Why hasn't YouTube banned them if they're serious about stopping Fakenews. 🤨

  7. The pictures they using is a perfect 😍😍😋 Description.I know be looking at the enemies So. called Fake news insecure Baby BLIMP.

  8. A federal judge issued a warrant for Benjamin Bortnick for being child pornstar with children and not serving 10 years serving 2 years was that about money Trump

  9. lets be clear said they should appear and then they can claim ex priv to each question so this is nothing burger and plus doj has already appealed to higher court do not know this but bet the judge was obama appt

  10. If you're not fake news I understand why you have President Trump under scrutiny my question to you is now that you know what Joe Biden did why don't he get the same treatment let's go investigate his family too what's good for the goose is good for the gander but not in Washington that's why we think as American taxpayers you all are a bunch of crooks and one-sided

  11. Trump ordered McGahn to have Mueller fired. That's attempted obstruction of justice, which is about as impeachable as you can get.

  12. Just in, 33% of blacks will vote for Trump. 99% of working class whites will vote for Trump. 95% of Republicans will vote for Trump. 35% Latinos will vote for Trump. So who's left for the democrats? Those who watch MSNBC, that's who!

  13. You Judges Be Warned Kiss The "SON" Lest He Be Angry ?————————–Read PSLAM 2 A Manifested Holy Ghost Fire Filled Saint Armed with The Mantel of Elijah Execute The Justice Written 2019 Year of GOLD Justice !           [Tremble–evildoers] A Rod

  14. The left are simply better at gaming the system and shopping judges than the right are.🤷‍♂️
    This is why every time Democrats pass some stupid straw law or anti free speech law the right does nothing.
    And if the right does something to preserve freedom or protect the citizens of the United States of America than the Democrats file 5 different lawsuits in 5 different leftwing districts simultaneously.

  15. May the justice officials remain free and honor their commitment to uphold the Constitution and the law that maintains our freedoms.

  16. Why does the demonrat voters want to destroy America by voting for corrupt twisted brainless lib tards in power ?? They have been corrupt since 1828 and suppress every community they run

  17. How many investigations-will the Democrats do and leaks and dirt they try to get until they realize they are doing exactly what they accuse Trump of Doing ?

  18. If only Sonny D`s lawyers would say to him, "We`ll try too get a stay but we need you to do us a favor, though"

  19. Something is definitely fishy when the lawyers need to call their own lawyers, and those lawyers need to call their lawyers…………………….

  20. nothing changes the fact that trump paid Carter Page to run the 2016 "Trump Election Campaign Committee of Moscow" from the ROSNEFT bureau offices inside the Kremlin.

  21. I agree with S.Bannon, Republicans,Independants,Libertarions all just dont count demoncrats as a legit party.
    Same goes for non news media.Huge mistake for driving the schiffshow!

  22. maria butina will hacked the 2020 election in 2020 she will hacked the 2020 election okay she will go to the usa to all 50 states to hacked the voting machines then she will go back to Russia to watch the election she say in October she will never go back to the usa but she is starting in july 2020 she will first go to Michigan to do it then new mexico then to California then everwhere then she go back to Russia on October 31st wow bye

  23. Really? Seems like OBummer thought he and his “whatever IT” is assumed THEY were The Kings of us 😳

  24. The media makes it seem that we are obligated to give our tax payer money to every country that is not strong enough to win their own war. The Hawaiian Nation knew nobody would assist them to get their Queen back. So she conceded to save the lives of her cherished people. If you cant afford the gun, dont bring a knife. And stop paying all your money out to Burisma.

  25. He gets an appeal, so not worried about one more activist loser judge getting his pee pee whacked by a higher court for being unConstitutional in his ruling.

  26. Cowardly McGhan will ultimately be forced to speak truth to power and it is all thanks to the patriotic brilliance of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson! I hope I posted her name correctly because I just finished her 120 page ruling and I am a bit bleary eyed and extremely impressed! Brilliant, simply Brilliant!

  27. MSNBC You are correct that several key witnesses have not testified. A few for the democrats and several dozen for the republicans which shift would not allow. Can't wait for this to get to the senate.

  28. You know you've got a crooked administration when the *president's attorneys get more air time than he does.

  29. Hmmm you forgot to mention this small detail, MSNBC –

    Supreme Court blocks Trump’s financial records from immediate release

  30. Trump is already stating that since this judge is an Obama appointee she ruling can't possibly be fair so they will appeal. He continues to duck and dodge.

  31. ctfu mannn rudy just says anyyythiiinnnggg booooyyy. idk whats worse his liesbor trumps n i dont even give af whats goin on but a spade is a spade




  33. High Value Witnesses:
    *Hunter Biden
    *Ukraine Investigator who was fired, Viktor Shokin
    *President of Ukraine, Zelensky
    *Joe Biden
    *Barack Obama
    *Hillary Clinton
    *Christopher Steele
    *Bruce and Nelli Ohr
    *Eric Holder
    *Steven Chu
    *Susan Rice
    *Rahm Emanuel

    Bring them ALL in and have them testify to what really happened with Joe's Biden's statements that he had Viktor Shokin fired.

  34. Presidents are also not EMPERORS. Where is the innocent (Republican) child that will point out that our wanna-be emperor HAS NO CLOTHES?????

  35. Welcome Russians, just a quick note since you're new to this channel. Um….Please keep your comments civil, we do believe in free speech in our country, but some of you buggers are abusing the privilege. Oh…yeah, we are not buying your BS right now, you might check with China and Iran, I hear they love you. In closing, please come up with some new conspiracies, we've grown tired of all the old ones. Thank you Спасибо за вашу поддержку, и хорошего дня товарищи

  36. Ha Ha , yeah sure just another Obama hold over Trump hating judge. Ok now McGahn has to show up …. Uh not so fast, and we will see on that one. If and when he gets there, Don does not have to say a word HA > Keep it up idiots, it wont be long when over 75% of Americans turn on you. Trump will be winning by a much larger margin in 2020 ! YEAH ! Now how fun is this to watch … EPIC !

  37. —-> Does a a stay for an appeal mean that those refusing to testify can't be charged with Obstruction of Congress? If Rudy Giuliani has evidence of a RICO conspiracy, why hasn't he turned that over to the FBI already?

  38. "Presidents are not kings!" Thank you enforcers of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence; where from 1776 we wrote against the mad King George III; not to, "eat out our substance."

  39. EVERYBODY KNOWS – Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron 
    Verse 245:
    Everybody knows Spencer’s sacred oath
    Everybody knows the Dems' speedy progress
    Everybody knows Judge Ketanji Jackson
    Ordered McGahn to testify before Congress
    Everybody knows the chief perpetrator
    Can't kneecap House investigators
    Rule of law I suppose
    Everybody knows

    Walk For Captain Bone Spurs
    Putin’s Pups
    Judge Jackson’s 120-page decision
    Donald McGahn Must Testify to Congress, Judge Rules; Administration Will Appeal
    'Presidents Are Not Kings': Judge Jackson’s Most Memorable Lines in Her Donald McGahn Opinion

  40. So…Guiliani has insurance in case Trump were to throw him under the bus, actually it's just sarcasm; but it's not actually sarcasm because he really does have insurance, but that insurance is dirt on Biden not Trump? Does he even know what he's saying anymore, or does he just open his month and allow random words to fall out of it?

  41. I dont know why Most of American people still discusing or fighting about what side you are on, Dem or Repub, Trumper or Not. Are you all so stupid.

    Hey, where is the Constitution, where is the law…? WHO vow to respect and defend it?

  42. Only the Democrats could screw this up. Congratulations to the cowards. Why don't the Democrats fight? Because they are bribed by the same corporations and wealthy people as the Republicans.

  43. Well this is it! We are at the crossroads. With such a weak Constitution that is so malleable that is breaking at the seams, that shows that we are at the brink of becoming a dictatorship led by one of the most despicable con man this country has ever seen, it is time that the military IMMEDIATELY join together and take over the governance for our protection. What is happening at the moment is an attempt by a group of traitors to replay the October Revolution, the coup d'état by the Bolsheviks under Lenin in November 1917 that led to a period of civil war which ended in victory for the Bolsheviks in 1922. We DO NOT have a legitimate POTUS at the helm. We have an impostor surrounded by an incredibly lawless group of "stewards" who are already at work right in our face. These traitors must be captured and they must be dealt with in the manner that is entrenched in the Constitution. THIS IS NO JOKE. THIS IS SERIOUS. This country may be the most powerful nation on the planet, it doesn't matter. The 21st century is just another century. Powerful nations have been overthrown throughout history and this one is not immune due to the fact that, YES, the Constitution IS breaking at the seams. THIS is the MOST CRITICAL time in our history! We do not need a revolution or another civil war. That would be our death as a nation. To those who will think or say that this can't happen, think twice! I rest my case.

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