Day 1,048: Trump Blasts Impeachment At NATO On The Eve Of New Hill Hearings | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. "I don't recall" is Nunes speak for , I don't know how much of what I have done Parnas has sung about yet.
    Nunes is scared shitless.

  2. I knew there would be recordings. Not only voice recordings. There will also be video recordings coming soon!! Just watch! 43% of Americans will call this fake news. They will enjoy Americas downfall! Watching him lie makes me sick!

  3. Did he ever fulfill any of his first 90 day promises? Provide taxes, do anything he promised or is supposed to do?

  4. Impeach and remove. Trump is the person that the authors of the impeachment clause feared. If he isn't impeached and removed, then there is no impeachment clause, and we no longer live in a democracy. Try authoritarian/dictatorial state. The republicans are the Russian Trojan Horse. We are at war, we are under attack from without and within. We must stand, our democracy CAN NOT fail.

  5. I would think at this point in time it is far far far beyond what Nixon did Bill Clinton did and the country is in serious danger as is the world and we need to get these people out of there and some of them include some of the Democrats that have been there too long. Every Republican that was involved in this should be removed I think a Citizens oversight group should be installed as a fourth pillar of government where people are jury selected. If you're one of the people that are selected you take an IQ test you go take a couple Civics classes to learn how to do oversight. You being on there would be just like being in the jury nobody knows who you are the Congress people don't know who you are Senators don't know who you are Governors presidents don't know who you are and when those cases that's just there might be corruption that's where the oversight comes in. I think it's fair to say we can no longer trust our own government, to look out for our interest!! We need to get rid of giant corporate money to candidates get rid of donations all together. It used to be back in the 60s ,I think even up to the 70s each candidate was given an equal amount of money and equal amount of TV. Equal amount of radio time and T.V. then they would have their debates and that made it as Fair as you could make it. If we don't clean up the situation the country could suffer devastatingly the economy could completely collapse which would collapse the economy of the world and right now it's making our country look incredibly weak!!! If anybody loves this country Republican or Democrat will demand that some of these people and especially the ones that are Tangled Up in this whole mess with Ukraine doesn't matter if you're Republican or Democrat you're out of there gone you cannot run for public office anymore you've shown that you do not honor the country you live in or the people!

  6. Yo trump if you think other countries are going to pitty you good luck on that they all know how crooks you have become and they are not going to fall for your bull so shut your pie hole

  7. He is so delusional … we just saw four scholars agree there is reason to impeach him. Only one out of four said don't impeach. His arguement was because it will make Trump base angry including his Labradoodle 🐩

  8. America with #BenedictDonald "in charge" is a major joke in the world. We were already a rogue terrorist state since The Corporate took over the government. But this final nail in the coffin of America (the appointment of a Korrupt, Krooked Kriminal politician) occurred when The Corporate appointed this incompetent clown as pResident.

  9. No need for trump to come back. Russia is offering the whole trump family asylum and no percent fees to build trump towers Moscow. Now North Korea is offering trump the same deal

  10. Who are Trump's "legal scholars"? Sounds likely that they are currently in prison, because of accepting their own opinions. These scholars could testify, and clear this entire scandal up in a matter of minutes. Point of Fact: they are imaginary, the only people that could appear would be actors performing a role entirely from the imagination of the author of this misfortune.

  11. Nunes, re: yapping to Parnas. … You know it's possible, but I haven't been through all my phone records, I don't really recall that name. I remember that name now because he's been indicted, I'll go back and check all my records, but it seems very unlikely I would be taking calls from random people.

    Ok, well, we can help you with that Devin. 

    We have your phone records in evidence.

    Why not come and discuss all of this publicly in a committee hearing where your "explanation" 
    can be examined and heard by your constituents and the rest of the American people.

    No pressure.

  12. Trump continues to demonstrate everything is about Trump. He continues to not only embarrass himself but our nation. A 3 yr old child knows how to conduct itself better.

  13. I can't wait for the report these dems have been doing this before trump was elected and 2 days after he was elected they wanted it impeach the guys so sad wate if my money

  14. I am not suggesting that the "legal scholars" could in any way speak more credibly or eloquently than Dear Leader, Donald Trump, but……

  15. On ♪ the ♬ first ♩ day ♫ of ♪ Christmas ♩ 🎅🎄: Trump University Diploma, Trump Charity Foundation, Trump Water, Trump Steak, Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, Trump Magazine, Trump Football Team, Trump Bike Races, Trump Casinos, Trump's Administration, Trump's Word, …. etc. Winning! 🥇🥇🥇

  16. 🔥 This Trump garbage will not be reelected… you can take that to the bank Donald….
    enough of you… you make USA 🇺🇸 weak…

  17. Donald Trump is a sniffling cry baby and in my eyes worthless piece of sewage who needs to go back to Trump tower and play with his ball and not AMERICA S ball

  18. Undercover criminals just lay in wait for a lowlife in power to latch onto to gain wealth by any and all means..THEY ALL HAVE BEEN EXPOSED and don’t ever doubt that they all will go down quietly…they’ll kick and squeal with the same indignity that drives their immoral motives from their onset

  19. This President thinks he is above the law & including his minions who believe this President has the power to do anything that he wants without accountability. Impeaching this turd is the only way to recount all his wrongdoing such as 1.) Obstructing of Justice 2.) Bribery 3.) Asking a foreign country to investigate a rival election opponent to benefit his reelection.
    Apparently, this turd does not understand what constitutes being a President of the United States of America. He thinks he is a royalty or King. That is why our forefathers created a Constitution to have checks & balances so that no President is above the law.

  20. And the scholar that read the transcript durring Thanksgiving said: it was most definitely an act 4 the purpose of trump getting personal favors from a foreign country. Christian saying you don't actually have to investigate, just announce that you are going to is enough. This just proves he's not going after corruption.

  21. And the scholar that read the transcript durring Thanksgiving said: it was most definitely an act 4 the purpose of trump getting personal favors from a foreign country. Christian saying you don't actually have to investigate, just announce that you are going to is enough. This just proves he's not going after corruption.

  22. Trump wants the Secretary of State and Chief of Staff to testify where they will get a fair trial… duh, you’re the one accused here not them!

  23. In my opinion during Obama dems took bribery in cash from Iran, and when the Obama agreement with Iran was rejected by Trump – Iranians asked dems to return the bribe. Dems want to return the bribe, but they have no money. The impeachment would be solution for that – Dems would lead USA for a couple of months, far enough to return the bribe to Iran or to make another agreement with this country, profitable to Iran. Dems are in danger, and they act as crazy, trying to save their life from Iranian revenge.

  24. 1048 days of snowflakes triggered screaming "Impeach" 1048 days and he keeps winning & winning & winning…. We know it's not Trump but 'The Old White man' & Boomers you really hate because you see them as authority & morals which the evil perverts, druggies & Communist Atheists hate.

  25. Mueller report 2.0!!!! Absolute nothing going on but a bunch of hot air and wasted tax payer’s dollar. Why do people believe this crap?

  26. The Orange CLOWN must think that 70% of the American people are as stupid as his base to come up with all the nonsense about the impeachment being "unpatriotic or a sham"! This individual is a mobster, a criminal using typical mobster tactics to intimidate his accusers. Well, bad news for him and his stupid followers…locally the MAJORITY of the REAL AMERICANS have values and morals and even though he will not be impeached by a bunch of spineless republicans, for sure the voice of reason and decency will sound very loud next November!!!

  27. People all over the world understand our president is psychologically unfit for his office. They quickly grasp that he tells obvious lies, lashes out at others because of his insecurities, and knows nothing about history or governance or economics. But 47 % of Americans can't discern these glaring deficiencies: They see someone believable. They sympathize with his personal complaints and grudges, his affinity for murderous tyrants, and his schemes to make himself richer. Half my fellow Americans can't see they elected a mentally unfit buffoon, and instead want to reelect him! I don't understand what's happened to all my fellow Americans that used to be conservative. How is any of this conservative?

  28. How about we have an investigation into if Trump, simply put, has been bribed and or blackmail. Look what he did I'm Syria, what about his businesses like foreign governments.
    Dems need to respond yes we wanted to impeach for a while because of…(list all the crimes) and say he is unfit for office. He never had a governing job (gov is nothing like a business) and why should we believe anything Trump says with the record he has of lying.
    I wish Dems would be aggressive and challenge the lies. It's like they are scared or think it's awkward to confront.
    Lol Nunes last line boxes him in he isn't a stranger and he would have said he never talked to him if was the truth. Can't wait till Rudy turns state evidence.

  29. Has anyone noticed that when he says "very bad for the country," meaning 'very bad for me?" He also talks about himself in the third person which is bizarre and claiming that anyone besides Trump ever referred to a phone call as "perfect," is truly weird.

  30. VOTE DEMOCRATIC PARTY 2020!!!! is too late for the WHITE RACIST UGLY "AMERICAN". We islamists and latinos already have won. 100 percent of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and the news media AND THEY support us, and HATE you. We even have whites hating you (they are not sissies, they are transectionals). VOTE DEMOCRATIC PARTY 2020!! YOU ARE DONE RACIST – AND I AM TALKING TO YOU. We are taking your guns from you so you can't fight back. We have done this already in California, in Washington State, in Florida, in New York and elsewhere. The movement is unstoppable. You whites are now too embarrassed to support your "christ crap" religion – Allah and Islam are the only politically acceptable religions. You are quiet because you have no choice. WE OWN ALL THE SCHOOLS, THE UNIVERSITIES AND ALL THE JUDGES AND COURTS. We DEMOCRATIC PARTY members will appoint ISLAMIST JUDGES TO THE SUPREME COURT and they will outlaw you, bring in Sharia (but proper Sharia law so don't be scared) and bring respect back for non-whites especially due to discrimination. We all want properly done Sharia Law. The US constitution is subordinate to the word of Allah and the court will see it properly. It is the missing ingredient to make America a properly worshiping country of the great God Allah. VOTE DEMOCRATIC PARTY 2020!!!!

  31. Whilst I'm sure a lot of Republicans are in this up to their neck. I'm sure many of you have heard the saying: 'Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely'. So even though this is about the Republicans this time around, the position these people find themselves in, and many others from different political viewpoints, both foreign and domestic around the world, many find themselves conflicted between doing the right and proper things and lining their own pockets to the detriment of the people that they are supposed to represent.

    Men who apparently had some principles in the past, now seem to let those same principles go when it serves their purposes to do so.

    Maybe there should be a limit to the number of terms (or years) these people are able to serve, such that there is not sufficient time for this selfishness to grow and become endemic within these people!

  32. What's unfair about the hearings!? He doesn't like anyone to say anything bad about him, is that the unfairness part!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Anything said in the hearing is UNDER OATH….THAT'S WHY TRUMP AND NONE OF HIS CRONIES WILL TESTIFY, BECAUSE FOR SOME REASON THE TRUTH SCARES THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. I know 3rd Graders in my daughter's school who have a better grasp on cognitive thinking then this baffoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. They wont release the phone calls ,give out edited written summarized phone calls, store info in secret servers , block subpoenas and witnesses , wont release tax information. This administration is so beyond corrupt , they all need to be replaced. If they are innocent release the unedited information needed .


  37. I think its very unpatriotic for trump to slam Adam Schiff the way the way he did what a low class petty little man

  38. The entire Republican party is involved in the hijacking of the U.S. government, they have committed too many crimes to let the Democrats take over power and investigate/prosecute them. You can expect that they will cheat during the 2020 election any way they can and my bet is the electronic voting machines will be rigged. Democrats will have to vote in numbers that can't be ignored to remove these traitors from power.

  39. Hannity…"Les Parnas, or whatever their name is…" Hahaha You know EXACTLY who that is. Seems like everyone is going down with the ship…wow

  40. Ere,we don't need a super liar who says he know so many words yet understands very few so to the wandering turd ,
    Get back to your shithole in the WH where you don't belong .yeah yeah FDT yeah yeah FDT .

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