Welcome to my channel Diabeteswelt Today it´s all about the Dexcom G6 About the new functions When it will be available and about all details around it Have a lot of fun with this video! The Dexcom systmes in general are really accurate and of course the Dexcom G6 will be even more accurate than the G5! Which was the most accurate cgm on the market so far It is a no calibration system ! NO MORE CALIBRATION You can wear it for 10 days instead of 7 The duration of the G5 is 7 days The G6 has got a 30% smaller and thinner transmitter and one transmitter lasts for 3 month It has an applicator (simple insertion – one touch) Actually this is the most important information for me because I hate to insert cgm systems manually There will be a new Touchscreen-Receiver There will be a predictice low alert and new alert functions in general It is able to see your BG´s on your smartwatch without using any extra device So those were the greatest news concerning the Dexcom G6 And now I can tell you that is is FDA approved since march 28 (US) At the end of 2018 it should be available in Germany There has been a Dexcom event where Dexcom employes from the US told us a lot about the new G6 And this is where I got those information from Now Dexcom soon starts the shipping to provide their new, wonderful cgm system to their customers First the US and then I would be so happy when it is finally available in Germany I hope that the change from G5 to G6 functions without any problems But I am sure that Dexcom will take care 😉 So there might be no trouble within the change Hopefully, you enjoyed the NEWS video I was so excited to tell you anything I was told about the Dexcom G6 Do you use a CGM system? Please let me no in the comments What do you think of the G6 News? Do you know the Dexcom? Do or did you wear it? Looking forward for your answers Please leave me a thumbs up for my video and I would love to have you as my follower

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  1. Klingt ja traumhaft. Wenn dann noch mein G5 nach G6 getauscht wird, wäre das der Hammer. Danke für deine Meinung und die Infos

  2. Ich trage den Dexcom G5 und bin schon sehr begeistert 🙂 ich finde es gibt unheimlich viel Sicherheit im Alltag.
    Vielen Dank für dein schönes Video 🙂 sehr informativ (auch wenn ich einiges schon von Instagram kannte ;))

  3. Leider hinken wir in Europa immer noch hinter her. In den USA gibt es Clarity als App und auch die Dexcom App hat in den USA mittlerweile neue Funktionen. Warum dauert das immer so lange ?

  4. Ich freue mich überhaupt nicht auf die setzhilfe 🙁 ich hasse diese Dinger. Kann man wohl den Sensor auch ohne setzhilfe setzen?

  5. Man darf gespannt sein. Habe noch G4 mit Animas Vibe (*würg*). Nach dem Zwangsumtausch auf Medtronic in naher Zukunft soll ich wohl auf Enlite umsteigen, laut Arzt das neueste und beste System überhaupt, viel genauer und zuverlässiger als der "technisch völlig veraltete" Dexcom, sacht er. Jessas! Da steht mit noch was bevor.

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