Did air pollution kill my daughter? BBC Stories

Hey, has the video started?
Can I just go and check quickly? Thank you! What she went through is
just absolutely unbelievable. Of course I knew this was
not going to go on forever. I probably resuscitated her between 20 and 30 times. That should show you the extent of it. Before she got ill she was into
swimming which she started probably about six months old.
She was doing gymnastics. She was a bubbly, happy child
and she was just passionate about everything she was into and
that actually never changed. Inside the house was ok,
it is when you came out. She was incredibly healthy you see
until she was seven. Yes, you know they are breathing
it in but you really do not know what damage it is doing.
You don’t know until it happens. She wasn’t born with asthma. Oh bubba. Oh Ells… As a mum you just realise
that I’m powerless. I feel angry that people knew and the
question I’d like someone to answer is: At what stage did they
know diesel was dangerous? Nobody has ever answered that.
What year, what government? When did they find out? Because they certainly didn’t go out
and tell the general public. The UK needs to start complying with the law. We need to prioritise health
over other considerations including resources, including
convenience and habit. And I hope that Ella’s case
will help to do that. Because it does kill children.
It kills people. Why should we move? We love our house,
we love our community. Isn’t it better that we clean
up the air for everybody rather than having to move? “Ok, we’ll move.”
But the problem’s still here. Ok, so we attach this to the lamp
post just above head height. And we’ll just leave that there
for two to four weeks and then we’ll send it off to a
laboratory and see what comes back. There’s two local primary schools on the estate,
one here where my kids go and one down there. Both of those came up with levels that would
indicate high levels of air pollution. It’s shocking.
It’s shocking. I walk my kids along here every day to school
and I’m just conscious all the time that they’re kind of breathing this in.
Something needs to be done about it. Why should our children continue to suffer?
What is it going to take? I don’t know what it’s going to take. What is more precious than the life of a child? So in case you wonder why I get out of bed,
that’s exactly why I get out of bed.

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  1. Poor Mum. They have always known. Your daughter was a casualty of the system. More people need cars and transit, than the 40,000 people who died. You are absolutely right! The problem is still there. Good for you to fight. Bless you.

  2. The son of my cousin (they life in Teheran, incredibly polluted air), has allergies against 100 things and coughs, they visited us in Germany last year and he didn’t had any allergies AT ALL. It was the first time for him to travel, the first time out of this air. That’s says a lot in my opinion

  3. meanwhile, the government is too busy drowning in its own shit storm of the brexit "talks" to instead care about an ACTUAL problem such as this. 🙁 smh

  4. Doesn't bring tears to my heart it brings anger,if that was a real British girl they wouldn't reopen the inquest like they have decided for this immigrant-no fucking doubt the British public will be paying these fuckers the money they get😬😬😬 WINDRUSH we laid-back little fire in the flats started by an immigrant not only give all those immigrants money but they were bought brand new houses-FUCKING DISGRACE it's cheaper to deport the fucking lot

  5. Ella use to go to my school my brother and Ella were best friends it was so sad for him it hurts me so much that she had to go through this her mother is so strong.Fly high Ella 😢😭

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