Did Trump AG Barr Go Full ‘Sean Hannity’ On Fox News? | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. The guilty plea was not Russian collusion and could be considered fruits of the poisonous tree.
    The issue is abuse of power, both sides need be concerned

  2. I cant belive anyone would buy a word this guy says. Barr is going to expose what really happened. And Trump is completely innocent. The whole world will soon find that out. Stop watching MSNBS people, they've been lying to all along. Why do you think CNN lost half their audience after the Mueller report came out. Please wake up.

  3. Bill Barr is a liar. Look who's interviewing him. This is a waste of good tv watching time. Barr should be locked up, and Hannity is just a Trump butt kissing fool.

  4. Barr is just as big of a crook and prejudiced bigot as his boss and all his decisions concerning Trump are biased because he and Trump both are undercover white supremacist

  5. Beware what AG Barr is doing and what his intentions are. Deja Vu. So he keeps beating the drum about the subject of “reviewing the origins” or as trump says investigate the investigators. Remember the 4 page summary ? And the press conference before releasing the mueller report? In both instances he was basically saying trust what I am telling you without reading the 448 page report. Now the same pattern is emerging. He says “looking into the origins”. He is laying down the groundwork for the upcoming of his review results (undoubtedly favorable to Trump) which he will release to public at the most damaging time to democratic presidential election nominee before or during 2020 elections. And guess what ? He will not back it up with any proof as he will claim “classified material” but he will say in many words “trust my words for it”. Hence Deja Vu.

  6. Barr and the cronies that handle Trump better realize that if they undermine the confidence in the Rule of Law there will be violence in the streets. They are leading us down the path of Pinochet.

  7. What an easy way to write Barr off. Just say he’s gone “Sean Hannity.” Thats it. No further thought needed.

  8. I wonder who's going to flip first. Comey? Brennan? Ohr? The next few weeks
    should be entertaining. I predict Obama throws Lynch under the bus.

  9. All of this is just deflection on the part of the Trump administration. Rather than addressing the issues, they're trying to accuse the investigators of malfeasance. The time for that is after you've exonerated yourself. How about it, Capt'n Bonespurs, care to try and justify your actions rather than distract everyone?

  10. i saw this on the seth meyers show… he abused his corrupt powers; put that into quotes bc my writer is lazy.

  11. Government Officials abusing their Powers . . . he is obviously referring to himself, trump and his partners in what is proving to be Crimes of the Highest Order, including Treason.

  12. 1 The RNC hired Christopher Steel to do opo research on CommieGroperWannaBeFuhrer Trump in 2015
    2 After CommieGroperWannaBeFuhrer Trump received the nomination the Clinton campaign continued the Steel opo research.
    3 Three republican judges on the FISA Court ordered surveillance of the russians contacting the CommieGroperWannaBeFuhrer Trump campaign
    4 "Thumb on the scale"?? Barr & Trump both said the Mueller Report CLEARED CommieGroperWannaBeFuhrer Trump of ALL wrong doings. Are you saying you lied and Trump was NOT CLEARED Mr Barr?

  13. The sheeple are being brainwashed with situational phrasing i.e. this videos last few sentences culminating to Barr now being irrefutably non credible. There will be a subsequent investigation into the original FISA warrant including origin, ties, funding, etc. You're being leaded to your own demise by individuals and an idealogoy that causes regression and division. Think and speak clearly. The truth will set you free.

  14. The Jussie Smollet case had a judge who saw exonerating Jussie as a ‘big win’. Now that you have so kindly reminded us that warrants are issued by independent judges, it makes me wonder whether those judges may have been given a little nudge to approve warrants just like in the Smollet case. The plot thickens.

  15. Trump acknowledged Rosenstein’s power that’s why he sent Mcghan to appeal to Rosenstein. You do know Trump has the power to order Meuller fired right? So I view that as a mere appeal to Rosenstein and not an order

  16. Special counsel sounds like a new power congress gave itself. It seems like a tool to usurp a little power from the DOJ. The special counsel is appointed by DOJ, monitored by DOJ and DOJ makes conclusions, and congress also wants a piece of that pie? A piece of that power? Whatever happened to separation of powers? Eh?

  17. You speak as if the people investigating are above the law. I thought no one was above the law. So you are arguing against investigating the investigators? Ok, no one is above the law, we agree there,however why are you against investigating the people who started an investigation of such magnitude that ended up with nothing? Are you angry because of personal interest? My good friend, didn’t you know that such matter can’t just be dusted off your shoulders? You believe they can just dust their butt and not be held accountable? I’m sympathetic with you my friend but laws are laws as you always tell us on your show.

  18. ‘Remove the big plank hanging from your eye before saying another has a piece of saw dust on his eye’ I’m paraphrasing ofcourse. I wonder if I have a plank in my eye as well. Well no one is above the law

  19. he didn't say fbi he said government officals, you can sit there and talk all the trash you want but we all know at the end of the day you are bought and paid for by the liberals

  20. Everybody knows the closer the real investigation gets to arresting the Obama’s crooked doj and FBI agents,there will be a terrorist attack to keep the sheeples mind of of these physics being investigated.same thing as slick willies wag the dog.

  21. Barr is a Federalist Society shill: he's helping the GOP to pull off a corporate dictatorship and screw all of us out of our democracy. Disbar him, then lock him up for contempt of the Constitution.

  22. McGhan is also a Federalist Society shill. The GOP and their radical think tanks don't give a whit about Trump. They do want a corporate dictatorship, though and that's what they're after. They change laws, they invent rules, they challenge the Constitution and chip away at the institution of our democracy every day. The GOP has to be taken out of power, and the next election may be too late, because the next election may never occur.

  23. We all know that politics are, most of the time, a dirty business…but this is way beyond dirty ! It is surreal, to see how far people are willing to go, just to protect the monster they have created and have elected as president…the US deserves better!

  24. Watched this video just to see what fake propagandist news is like these days…. Incredible to see by the comments that there are still some very ignorant and deluded people fooled by this spin of the facts. Very sad.

  25. IMPEACH Barr, he has far fewer defenses. He has obstructed justice. I would also suggest going to the Bar Association to get him disbarred. Wouldn't that be a front page story, Attorney General of the US disbarred from the practice of law. Senate will never convict, but he will feel immediate pain, lawyer's bills. Congressman Eric Swalwell suggested and I agree with him 100%, We should immediately impeach AG William Barr. Spread the word.

  26. "Under steady fire for misleading the public" ,
    "Appeared to echo one of the network's biggest Trump-defending-anchors" ,
    "That last line from Barr is inaccurate" (anchor can say this because he follows with, "there are no public reports..)
    "There is court-approved surveillance" (he's taking the actual issue of surveillance without reasonable predicates and spinning the narrative to it being about individuals, not the campaign)
    That's 1 min and 18 seconds. I won't continue, but after seeing the comments, I fear people are doing themselves no favors by being duped by such amazingly misleading propaganda. I think majority watch these videos and are validating their hatred for the President based on this garbage and then the herd mentality takes effect. To top it off they list people who were found guilty related to the Russia probe, but not for crimes related to the Russia probe. What garbage.

  27. Sorry, but AG Barr is beyond reproach. Why can't you MSNBC Democrats recognize honor and honesty when you see it?

  28. Did the left wing news networks care when Holder and what's her face acted as King Barack's lap dogs?

    I bet the answer is no….. AND THIS IS BASIC STUFF!!!! 😂🤣😅

  29. Wrong about Trump nomination, wrong about Trump winning election, wrong about Rachel M. uncovering Trump taxes, wrong about Russian collusion and fine with Hillary screwing Bernie, destroying evidence, pay to play, uranium 1 and opposition research being used to manipulate FISA. No questions asked had Hillary won. MSNBC continues to look for a scapegoat. Keep swinging MSNBC.

  30. The DEMS need to start working and stop worry about Trump. How can you obstruct when not crime was committed?

  31. Attorney General Bill Barr is the best and there should be an investigation of the left misinformation interfering with American progress.

  32. This is a very strange and misleading discussion buy MSNBC. It begs the question why are they trying so hard? What is MSNBC caught up in? We know they have been covering up Ford Democrat misdeeds for the past 2 years but it goes deeper than that. More to come folks more to come. Trust me there will be many more arrests on the Democratic side then people arrested in Trump world it had absolutely nothing to do with Russian collusion. It's time for you to stop watching MSNBC cuz they're out now lying to you

  33. You are right I could have been anywhere else in the world but I was here. I am not likely to make that mistake again. Thanks for the foreknowledge to ensure that I never add to your view count again.

  34. Poor Ari. The hands are waving wildly. The hypnotic voice spell broke. Pitch was all over the place… As if he doesn't believe a word he is saying. As your favorite President would say. Sad.

  35. MSNBC SUCKS , LIARS , TRAITORS And FAKE NEWS . . TICK TOCK allot of MSM will get caught up in the Declassification , and how they colluded with the corrupt DEEP STATE / DNC how they became just a extension arm and mouth pc for the Democrats and treasonous heads of FBI , CIA , DOJ dept heads under OBAMA

  36. Its funny these news places like MSNBC has the balls to say Barr is on Fox using talking points. For 2 years MSNBC and CNN steadily said and had "experts" on that said trump collided the evidence is there, it's going to ruin him and after all the Styzok and Paige emails and texts they are acting all crazy like it's insane to investigate it. It's bad the stops they are pulling here

  37. It’s amazing how MSNBC is trying to persuade the American people…they think we r stupid. NOT ONLY FAKE BUT BRAINWASHING NEWS. Liars

  38. They didn't plead guilty to anything regarding Russia. Stop lying. FBI did lie to the fisa Court. That's the crime.

  39. I get so sick of media telling us how to think. Just shut up and tell us the facts. We can figure out right from wrong on our own. We're not elementary school students.

  40. Lie much MSNBC? Pathetically slanted political hacking. You are actively defending secrets and spying. Lol

  41. Since when are people cheering to protect the FBI? So suddenly leftists are for political spying as long as its against Trump? You people are Blind, MSNBC is lying to you…

  42. The 3 found guilty had NOTHING to do with the genesis of the surveillance and pretending otherwise is totally dishonest. Additionally, has it occurred to them that both Hanity and Barr are correct? It's not a conspiracy – everything is going to be declassified so we will find out. The idiots at MSNBC are unexplainably AGAINST declassification so we can see everything. That alone should speak volumes.


  44. ARI, next time have some violins playing in the background. You're not blind to the facts. You really struggled to spin this.


  46. MSNBC oh, what you show here just shows how full of s*** you are. Hannity obviously did his homework because he saying the same things the Attorney General is saying. It's called investigative journalism. I know it's so much different than reading a script but you guys ought to try it sometime because the public likes the truth. And I don't know how you guys can sit there and lie to your audience and tell them that there was no evidence that Trump was being surveilled. How do you keep a straight face? You guys claim to be worried about Russian collusion and Russian interference in our campaign, but have no worries when Hillary Clinton accept $145 from a Russian company, or pays an ex-secret service British citizen 15 million dollars for a dossier full of Russian disinformation! I hope you people reading what I'm saying will actually look into it rather than just lambaste me like you usually do. The fact is none of the news channel similar to this one show anything of the other side of this matter. The same old brainwashing day after day after day. Sad but true

  47. yes the fisa court guys make decisions on whether to open up an investigation. But when somebody says they think you are guilty of something and tries to get a warrant through the fisa judges, they have to give all the information that they have, including information that makes you look innocent. That way the fisa judges can make an informed decision about whether or not to violate the constitution and spy on Americans. Stop watching this garbage! It's rotting your brains!

  48. The reason attorney general Barr feels the way he does about the Russia investigation, is because he has had a chance to look at much of the Declassified information you and I have not seen yet. The information that will never be shown on MSNBC CNN and other channels. The reason Attorney General bar bills the way he does about the Russia investigation, it's because he has had a chance to look at much of the declassified information you and I have not seen yet. The information that will never be shown on MSNBC CNN and other channels. Go on the Department of Justice website and look up the material that's already been declassified. Did you even know it was declassified? I'm betting you haven't because of the channel you choose to watch. You will be finding this stuff out whether you want to or not at some point before the election. I ask you to vote with your brain and not your heart

  49. Trump was trying to fire Mueller so you say. Four conflicts of interest. Here are the facts. He was in a lawsuit and had bad business with Mueller at one point. Hillary Clinton's lawyer was the man responsible for putting together the team that Mueller used to investigate Trump. This team was composed of 18 Democrats. Many of these Democrats gave money to the Clinton campaign. See any conflicts? What would you say if Trump has done this? I think we know the answer to that. Double standards. Willing to sacrifice the good of our country to try to get a man you don't like out of office. F**** us for who-knows-how-long in the future if not indefinitely.

  50. Imagine you being in court, and the prosecutor just says they don't know if they're going to charge you or not. And then that's it. No more. Limbo land. A prosecutor's job is to prosecute. Or to not prosecute. Another name for that would be called innocent. Remember how that used to work? Innocent unless proven guilty? Proven guilty. In other words, a conviction. Was there a conviction?

  51. Can you just imagine if the news media actually jumped on the Trump train how they would all prosper; and not only them but everyone in America and it would resonate around the world.

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