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(bouncy music) – Welcome to Daily News Weekly, where we highlight the freaking, dang it. Welcome to Daily News Weekly, where we highlight the (mumbles). Welcome to Daily News Weekly, where we highlight the
stories from the past week that you might’ve missed! I’m your host Michael Sheridan. – (coughs) – Jesus, oh my God, oh my God! – Seriously Disney, what are you doing? A dad in England lost his son
to a rare genetic disease. On the boy’s tombstone,
he wanted Spiderman to be etched into the stone, but he needs Disney’s
permission in order to do it. And apparently, they rejected them. “I really wasn’t expecting this. “It’s another massive blow. “I felt sure they would allow it.” Now according to the response that the Father received from
Disney about his request, Disney which, is the
company that owns Marvel, says they want to preserve the innocence and magic
of their characters, so they don’t like the idea of one of them being put on a gravestone. Now, since then, several online
petitions have been created and tens of thousands of
people have signed them, demanding that Disney allow the Father to put Spiderman on his son’s tombstone. Now, quite honestly, by the
time this video gets posted, Disney may change their mind. I kind of get their point of not putting these things on tombstones, and I feel like this
issue has come up before, but this is a child who died, let the tombstone be decorated
however the family wants. – I think that Spiderman
should be put on the tombstone. They’re superheroes,
really care for people, and if Spiderman really
cared for the people and his neighborhood and in his world, then he would allow. – I think Spiderman would say yes. – Yeah, that’s what he would say, yeah.
– He’d allow it, he’d have no problem with
it, so Marvel shouldn’t. What do you think, should
Disney allow Spiderman to be put on the tombstone? – Seriously, what is it with people licking ice-cream in stores? There have been numerous
reports of people doing this. It seemed like it started
with a teen in Texas who licked a tub of Blue Bell ice-cream. She’s now facing charges
of product tampering, which is a felony in that state. This was followed by another
incident in Louisiana where a man faces charges for licking a tub of Blue Bell ice-cream. He, however, claims that he
actually bought the ice-cream he’s licking in a video posted online. That’s so weird, they’re
both Blue Bell ice-cream. This is just disgusting. I just wanna enjoy my ice-cream without it having any saliva in it. (upbeat music) – So last week’s episode got a lot of comments on
Facebook, and YouTube, so we’re gonna share some of them now. The first comment is about
a story we talked about, where a woman in Alabama
was facing charges for the shooting death of her unborn baby. Now, she got into a fight, and the person that she
was fighting with shot her, and then killed the unborn baby. And instead of the woman being
punished, the woman shot her, Alabama was gonna charge
the pregnant woman. However, they have since
dropped the charges. The comment is from
Carolina Evans on Facebook, where she said, “Ebony should be charged “for the child’s death. “It was a fist fight not a gun fight, “and it is a crime to
fight a pregnant woman. “She should have just called the police “and had her arrested.” Another story that got a lot of comments was our bit about cockroaches, and the idea that they are growing more and more immune to pesticides, which will make them nearly impossible to kill in the future. Kevy Kev on Facebook
wrote, “Use 75% alcohol! “Spray them! “They will then try and
clean themselves immediately “and swallow the alcohol. “It dries their insides immediately.” That sounds disgusting. – It does. – Jay Gee on Facebook wrote, “Cockroaches may become unkillable? “Have you all ever been
to the lower east side?” – Joanne Syvertsen on Facebook said, “How about shooting
the roaches with guns?” – It’ll have to be a pretty good shot, I think, to pull that off. – Yeah, and a pretty small bullet. – Another story we talked about is how Florida is dealing
with the plague of iguanas that are investing the state. – Who am I? No One on YouTube said, “Can you eat iguanas? “Perhaps a new food source?” – Is that actually his name? – Yeah, Who Am I? No One.
– Who Am I? No One. Jennifer Hensley on YouTube also wrote, “I feel sorry for the iguanas.” – Don’t we all? – Yeah (upbeat music) An effort to arm teachers
in a school district in Pennsylvania has been halted. At least for now. Now, the Tamaqua Area School District in Northeast Pennsylvania has been working towards arming teachers. The effort was to arm certain teachers who had specific training, and they would actually be
able to have concealed weapons. And the idea of course being
to prevent school shootings by either discouraging them in general, or being able to stop them
if one did actually happen. Now, this issue has been hotly debated throughout the country,
and this particular school district was actually the first to try to arm teachers. Now the reason this
whole effort got derailed was because governor Wolf
signed a bill earlier this week, which actually had some
sort of vague language about how teachers could be armed and what the requirements would be, which apparently the
Tamaqua School District couldn’t live up to. They wouldn’t be able to
actually achieve that, which would make it difficult
to nearly impossible for them to actually go through with their policy of arming teachers. Now, school officials have said that they’re not completely walking away from the idea of arming teachers, and they’ve actually been facing losses, one from the Teachers’ Union, and another from a Parent’s group, in order to stop the
effort to arm teachers. But, the school district
officials do say that they hope that this is
gonna really be a reset, and either find another
way of going forward with arming teachers, or perhaps find another way in order
to improve school safety. Now, to put a spotlight on you, but how would you feel if
teachers in your school had guns? – It makes me feel a bit more unsafe, ’cause of the fact that
there is a gun in the school. ‘Cuz there’s always the possibility of whoever was planning to
shoot up a school, if any, then they would know that they have access to a gun that would be
in the teachers’ desk. If it was in their desk and not on them, so they could easily be able to access it when the teacher walks away or something? – I mean, the issue of
school safety is important and should be discussed. I don’t know that arming teachers is the best idea in the
world, a lot of teachers that I’ve spoken to don’t
actually like the idea either, but I suppose we have to
find some kind of solution. – There could be more precautions
instead of arming teachers but I feel like that’s not a
step in the right direction nor is it a step in the wrong direction, it’s kind of just in the middle. It could be bad or it could
be good for some schools. – What do you think? Is arming teachers a solution or simply another kind of problem? – Watch out Area 51, they’re coming for you. A Facebook event called Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us
has apparently attracted nearly 300000 people, with a plan to storm into the not so secret base in Nevada where aliens are supposedly hidden away. – Now, according to the events page, “We will all meet up at the Area 51 “Alien Center tourist attraction “and coordinate our entry.” If we. – (laughs) I can’t, Naruto run. Sorry, sorry. – If, why, is that a thing? – Oh it’s like you run
with your hand behind and. (laughs) – “If we Naruto run, we can
move faster than their bullets. “Let’s see them aliens.” Now the event is set to take
place on September 20th 2019, and I’ve actually signed up, ’cause I would love to go. I mean, I know this whole thing
is apparently just a joke, but I would love to see if
people really do show up. And then if they actually
try to go to the entry way, because the moment you pass that sign, you’re gonna get busted. – You get shot? – No you don’t get shot, but there’s, last time I was there,
it was like 15 years ago, but there’s like a truck
and a SUV up there, and they watch you. – When?
– And there apparently is sensors all over the place to check if you actually go into the base, and they’re all over the
road, and all over the thing. It’s a lot of security there. So the moment they pass
that security stuff, they’d all be swept up. And for one I understand,
all you really do is you get arrested, they
take you to a lock-up and then they let you go
and you’re fined like, a couple hundred bucks. – I would love to go and watch people to see if they actually do it, but I don’t wanna do it, ’cause I don’t really wanna get arrested and fined hundreds of dollars, but.
– But you see like, you might be able to go
in and see some aliens. – That doesn’t matter. – So remember, if you do go, trust no one. (paper crumpling) All right everybody, that’s it, thank you for watching, and if you enjoyed the episode, please! – Smash that like button. – And share it with your
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