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The US Navy has reopened an investigation
into UFO sightings of Florida a few years ago. The UFOs were reportedly pulling stunts
that would be impossible for human pilots. Let’s have a look at some fascinating but
inconclusive footage of a US fighter pilot spotting the UFOs.
OK. Well, hands up if you believe there is intelligent life out there? Wow! What?! Nice,
almost all of you. Has anyone actually seen a UFO? Holy shit.
You’re History, when did you see a UFO? I saw an unidentified flying object in Suffolk,
early 90s, driving back from a party in Framlingham. And there was a kind of really big ball of
light, sort of smaller than a helicopter, very bright light. I was a bit freaked out
so I parked at the side of the road. So you saw this thing that freaks you and so you
stop?! Well you kind of thing, if I stop, what will happen? And it stopped too. OK.
I phoned all the US Air Force bases, there are an awful lot… That sounds like the sensible
thing to do. I was on my way back from a party, you will
not believe… Can I speak to the president, because I cannot explain this. It was a ball
of light, I stopped, it stopped. I drove off, it drove off.” Dogfather, have
you seen a UFO? I was coming back from Edinburgh to Glasgow and there was this enormous bright
light… Oh, my God, very similar to your story! But it just stayed there for, I don’t
know, five or ten miles and then just, voom, vertical
down, high-speed, disappeared. Gone. Yeah, was it early 90s? Yep. Must have been the
same… That’s how scientists do it. Early 90s? About six o’clock? Same one, same
one. 100%.” OK. Witness The Fitness, aliens, yes or no? No. I’ve watched ET. You’ve watched
ET? And that’s all the research you need, isn’t it, really?! I don’t want to contradict
myself, but I believe in another solar system outside of our solar system.
There might be something out there, I don’t think that any of us had seen anything. They
do definitely know there’s other solar systems. That’s… That’s astronomy. They do know that
for definite. It’s been proven. Tom? I like the thought
of them, aliens. I like the thought of, like, the good ones, like ET and stuff. That would
be all right. But if they were like aliens from the actual film Aliens, I’m not having
any of that. Mum, what’s your take on aliens? I don’t believe
in them. You don’t believe that they exist at all? No. I haven’t seen one, so… So what
do you think of the stories? It’s all lies, I think.

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  1. If there’s an object that’s flying and you can not identity it then it is what’s referred to as an unidentified flying object. These things believed to be extraterrestrial on the other hand were all of the NAZI & NAZI/American technology projects covered up with the nonsense of alien. Humans are absolutely gullible & naive still in this day and age. It’s about time the humankind grew up and mentally & spiritually matured.

  2. Nope cant say i do until i see one for myself then ill believe it same thing with big foot and all of the other mysteries of the world

  3. Well technically UFOs definitely exist… All a UFO is, is an unidentified flying object… It doesn't mean it's extra terrestrial life.
    I think alien life getting to earth is extremely unlikely because of the Fermi paradox.

  4. I saw an UFO when I was just 7 years old at Beijing.My father told me it just an airplane….I like learning .From mainland China.

  5. U.F.O. – Does Not Mean Being From Another Planet. It just means you don't know what it is.
    She saw one driving back from a party eh?

  6. hah Well they seem like a level headed intelligent bunch. There's nothing wrong with having a laugh but this topic is already considered too ridiculous to be taken seriously and they're just following that cultural narrative of ridicule, which of course yields no new information. No wonder many witnesses tend to keep their mouth shut, they've got too much to lose. The acronym UFO is useless today. You can't say UFO without dragging all the baggage of 'aliens and spaceships' along with it.

    That's why the new official acronym being used for these things by the military and in government circles is UAP (Unknown Arial Phenomena). These exotic field propulsion craft actually do exist. I know because I've seen 3 of them. Before that I was an ardent skeptic. That's the only way to prove it to yourself really, is when you see it for yourself. Because understandably in this context extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. You won't be able to prove it to others, but at least you know the truth.

  7. Does it not bother anyone else that they're discussing multiple solar systems when there is only one and that's ours. Solar system only refers to the planets around our sun not every star.

  8. Me and my friend seen a triangle ufo in 2014, in Southport. lights on each corner plus one in the middle. The ship was translucent.

  9. I believe in aliens because I don't want to believe that humans are the most intelligent lifeforms.

  10. Don’t get me wrong I do believe in intelligent life it’s a very vast universe that can’t have only us in the the whole universe with millions of planets

  11. I'm surprised the women with the burka thinks there is an intelligent life out there. Since in Islam it says there is not.

  12. I love his mum's answer' i haven't seen one so i don't believe '…… so on that assumption she must be an atheist?!??!

  13. A UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object. Of course there are millions, just not identified yet. Not aliens just unidentified objects.

  14. Read the vedas written over 10,000 years ago. You will find we are not alone. There are many solar systems out there and yes they are visiting us. Bernie Sanders revealed he will disclose if aliens exists if he becomes President. Now why would he even mention it??

  15. I'm going to assume Romesh's mum is a religious woman as she's very much in touch with her Sri Lankan culture, and throw the counter argument of "well I haven't seen one so I don't believe it's real" back and instead of aliens, put the god/s she believes in. Checkmate.

    Love him and love her by the way.

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