Donald Trump firing Sally Yates Reaction | World News 2017

Yeah yeah yeah you know what time. It is it’s Worldwide World news. It’s early, How’s everybody doing? Check this out. OK Donald Trump is getting down to business. Now, you guys already heard about the Muslim
ban which is absolutely outrageous. Toronto Raptors superstar Kyle Lowry actually
said “this is bullshit”. Nobody gives a fuck about what you think Kyle
Lowry. Let me give you some hot news right now from
World News. Donald Trump just fired acting Attorney General,
what the fuck is her name again, O yea Sally Yates OK, check this out, it says Trump fired
acting general Sally Yates for refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect
citizens of the United States. Hey Sally Yates who the fuck do you think
you are refusing and order from somebody that’s has way more powerful than you? You know what, everybody take notes to this
ok. If you were under somebody for example me
I have a company Worldwide Spotlight and I hire somebody and they are below me and I
tell them Yo listen we need to do something and they’re like I’m not doing that blah blah
blah. Im going to say get the fuck out of here get
another job, nobody wants to listen to Sally Yates . I hope you dont find a job. Who the fuck is going to hire you? Your going to try to get hired at McDonald’s
and somebody is going to order a Big Mac and you’re going to refuse the order because you
don’t feel like it? You’re just not that good of a worker, who
hired Sally Yates? Who would ever hire that fucking bullshit
? you’re fired ! Donald Trump is getting down to business and I got some exclusive video
from CNN. Make sure you like the video, dislike the
video, leave a comment below let me know what you think. Do you think that Sally Yates should be fired
for what she believes in? Let’s just say she got fired for what she
believes In. If everybody starts fighting for what they
believe in then this world is going to be a fucking mess. What’s the problem ? Hundred of millions people
voted for Donald Trump. This bitch Sally Yates for whatever reason
doesn’t want to do what the people and Donald Trump wants. Sally Yates, did you not hear Donald Trump
say illegal ordered designed to protect the citizens of the United States? So there’s an order to protect the citizens
of United States and sally says no no I’m not doing that? OK bye bitch nobody wants you. It’s worldwide make sure you
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out my man Huggee B check out the exclusive Check out the exclusive video Yates gets fired

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  1. Sally Yates did her job and did it well. You may want to look further into what ACTUALLY happened and what 'order' your referencing. (Considering you know nothing about who and what you are talking shit about on this video.)
    Do some fucking research before you speak. Ignorant.

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