Donald Trump: My reputation with black voters ‘may be the best’

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  1. The black voters are not stupid. They know he is a fucking racist prick. They will turn on him in 2020 and he deserves it.

  2. How many people attendance?
    Even if they flown black folks from the whole country there can't be more than 100-150 people.
    This levell guy got all the talking point/lies down to the letter with his "so many people couldn't get in".
    They show the numbers, real data they come back with "he was just in the chair"
    Those people are crooks looking for the opportunity for a buck.

  3. NAACP guy is right. What about the Exonerated Five (formerly Central Park Five)? Trump should start with an apology and more to them.

  4. Once again cnn bring these LYING asshole scumbag to vomit their propaganda out across the aireays without ANY cnn staff challenging their LIES. Scumbag network sponsoring scumbag propaganda.

  5. This asshole has done nothing for me .I have been unemployed for2 years,the only blacks for Trump are being paid or they are rich and Republicans.The blacks in the front row of his rallies or Paid to be there.

  6. yeah man in not sorry when I say FÚÇK YOU AND YOUR BÚLLSHÍT. I
    will vote and it will be anyone else but him.
    Im from Dallas Texas. fuck trump 2020. im sick of his shít.

  7. Trump's idea of black generational wealth is to make black people slaves again.
    Then, you can be owned by somebody with "generational wealth"

  8. Levell should be ashamed of himself and any Black Voter who voted for Trump should be too. The man comes from Privilege and has an all white agenda. Stand on the right side of the world and fight Trumps Bigotry, racism and sexist policies.

  9. Black for TRUMP is real, better believe it. Come up smears and hoaxes to take down our  winnng President Trump are the best hypocritical DEMs can do? Come 'on where is the real DEM star out there? One that can bring the best economy, the unmatched military, the un-biased justice to the American people? Hoaxes after hoaxes to impeach the winning President Trump won't do it. For now, TRUMP 2020 is inevitable. Sorry to disappoint you, the hypocritical DEMs.

  10. Generational wealth was stolen from black people, and the that wealth will never be accounted for, ever! Trump tries to take credit for something he had nothing to do with is a joke; he spent the First 2 years trying to undo everything President Obama did. Yes we need black owned businesses and reliable sources of income for start ups. You have to have flawless credit to get financial help, and it is even harder for minorities to get loans! Black voters need to be smarter with your vote do some research on these facts that both sides put out there, then make your decisions!

  11. you're rich until you die, so how much do you give? You make the country strong, rich when possible it's President Trump.2020..2024

  12. The fake black man sound stupid as hell. Trump love trying to take credit for someone else's work. Black people ain't stupid enough to support a Sexual predator and someone who is Sexually attracted to his own daughter. You can't trust someone whose allergic to the truth and Facts.

    Trump: Don't believe your own eyes and ears
    Trump supporters: Yessssss master!

    Trump: Don't believe your own eyes and ears
    Black people and color people
    Fuckkkkkkkkk you! How the hell you sound. Don't believe your own eyes and ears. Mannnnnnnnnnn if you don't get your fat orange Ass out of here with that BS!

  13. Delusional attempts of trumps, I can't believe this black person believe trumps. The president of The black black of this back organization is good.

  14. Ok Obama unemployment for African Americans dropped 5% vs. trumps barely 2% and so this gives them a reason to vote for trump. Please

  15. Obama's percent decrease was over an 8 year period and trump is tracking to surpass that-assuming he stayed for 8 years. Also feel Bruce got cut off way too many times and it didn't feel like a fair interview. Come on CNN, you are better than that.

  16. He must have had some good cocaine that day . Besides they got el chapo and an endless supply of fresh USDA prime choice premium cocaine

  17. so-called "opportunity zones" are the biggest scam! they offer a GREAT opportunity for rich people. its just another taxpayer funded subsidy to encourage the wealthy to "invest" in lower class communities. this only causes property values to skyrocket and results in mass dislocation and financial burdens on the people living on these depressed areas. I can't believe people are so STUPID as to continue to fall for GOP economic scams generation after generation.
               lastly, unemployment isn't down by as much as is claimed. people claiming unemployment insurance has decreased which ISN'T an HONEST reflection of the unemployment numbers. many people REMAIN unemployment even AFTER their unemployment compensation runs out. THESE PEOPLE AREN'T COUNTED in the statistics. meanwhile, the jobs being created pay poverty level wages. labor wages have remained relatively stagnant for the last 40 years while elitist wealth has increased some 500%! the working poor and poverty are exploding, the middle class disappearing and homelessness is increasing THROUGHOUT the nation; in fact, the world. capitalism IS A SCAM folks. they manipulate the REAL numbers to misrepresent reality.

  18. "I Freed A Thousand Slaves! I Could Have Freed A Thousand More, If Only They Knew They Were Slaves" (like Bruce LeVell)

    ~Harriet Tubman~

  19. This president does not can anything about black folks listen this guy on right in the purple tie is more of a fool four even going down this road listen this man is crazy

  20. I am King Solomon and I lost my memories and first to find all my gold. It’s buried in the biggest desert whatever you name it

  21. Trump's black supporters like to think they've "left the plantation." They haven't. They got out of the fields and moved into the house. The plantation is America.

  22. The Black People that was supporting him he ignored, delayed, and allowed to be attacked over and over again without a cause or paperwork. No Black voter should support us being held in limbo.

  23. #VeteransDay I am King Solomon and I lost my memories and first to find all my gold. It’s buried in the biggest desert whatever you name it I claim it for myself by the deadline at 7:35am est. today is Also the day we celebrate the end of World War 1 and it’s call Armistice day

  24. As always he is lying,Obama made justice reforms way before him,case in point;
    The Obama administration took a few steps to reform the criminal justice system at a time when many in both parties felt that the US had gone too far in incarcerating drug offenders,and Obama was the first president since the 1960s to preside over a reduction in the federal prison population.Obama's tenure also saw a continued decline of the national violent crime rate from its peak in 1991, though there was an uptick in the violent crime rate in 2015.[198][199] In October 2009, the U.S. Department of Justice issued a directive to federal prosecutors in states with medical marijuana laws not to investigate or prosecute cases of marijuana use or production done in compliance with those laws. In 2009, President Obama signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2010, which repealed a 21-year-old ban on federal funding of needle exchange programs. In August 2010, Obama signed the Fair Sentencing Act, which reduced the sentencing disparity between crack cocaine and powder cocaine.In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize non-medical marijuana,and six more states legalized recreational marijuana by the time Obama left office.Though any use of marijuana remained illegal under federal law, the Obama administration generally chose not to prosecute those who used marijuana in states that chose to legalize it.However, some liberals and libertarians criticized Obama for continuing or even expanding the war on drugs, particularly in regards to medical marijuana.In 2016, Obama announced that the federal government would phase out the use of private prisons.Obama commuted the sentences of over 1,000 individuals, a higher number of commutations than any other president, and most of Obama's commutations went to nonviolent drug offenders.

  25. Don't these idiots realize that unemployment was on its way down in the Obama Administration and you just continue through the Trump Administration he did nothing that made it go lower it just continued to get lower from what Obama did to lower it Obama saved the American economy from the Bush Administration

  26. He is the only president i have ever seen to call votes from a certain race of people. This man is a racist pathetic bastard. People of color don't trust trump because if he challenges the constitution he will most definitely get rid of our civil rights. Vote Democrat.

  27. Trump:"Why do we have to allow people in US from shithole countries like Haiti and Africans?"
    Trump:"Where is my African-American?"at a political rallies in 2016
    US of America vs Fred Trump,Donald Trump and Associates,civil action#73C 1529;Refusing to rent dwellings to persons because of race or color,1973.

    According to him"he is the least racist person ever,believe him".

  28. So you're telling me Trump just took credit for obama's work (considering umemployment took a big dip down under his presidency than trump's meager 2% in a non recession economy)

  29. Delusional!!! Trump is again remoulding reality to suit his corruption! Cornering a few black folk in a room doesn't qualify as support!

  30. What?!? 8 out 100 black voters are that stupid?!? Judging by Bruce Levell's simplistic and superficial rhetoric, the answer is YES.

  31. Iraqi-American here and I love my President!!!! Nope I’m not paid, nope I’m not a Russian spy or a bot, your name calling does nothing. I’m just a guy that doesn’t want Men in woman’s bathrooms, 3,000 babies killed each day by abortion, drag queens in library’s teaching kids about drag, Gender X , Gay parades at Disney World !!! What the hell ?

  32. "Would an apology from Trump be accepted by the black community?"

    First you would have to get him to apologize. He couldn't even admit fault for his Birther campaign, instead claiming credit for 'ending it'.

  33. Well, those opportunity zones actually sound like a good idea. Too bad it's Trump who is trying to establish them. Even if it would help African American communities, it would be racist cause Trump came up with it. Freaking Tariq Nasheed even agrees with Trump on opportunity zones! Tariq Nasheed people! The self proclaimed #1 race baiter!

  34. He thinks because we have a clear agenda on Reparations and the Democrats are getting the heat we're on your side CRACER please. #TANGIBLES #SOULNOTFORSALE #CUTTHECHECK

  35. Donald Trump your lies are getting old people are waking up but you still got your zombie people's out there! But the Blue Wave is here!

  36. Sounded like he had a whopping 20 black people yelling like idiot's "blacks for trump"… soon he'll go back to racist-ville Greenville, screaming "send her back" about a fellow US citizen and Congress woman. Clowns.

  37. omg, this pathetic creep. i can't wait till he is a distant memory. he is so repugnant & repulsive. it's sickening to see an intelligent respectable black person sing praises of an opportunist white child who is exploiting his race, for his own political gain. it is shameful & disheartening. he is believing trump's lies without question. even though trump excused a murderous white supremist that killed a woman protesting their hate for blacks. she died for bruce, among all of his race, & trump dismissed her murder offhandedly. but he believes trump's lies that he cares about them?? because he said something back in 2015? of course he did-he's a conman who wanted your vote back then too. words are cheap.

  38. So tired of black people arguing over black economics and expecting white people to fix it!! I'm not being racist or want to separate however, no cares more about the black dollar more than the black community. Asians do it, Hispanics do it, Jewish people do it, why wont black people do it?

  39. Truly amazing-this orange thing that has been a racist from the moment he was born straight up to right now-probably one of the most disgusting racist on the face of the planet-if one of those african americans think for one second this orange things gives a shit about any of them, and they have not figured that out by now what this thing actually is-NO WORDS

  40. Bruce LaVell is trippin. He forgot that most black people are experiencing racism and being looked over for jobs. 🤷🏿‍♂️

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