Don’t go breaking my heart

I am Sunghoon Lee, Project Researcher at the
Someya Laboratory in the University of Tokyo In our laboratory we are working for ultra flexible or
soft electronics for biomedical applications. Our sensor can be used for the evaluation of cardiotoxicity with naturally pulsing cardiomyocytes. Conventionally the cardiomyocytes [were]
fixed on their substrates or surroundings. However our sensor can monitor
the heart muscles activities while allowing their inherent,
natural and dynamical motions. When we made the sensor using
this kind of nanofiber based structure We thought our sensors can be used for drug discovery with a more natural state of heart cells. Our sensors are made by the ultra thin nano size fibers which resemble spider webs. It is almost invisible because it is [so] thin and flexible. We use a polyurethane solution to
form [an] ultra thin nanofiber sheet, and then [a] thin gold layer
as sensing probes and wiring. We hope our sensor can be used
not only for the heart cells. But other cells such as neurons, other muscles or
the retina can be investigated with our sensor.

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