Dorian Passes Charleston, Flooding And Power Outages Major Concern | NBC News

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  1. Trump is like hurricane Dorian. It's slow moving, fully bloated, destroys everything in its path, and everyone will be happy when it's gone! Stay strong people. Praying…

  2. What happened to florida getting hit with a 5 peace chicken wing with extra sauce on the side the news be doing to much 😆

  3. MSNBCannibals will be airborne in the hurricane (Something like you saw in Sharknato) If you see Andrea Greenspan coming out you from above RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Where the heck is SpankyPants tRump when you need him to dispense some more hurricane paper towels. I prefer a brand name like Bounty the Quicker Picker Upper compared to those cheapie ones he hurled at the Puerto Ricans. Is SpankyPants busy golfing & sketching some more cartoonish like picture graphs with his crayons & Sharpie fine tipped pen?

  5. Weather reporters would make good movie actors as they act very dramatic when reporting seen them jumping in the Ocean yesterday knee deep fear mungering as usual

  6. A powerful dangerous category 5 hurricane Dorian reportedly devastated Bahamas in the beginning of September 2019. As on 5 September 2019 , it is heading to , Carolinas and beyond as powerful Category 3 hurricane . In this context , it may be apt to refer readers to this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alert of 1 October , last year 2018 through article – “ Astrological probable alerts for the US in 2019” – published in the monthly Webzine of Wisdom Magazine on 1 November 2018 at The text of the related predictive alert in the said article reads like this :-

    “ 6. HURRICANES , STORMS IN 2019. A powerful ferocious hurricane or storm is likely in September-October 2019 at vulnerable States , which could include Pennsylvania and Texas. So keep a careful watch in that regard.”

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  7. What happens to the People non of them accounted com on all devastation and 20 dead only? and all fo Island leveled to the ground.

  8. yagya tapshaya will save usa, gives me the passport of america and green cards so i give my mind power and blessed whole americans
    just following the simple rules of hindu dharma and science scale will proved it's significance thermodynamically

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