Driving to the Arctic Ocean and Native Village of Tuktoyaktuk

We are about to embark on the newest and
probably… I’m gonna go as far as say… The most GRAND Overland adventure that
exists in North America right now! And… The Dempster Highway is nothing new!
You know, you’ve been able to get up to here via a very significant adventure in
itself since like 79 give or take! But you know what? 2 years ago in 2017, they
opened up an ocean road. All the way up to the Arctic Ocean in Tuktoyaktuk. And
what that means is the public can now drive to the shores of the Arctic Ocean.
Unlike…. You might be thinking oh well, what about the Dalton? The Dalton is great!
Done it before on a hunting trip… But the Dalton is anticlimactic because
you get up to Deadhorse Prudhoe Bay and you just hit a security gate for the oil
fields. That’s… Really…Oh wow! And then you gotta join a tour. That’s…It takes a lot of it
out of it for me! So this is a do-it-yourself Arctic Ocean Adventure!….
Here’s the sign proving we’re heading in the right direction…
Tuktoyaktuk 148 Kilometers… This is not a good start to a fairly long drive guys! Washboard is one of the most annoying road features in my opinion! Well there’s the sign! Not super fancy.
I’m sure in due time they will have a very good looking sign! But this is it to
start!… We know we’re on the right path… Well as you can probably tell outside;
the weather conditions are less than ideal for the type of recording that
we’re doing. You know, the windows are fogged up… It’s rainy, it’s windy so…It’s
cold…It’s cold but we are gonna do the best we can to capture cinematic awesomeness, with
the very limited angles that we can provide you today! And even if it was a
good day, we legally can’t fly our drone here anymore! Which has been a tremendous
bummer! Because the drive up has been spectacular! But….That’s not always what
it’s about! It’s about the journey and we are gonna enjoy ourselves today!
And make the most out of the special moment as we can actually drive to the
Arctic Ocean. I don’t know why but it just makes me happy!….Well we have our
first wildlife of the trip. I should say big-game wildlife. We’ve seen squirrels
and rabbits. But there’s a few caribou up here insisting on….Running along the road!
Alright this is weird! These caribou…. Okay, finally they’re going into the
ditch. But they have insisted on running along…Oh here they come back!… Oh! we’re back! Come on guys! Just some young bulls guys so…Teenage boys
are generally not all that sharp!..Does that applies to Caribou?…Yep! Come on guys, we’re
not trying to harass you or stress you out….Just move along…..Boys! There we go! Alright!
Oh so as we’re travelling along here…. We wanted to chat with you guys about
something… Considering like the spirit of travel… You know, you just pass those
Caribou. I remember the first time I saw Caribou in the wild. And I remember the
first time I saw a Grizzly in the wild and moose…It was such an amazing and
memorable experience and… We’re from Alaska. You know, we’ve hunted caribou for
years! We’ve seen them all over the place. And it was like oh! It’s Caribou. I don’t
like that response in with in me. I still appreciate the beauty of the animals and
nature but….It’s not new and….If you’re a traveler, that thirst for new experiences…
It’s strong! You know, we’ve said it before…We kind of…You know, we’re very anxious to
start our global travels but….We literally feel like that game of pong; Just
bouncing back and forth between these confines of North America for the past
few years! Which is a beautiful land to explore but…. At the same time it’s old
hat and if you have that thirst for travel and that spirit of adventure….Maaan!
You got to feed that monster! Okay here we are guys, the outskirts of
Tuktoyaktuk; Land of the Pingos! Can you see that? Cool. Yeah, man that is a bumpy
road! Sitka is all agitated from it!… It’s such a gift and privilege to be able to
visit these native villages and….This village like literally was detached from
the road system up until two years ago! So…..Everything is going to be changing.
Especially with the Northwest Passage being more traversable…. Yeah, this is a
road to the future! And…..Being able to… Visit this native culture….It’s special.
We’ve had plenty of experiences in Alaska going out to bush villages
recreationally..And Beck for work. But yeah! This is just special guys! Very, very
special! This is it! The end of the road! Arctic
Ocean ahead of us in the campground here on…The left!
Let’s check this area out…Looks like some folks are walking up here…Oh yeah!
This is definitely as far as we can go guys! Pretty awesome! Oh there it is….
That’s the sign! Right there…. Arctic ocean! Ha, we did it!
Awesome!…Looks pretty angry today! Oh yeah!… Okay there’s gonna be some wind
noise but it’s gonna be worth it! This is it…..We did it!
Arctic Ocean, Tuktoyaktuk! The FUSO rocked it! You gotta love it!…Are you happy?…Quite the
journey guys!….So there is camping… I’ll call this a spit of land at the shores
of the Arctic Ocean. And it’s ran by the hamlet of tuk…. Rumor has it that it’s
about $63 a night to park there! And I know a lot of your
jaw’s just hit the ground! Maybe some of you soiled your pants…. But you know what?
It is…You’re in a remote village! Up until two years ago, this place was not
accessible by Road. So the higher fee is to help fund the development of a proper
campground! We’re unsure still whether we are gonna stay the night because…Here’s
another odd fact; It was three time zones in our little journey from Alaska to
here! So at home, it’s still 12:40 and literally… You know very soon, we’re gonna
be back in that time zone again! So it’s like okay…Stay the night or do we knock
off some of these miles because…Yeah it’s literally, probably…You know, just
under 600 miles back to ahhh…. Dawson from here. That’s a long journey!…..Okay we are
in search of some lunch now and ahhh…A place called; Grandma’s Kitchen came
recommended from the Eagle Plains attendant at the gas station or diesel
stop or whatever!…. Grandma’s Kitchen 33 Ocean View…Is it this little building here?… Must be the blue building!..Okay… It said it had an ocean view! This is sure to be a unique dining
experience! Hello… Hi is this Grandma’s Kitchen?…Yes you bet… Oh hi how are you?..Good thank you…My name’s Ben….Hi Ben I’m Julia nice to meet you!…Antim..Antim that’s Rebecca..Hi…Nice to meet you!… Grandma is in there?..Yeah..Cool..Not my grandma but that’s great grandma….Are you guys okay if we..Oh, not at all… Film and share this with others on YouTube?..Yeah you can…Cool thank you!..Yeah, no problem…We should
make sure they take apart before we do this…. Well you have Canadian cash still right? Hello! Hi…Hi grandma how are you?… Good, good! I’m great grandma!…You’re great grandma okay….Alright this is the dining hall right here!…Like totally worth it!
Like you’re eating in somebody’s home! Yeah I got my drink!..First up on the menu
is a traditional dish in the native culture of the North….
This is Muktuk and it is boiled whale meat! This in particular is Belukha. I had
it once before. But I had bowhead when we were over in Alaska so… This will be a
unique experience for both of us! Dig in honey! Okay…
I’t tastes like really chewy fishy fish… Okay….You know it’s native foods living
off the land….It has a really strong tuna flavor…Okay…Okay now your turn! You’re ready Ben?…. I guess it’s my turn now!..Mhhhh… I’m always up for trying something once!… It’s not
bad.It’s just the texture is a little different than what we’re used to!….Yeah Yeah! Texture is chewy but….Probably great
nutrition during the winter months!…Oh yeah! Really lots and lots of calories deficit…
Yeah definitely! I don’t think it tastes bad. It was just
a little psychologically hard to get passed it and into eating the whale…. Well…
Lunch has arrived! Not just the appetizer…. This is white fish with fries in tartar
sauce and….Beck’s got a bison burger! Alright guys! We were able to share a
nice drive to the Arctic Ocean….A little bit of a cultural experience….Having
lunch at grandma’s kitchen! I totally recommend it! Give it a shot! You know you’re
here….It’s all about the experiences! I think it’s still early in the day….We are
gonna start our journey back home to Seward, Alaska. But there are more
adventures in store because…We have local knowledge. And we have places we
want to go and places we want to see! Thanks for riding with us, hit that
SUBSCRIBE button and…Hey, we’ll see you on the road!

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  1. omg my hubby and I had a very fun laugh when you said the whale he says if our dog Roxy will eat it ill try it lol this is a guy that loves fish lol I'm in tears right now because we will be doing this lol he says he will try the bison burger lol thanks for sharing was a fun time 🙂

  2. 3:08 _Those are "Toll" Caribou. Until the Feds can get there in mass and establish order, these rogue bulls extract tribute from the travelers for using "their" highway. Don't pay the toll, you don't get to pass unimpeded! 😃

  3. Another great video. Seeing you guys were your winter gear and the gray skies puts me in the mood for Thanksgivings and Christmas. Love you guys.

  4. Good video, though anti-climatic. Not sure what I was expecting but seems like a really long journey just to say "hey been there". But, glad you made it there safely and hope you make it back uneventfully and look forward to more videos. Safe travels.

  5. Great Video! I think the camping is $30 per night according to this guide. https://www.iti.gov.nt.ca/sites/iti/files/tuktoyaktuk_brochure.pdf

  6. You guys are awesome! You made a perfect video in awful weather. Caribou were really cool to see! I would’ve assumed they were reindeer and Santa was close by, being that far north! 😂 Anyway, thanks for bringing us along to places most of us will never get to. 😊 The Arctic Ocean…. unbelievable!!

  7. Super interesting videos. Thanks you guys. Wow $45 for a Supreme Pizza. When you're that remote I guess everything is very expensive.

  8. Such an alien view. I would never have seen anything like that, and here is South Africa we don't have views like that. Tjank you for doing this. By the way, if you do start travelling southern Africa, start in Namibia or Botswana. Don't make the mistake of doing South Africa first.

  9. We have a pork version of muktuk, but it is boiled (in milk) dry then fried in it's own fat, called kyangs. I would like to try making muktuk that way.

  10. This is AMAZING to me guys! Driving to the Arctic Ocean….mind-blowing! Seems as unlikely to my brain, as…driving to the top of Everest!! Unbelievable. Thanks for taking us along with you!! Be safe out there, happy travels!

  11. What miserable crap weather, I would have got a head start home too. I'm doing an RV Alaska trip next summer, I hope it's not like that in Tuktoyaktuk all the time, that is if I decide to go up there, 600 mi from Stewart is far on dirt roads. I have a small thor 23' class c.

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