[ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [13회] 원잇들 기대해♥ Fly High! X1 첫 예능 축하해요 190911 EP.13

Today’s guests, welcome! (Eye candy alert) Super rookies, X1! Their attack begins! Global Hot Rookie, X1! X1’s all rounder, charming taekwon-boy Kim Yo Han! X1’s visual king, Han Seung Woo! Cute & adorable aegyo expert Son Dong Pyo! 16 y/o, giant baby Nam Do Hyon! X1’s first appearance on TMI NEWS
One It, are you excited?? (Nervous)
– We’ll introduce ourselves 2 3! Fly High! X1!
Hello we are X1! That gesture! It’s like a pigeon flying away (Sorry X1)…
– We used to do that a lot
– Very fancy ha ha I really wanted to meet them in real life (Noticed something)
– But this is X1’s first reality show appearance (Field trip mode)
– For viewers who don’t know X1, we’ll introduce each member They are so cute This is their first reality show, so they were standing all this time (1 minute ago) After introducing themselves No one told them to sit down, so X1 just stood there (Babies~) Go ahead and take a seat (Reality shows are tough…)
– They couldn’t sit down – We didn’t tell them to take a seat
– How sweet So sweet Thank you~

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  1. Dongpyo isn't center anymore, why mnet always give him screen time more than the others .. and i still belive that he not deserved to be x1 member cozz i belive mnet manipulated his ranking

  2. Dear ONE ITS… please go to DATA LIVE Youtube channel NOW,NOW,NOW…. Vote X1 there.. It will increase the Flash mv V13ws.. Just type/comment "X1" in the live chat,then wait for 5 minutes,and repeat the same thing by typing X1 name.. Read the description box in that channel to know more… Please vote for uri beloved X1… Thank you…

  3. How to watch the full episode with english subtitles?
    I can't use apps since lots of these apps are not available in Singapore

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